Taking Charge of Your Health

Disney World Through the Eyes of a Naturopath.
How to keep well and have fun while visiting Mickey Recently my family and I experienced our first
trip to Disney World together and it was awesome! Or I could say, it was magical. It was definitely
some very much needed quality family time. Escaping from your day to day routine for
a little while as a family can do wonders for your relationships. It is amazing how
when those daily stressors are eliminated for a short time we are able to see more clearly
and feel more deeply. Of course any break from the routine is great once and a while,
whether it be close to home or somewhere abroad. So, if you are planning a trip to Disney for
your vacation I have put together a few tips and how to maintain your optimal health while
enjoying all that Disney World has to offer based on our experience. This is by no means
an advertisement for Disney. Just some ideas of things to do before you go, while you are
there, and when you get home. First off, do some planning before you go.
Yes you will be looking into the attractions and where to stay, etc. and I am suggesting
to also do a wellness audit. What part of your family�s wellness routine do you want
to maintain during your vacation? Your eating habits, sleep routine, nap times? One of the
biggest things I was worried about was where and what we were going to eat. Being gluten
free I am always curious about how well restaurants can accommodate food allergies or intolerances.
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the resort restaurants. When you book your
reservations at the sit down restaurants you can list your food aversions in the online
booking. Most restaurants will accommodate for the most common food allergies, gluten
and wheat, shellfish, soy, lactose or dairy, peanuts and tree nuts, fish, eggs and corn.
So just double check that the restaurants you want to go to can accommodate you. Call
you hotel and see what their restaurants have too. Most of the time you will be eating breakfast
at your hotel so if they don�t have something for you to eat then bring it or buy it in
the supermarket. I brought cereal and bought soy milk in our hotel to keep in our mini
bar. It worked great and we were efficient in the mornings. If you are a tea drinker,
bring your favourite tea bags. The tea selection isn�t that great, but there is plenty of
hot water. Also, bring some of your snacking staples. Things like granola bars, fruit strips,
raisons, whatever dry goods you like to keep on you in the park. There are snack carts
where you can buy fruit slices or real fruit popsicles, and other snacks of course, but
it can be costly in the park. While you are enjoying the parks at Disney
I have some tips as well. First off, be sure to have your kids protected from the sun.
Hats and strollers with shade covers help. I use sunblocks by Badger Balms or Green Beaver
as they don�t contain some of the nasty chemicals other sunscreens do. Find shade
whenever you can and use the cool down zones or splash pads to beat the heat. Lots of water
is a must. We would use our meal plan snack allotments for bottles of water to keep in
the stroller and stock up at lunch as a 500ml bottle of water counts as a drink. You can
also just ask for tap water at the meal counters for free! For food on site, be sure to ask
at the quick serve counters to talk to a manager if you have any food aversions. They will
come out with a binder and show you all the ingredients of the foods and specially prepare
your meal. It takes a little longer to prepare but worth it. We had nachos, salads, kids
hot dogs and chicken fingers. All meals came with a dessert too, usually a pretty yummy
cookie. At the sit down restaurants the chef will come out and speak to you and make sure
your meal is suited for you. I was really impressed with the meals for me and my kids.
There was pasta, specially prepared chicken and fish and at the buffets the chef will
guide you through the options to point out what you can eat. My favourite were the fish
tacos at T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. There are almost always fruit and veggies
as snack options for the kids too. Another tip I have is to wear proper footwear. I personally
found Disney to be an athletic event. We walked a lot and I couldn�t imagine wearing any
shoes but my runners. Walking and pushing a double stroller for 12 hours a day is a
workout for sure, so be prepared to get your exercise while you�re enjoying the sites!
And when you are not running for fast passes or to catch a show, take some down time. The
parks have little play areas or splash pads where your kids can play and you can sit.
Free play is great for the young ones and you can chill out for a bit. The other place
to get down time is in the line ups. Yes, the lines can be long so embrace them. Do
some stretches, a yoga pose, some deep breathing. It is a good chance to work on your patience.
If you kids are having trouble with their patience, engage them in a game of eye spy
or make up a story for them, a great way to engage your creativity. If the kids need a
rest take time to go back to your hotel to nap or let them have a stroller siesta. Eating
well most of the time and taking time to rest will help your endurance and benefit your
immune systems too. Lots of germs are around in a place crowded with kids so keep your
defenses up. Keep up with the hand washing or sanitizing. Next time I am bringing extra
vitamin C for all of us. Most people I talk to agree that Disney is a test of endurance,
physically and mentally! Especially if you are there for more than a couple days. So
overall think about balance during your stay and be prepared for a great experience. When your stay at Disney is over I would recommend
allowing a day or two of transition back to reality time. We stayed at the resort for
5 days and then had 2 days relaxing at another hotel, well away from theme parks. I thought
this was great for both kids and parents. Like I said, it can be a tiring trip so take
a day to refresh and revive if you need to. When you are home and back to your routine,
keep a little Disney magic inside you. Recount the adventures you had with your kids and
keep their imaginations thriving. I plan on framing our iconic Magic Kingdom family photo
to remind us of how much fun we have as a family and how great it is to take time to
play and dream together. So there you have it. My naturopathic Disney
experience. A few things to think about before you head off to meet Mickey. Of course the
best part of Disney from a naturopathic perspective is that it can nourish your spirit, so if
you don�t take any of my other advice then just do this one thing… have fun! Reconnect
with the kid inside you and remember how good it feels to leave the cares behind. If you have any more tips feel free to share
them here on the channel or on my Facebook page. I will be listing some links to snacks
that I have discovered that my kids like too on my Facebook page as well. Have a great
trip and �May the Mouse be with You!�.

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