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Hi, my name is Christian Bates. I’m an osteopath and naturopath, and baby expert at the Perrymount Clinic in Haywards Heath, and here I want to bring you a top tip to help you and your baby. In today’s video, I’d
like to talk a little bit about the formula that you’re giving your baby, and
formula is a little bit of a mine field. But, something that commonly comes up is how babies respond to moving on to one of the thicker formulas for reflux, and lots
of the times the baby actually gets worse! So, you have a refluxy baby – you
give them the thicker formula, which is meant to help reflux – and then they
actually get much, much worse. And that’s because the thicker formula is actually harder to digest. And what you actually want to do is bring them in for treatment, for some cranial treatment. Maybe we use some probiotics, and then we actually get to
the root cause of the problem with the reflux. And often, we can get the baby
back on to that thinner formula after the treatment, because we’re actually
assisting and helping their digestion. If you’ve moved away onto a thicker formula
it’s because their digestion is actually a little bit weaker and then you can get a little bit of help with that rather than because the other one’s too thin and the reflux is
coming up, so just bear that in mind. If you’ve enjoyed today’s Baby Tip video,
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