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100 thoughts on “Dietary Cure for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

  1. Try to Google Images "Hidradenitis Suppurativa" right before your meal, and say byebye to your hunger.

    Stay awesome dear Dr. Greger.

  2. First time I have seen Dr. Greger present a false claim. Both Chemo, and Radiation have been proven to cause secondary cancers. Both only kill the sister cells, not the cancer stem cells. That is not a cure for cancer. Second my own sister went through breast cancer with the standard treatment only to have it return 11 years later. She also suffered secondary cancer that require her to have a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer caused by the Chemo she was subjected to. The second time she developed breast cancer in the same place she went the whole foods plant based vegan diet, and what Dr. Greger called a Quack treatment. She has done great on this treatment. It has been 5 years now, and there is no sign of the tumor, or the cancer returning. She suffered no negative side effects . She took the most natural path for a cure. Her own immune system. A whole foods plant based diet, and intravenous high dose vitamin C. Side note: My sister had just seen one of her best friends who also developed breast cancer go through 3 years of standard Chemo, and radiation treatments just before my sister's second diagnosis. Her friend suffered terribly for those three years. She lost her hair, ended up with Chemo brain, and was in terrible pain. In the end the cancer metastasized, and killed her in a most painful way. The medical establishment boasted that they had given her three more years. My sisters choice has given her way beyond 3 years, and she is healthy happy, and full of energy, and life. I think she chose the correct Quack.

  3. Oh wow! My Aunt in Ireland suffers from this! And take a guess what she eats…and drinks….I'll be sharing this with her right away! A huge thank you Dr. Greger and team!!!

  4. Not all non AMA approved clinics are whacks in Mexico, but why is it that over 90 percent of patients that recieve chemo therapy for cancer get the cancer back?
    So who are the real whacks?

  5. gruesome, yes, not that rare, yes…we don't like to talk about it. I went on a plant based diet for my gerd and thank God, my HS that plagued me for 13 years, went entirely away in a little less than a year. Yes, I still eat yeast, i've never liked beer. I've been clear for about 2 years!

  6. I have lived with this chronic condition since puberty. Imagine having large open, weeping painful wounds under both armpits & on both sides of your groin – your body becomes a prison.  I can attest that diet changes & aggressive surgeries have helped to put me in remission. The nodules that form under the skin make multiple tunnels/tracks that lead to more abscesses & open wounds. Dairy & yeast were indeed the biggest agitators of the disease. HS is a beast to fight when it passes the early stages-  I'm talking skin graphs, large open wounds in severely painful/intimate areas, brutal medications that cause life threatening long term side effects – not to mention the mental anguish of it all. Thanks for spreading the message.

  7. Hmmmmm, I had a super super itchy puss forming horrible rashes on the inside of my elbows, that the sun triggered. I still blame gluten. Yeast is not an issue as long as I don't breathe it. So dry powdery nutritional yeast, is treated with care.

  8. O.T. I'd love to know more about the recent study correlating high doses of vitamin B12 supplements and lung cancer in men.

  9. I always wondered why I had growths under my armpits that would drain! Dr. Gregor you are my HERO! My gramma has crohns and I have gastroparesis, and I noticed I react to gluten but maybe it is really the s. cerevisae! Any thoughts on wild yeasts like in sourdough bread??

  10. So lets get this right. If I cut out all meat, dairy and vegetable products, and exist on a diet of mud, hard drugs and cheap industrial alchohol….I may get a few more shitty years on this "wonderful" planet. Is that correct ?

  11. Dr. Greger someone is impersonating your Channel. I made a video about this fake clone Channel

  12. This is why I'm kind of skeptical of EBM. It's intended to protect from incompetents and rogue scientists (and not to mention lawsuits), but it also calls for an abandonment of just about every form of knowledge except the absolute highest, even if the benefits of doing otherwise utterly outweigh the risks.

  13. I have crohn's and HS. Diet cleared my HS up, it "manages" my crohn's but it's almost remissive at best. My lesions took under a month to go away but I was on an extreme white rice and meat diet. However, since going back on dairy I haven't had a reoccurence. I consume a lot of dairy too.
    I've been wheat and yeast free for years and still had recurrences during my wheat-free and yeast free diet phase.
    I attribute it to vitamin deficiencies, refined carbs, and food additives more than anything.

  14. Gosh darnit…now if I can only get my GI to figure out if I have Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis. I'm currently at "indeterminent" because I show the pattern of UC but responded well to Crohn's specific treatments. I've already gone plant based but still enjoy the odd beer and bread. It's very difficult to figure out what does/doesn't have yeast in it. Certain online resources recommend avoiding things like nuts and fruit which I think is ridiculous. What about distilled alcohol like vodka and rum?

  15. I suspect that gluten is also a culprit. Gluten can cause leaky gut, allowing excess yeast and animal protein into the body, instigating immune response.

  16. Dr. Greger I can not thank you enough. I have stage 3 HS and am currently in one of the worst HS cycles I've had in a long time. I needed this so much. I'll let you know how it works. Thank you for taking the time to share this extremely valuable knowledge!!!!

  17. Way to ruin a perfectly good video by insulting clinics that specialize in EXACTLY WHAT YOU PRESCRIBE, NUTRITIONAL/DIETARY RESPONSES TO CANCER. Fuck you, dr. gregor, I would certainly pursue those clinics that have proven success rates over the pharma hell that you honor by calling everything else "quack."

  18. As I replied to Way of Kay below, I believe that sourdoughs raise breads via bacteria and not yeast. I would love to see another video explaining if that may help people with this condition still enjoy the pleasure of eating bread.

  19. Dairy isn't worth it! I have a true dairy allergy. A few years ago when I was "cheating" over the holidays with cheese, I broke out horribly with cystic acne in the normal HS sites, places I've never had pimples before. It thoroughly terrified me. On a dairy free diet, I don't have the acne that plagued me since the 4th grade–no "razor burn"–no HS area breakouts–no puffy under eyes–no stuffed up nose–no seasonal allergies–no "random" exhaustion–I could go on & on. I'll stick to my homemade, plant-based dairy replacements, thank you very much 🤓

  20. I know I sound so dumb, but I really wish for some sort of a database that would list all the stuff that contains yeast! I recently heard even fermented stuff like pickles can contain it, and it's on grapes too? If I try google I get to bogus candida sites that want my money instead 🙁

  21. it is the food causing you to have insulin resistance causing hormones changing including DHT – you didn't do enough research! 👎🏻- fried foods sugars and sugar products i.e. Bread, pasta and drinking sodas the cure is lower you insulin resistance try consuming cinnamon tea will work!!!😍Surgery and antibiotics aren't going to help!!yes dairy is to avoid

  22. hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover hidradenitis suppurativa and natural remedies try Loctavan Download HS Strategy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  23. Bs about the yeast I have celiac and and allergy to gluten so I never eat bread nor dairy because I have a dairy allergy as well and my hs is still as severe as ever.

  24. As an HS suffer I can say avoiding everything mentioned in this video will dramatically reduce flares but it will not cure it.

  25. You’re a fucking idiot. Whoever actually believes this. I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa and let me tell you… a FUCKING DIET WON’T CURE THIS SHIT. FUCK YOU

  26. I am actually an Hidradenitis suppurativa sufferer since 1996. With nearly 40 "light" surgeries (called incisions) and 5 severe surgeries, like cutting out very large areas of my skin, up to 18 x 6 Inches. Completely cutting dairy out of my diet let me stay almost symptom free over the course of the past 5 years. And I try to spreading the word almost every day. But it seems, milk and cheese is like a drug. Even if sufferers can almost be cured, they hold on to it like heroin. Can't understand. But, anyway, thank you very much for this Video. I share it as much as I possibly can!

  27. sad, but true. I have HS and managed to get it under control. I recently went off my diet and have eaten diary, gluten and nightshades a lot lately, and im getting it back all over my pits, groin and breasts. UGH, so diet is a HUGE part in getting better. trust me i've tried it all even the crazy crap and nothing helped like simple diet changes. BUT sticking to the diet can really be a drag which is why i went off it and now am in hell again.

  28. The weird and funny thing is…that last photo at the end of the vid I thought was a piece of pizza. I was horrified when I heard the narrator announce this was a photo of end stage HS. Interesting that pizza, made of gluten and tomato, looks the same as end stage HS.

  29. Thank you for this. I have HS really bad on my tailbone and perianal and and I also have Crohn's. I have soft gauze in those areas but it still ruins all of my underwear and it hurts and bleeds like crazy. I'm going to mention this to my wound doctor and start cutting these foods out.

  30. What is the diet, I have HS bad I done had stage 3 and I didn't know there were stages of this horrible disease , please help I'm willing to do the diet !!!!!

  31. I thought the picture at the end was pizza and it horrified me that any pizza would look like that. Spoiler alert…it's not pizza

  32. I have hypothyroidism and had IBS for years. I did my own research and thought I would try looking more into my diet. I completely cut out dairy and all grains. I lost 30 pounds just from doing this and no longer have to take thyroid meds or have any issues with IBS. Also unexpectedly was able to get off my cholesterol meds and now my blood work is normal, especially my triglycerides. I don't know if it was the yeast or gluten or both that I had issues with but it changed my life. I didn't have to cut out sugar tho because I don't really use much of it. I like water and plain drinks like black coffee and such, although I do have a soda on rare occasions. I could see how sugar might be a problem for people who are addicted to it. Your brain gets addicted to it like a drug from what I've read so that would need to be cut out too I think. Dairy is really disgusting to think about when you find out it literally can have pus in it to begin with. That thought made it easy for me to get off it.

  33. Just something else I noticed – a keto/paleo diet with no nightshades or starchy carbs (ie potatoes, corn, carrots, etc – sweet potatoes is a trigger for me)…. along with keeping sauerkraut in my diet, esp if there is a flare up, completely takes it all away. I use sauerkraut as my medicine. Not sure why it works (most likely probiotics), but it’s amazing how eating that really helps.

  34. Try Tumeric and a candida probiotic. I haven't watched your full video but I was in a lot of pain too. You need to eat fresh foods too, lots of vegetables.

    Watch Janes video here:

    It works. I did it. You CAN beat it, naturally.

  35. So helpful. I ate a pizza yesterday after eating well for about two days and as soon as i did that a HUGE boil got inflamed on my groil and i cant even walk. Definitely sticking to my diet this time

  36. Jesus! People will watch this and then have ice cream for desert later today 🙄. If I wasn’t already vegan, this DAMN sure would’ve done it.

  37. Thank you so much Dr. Greger!! I found you on a documentary and I bought your book!!! I'm sold on the plant based diet!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

  38. Hi I am a journalist from University of Southern California and I am doing research regarding HS. How can I get in contact with you to set up an interview to ask you more about these findings above?

  39. The lumps on my groin area is very painful 😣😣😣 I guess I need to change my eating habits. I love all type of foods that's not good for me.

  40. great value & amazing video man, thank you so much! fuck it, i/ve been a vegetarian for 4 years and kinda lately was willing to become vegan as i consciously do understand all the shit that dairy bring but like pfffff. fuck it. VEGAN 4 life.

  41. I have HS too and I'm beginning to heal since I've cut out yeast and went plant-based. I've cut out nightshades too and am now hoping that I can have them again, like I heard people say they're eating them without problems! now, yeast isn't always obvious in foods. I'd like to know if I have to cut out dried spices and mushrooms too. And I'm still confused on fermented foods. I always have been fermenting myself (wild fermentation, not with starters) and I'm afraid I shouldn't be eating them, right? has anyone experience with these foods as well? and I was wondering if anyone has like a resource website or something, with foods-to-avoid-lists and more information, maybe a forum and stuff? I'd be SO happy to hear from someone!

  42. I suffer from this as well as my mom and my sister. A year ago my mom said her doctor told her to take iron pills and she has not had an episode I've been taking iron for a year and it has gone down by 90%.

  43. I have hs pretty bad and im 7 months in on the inside of my buttocks and armpit with no let up. Ive tried absolutely everything from hibiscrub/calamile lotion/organic whitch hazel/dettol/ sterilising gel/tea tree oil,tons of vitamins/ cut smoking 50% cut down on sugar and carbs and it's the worst ive had it in a long time. Will note when I eat bread even brown bread I bloat up like mad so I definitely want to cut out that but dairy maybe a real struggle. End of my tether now I feel like buying a scapel and hacking them off lol if anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated.

  44. I dont think it's just food there are other facters because HS is a very stubborn health issue. nevertheless dairy products, yeast, smoking and stress can increase HS symptoms…

  45. Went on a 4-month diet removing Yeast, Dairy, and Gluten, along with other things such as mushrooms and rosemary.
    At first, it helped. But then I had a flare-up after a long plane trip that caused a brand new outburst.

    I really hope that a diet can help people, but time and time again it seems like reducing stress is the number 1 way for it to settle down. Which gets harder and harder to do as it becomes more and more painful. I'm just waiting for a real cure.

  46. I was fine with no flareups last 4
    months and last week I’d pizza and 2 days later subway and next day I had flare up . It’s wise to skip these foods containing yeast

  47. I cry every day being a woman taking a bath and not even 2 minutes later the smell is back even the pain my life is horrible i just wont to be normal again and put on things that i would love too pit on again .i need help bad

  48. I' m from Brazil. I' ve been sufering with this desease for a couple months….this video helped me a lot…it was the informtion i really need…thank you so much

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