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Hello everybody. Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here. Many peoples’ lives have been improved by eating a low carbohydrate
diet but for some people eating a low carbohydrate diet brings on digestive
problems and some people call this the “keto flu”. For some people, it only lasts
for a short while, but for others it lasts the duration of them doing a low
carb diet. So in this video I am going to show you one reason… one potential reason
why this happens and what you can do about it. Enjoy! All the cells that line
the inside of your gut are protected by a slimy layer of fluid called mucin.
Mucin is made up of sugars proteins and a lot of water and the purpose of mucin
is to protect the cells, because if anything… any chemicals or bacteria that
are inside of your gut come into direct contact with those cells it could elicit an immune reaction.
There are many different species of friendly bacteria
that live in your gut and a lot of these species will thrive in an environment
that’s rich in carbohydrates. So, whenever you are going from a high carbohydrate
diet to a low carbohydrate diet these bacteria will not have a food supply and
they will do anything they can to survive including eat your mucin layer
which is rich in sugars. And this is likely what happens to people who
experience the “keto flu”, meaning when you switch to a low carbohydrate diet for
the first couple weeks you just feel crummy all over and likely what’s
happening is that mucin layer is getting worn down and the bacteria, friendly or
bad bacteria, it doesn’t matter, is getting into direct contact with
the cells and the cells don’t know what to do. They’re used to having that
protective layer so they do what they normally would do to defend themselves and
the body mounts an immune reaction which causes local inflammation
and other chemical messages and signals go throughout the bloodstream causing
inflammatory reactions elsewhere in the body. And you end up getting brain fog or
having muscle aches and just feeling worn out and fatigued. Now for most
people the “keto flu” symptoms don’t last that long. Usually it’s about a couple
weeks, but for some unfortunate people the “keto flu” symptoms continue as long
as they’re eating a low carbohydrate diet. So if you are one of those people the
following information may help you to be able to maintain a low carb carbohydrate
diet because there are a lot of benefits to it, including weight loss, and not have
the side effects of having the mucin layer being destroyed. [How to Make More Mucin] It is the waste
products of bacterial metabolism that stimulates your gut cells to produce
mucin. So for example whenever you eat a meal you’re feeding yourself but you’re
also feeding the bacteria that’s in your gut and they will digest some of the
food and the waste products that they form, also known as the metabolites, is
what stimulates your gut to form the mucin. An external source of these
waste products is in fermented foods so the treatment is to eat fermented foods
like kimchi or sauerkraut or kombucha tea. Try to only eat plant-based,
fermented foods for this and if you’re going to notice any difference in your
digestive symptoms it’ll happen within two weeks. And that’s
it! One potential cause of digestive problems in people who switch to a low
carbohydrate diet could be bacteria destroying your mucin layer. If you liked
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