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We built an algorithm that, using a single image, can classify skin lesions as cancerous or benign as accurately as board certified dermatologists. Neural networks, also known as deep learning algorithms, are a type of very powerful machine learning algorithm and the way these work is that they are fed massive amounts of data and they are told what they are looking at. The hope is that this would be a starting point into bringing A.I. and computer vision to healthcare and really extend the reach of providers well outside of the clinic.

18 thoughts on “Digital doctor: AI singles out skin cancer from photos

  1. This is great news and could cut medical costs significantly. I look forward to primary care doctors becoming irrelevant.

  2. wouldn't exactly call artifical neural networks 'algorithms'. To me that would imply we have an exact understanding of the logic of how we get a result. Neural networks are, however, mostly a black box in this regard.

  3. This guy is so full of himself, can hardly hide his smile while talking. Neural networks are not a big deal, one just needs the right architecture and a big enough dataset..

  4. awesome, I need your help badly, I'm working on a similar problem in the space of retail, and facing problem with classification, can you spare sometime to help please

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  6. If they provide an end-point to mobile devs use, tomorrow a lot of apps will appear in the stores. What are you waiting for guys?

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