Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi there, Dr. Nick Jensen here from Divine
Elements Naturopathic Family and Wellness. I’m a Naturopathic Physician guiding my
patients to their best health with natural medicine and what I‘m really excited about
is about educating in lifestyle medicine so that you can have more energy, better quality
of life and so you can learn to prevent illness before it starts and in those cases where
illnesses are already set in teach you how to reverse it so you can gain control again
of your life. Today’s topic is discussing metabolism and
the three main factors that impede a healthy metabolism.
So number one is to look at food and this if the most obvious one for most of us and
I love the analogy of food as information and not just as a fuel. The reason this is
so important is because depending on how we’re eating food can either be a, or food will
always be a signal for something in the body and in cases with an unhealthy diet there
will be a signal for inflammation so diets high in unhealthy fats, sugars, process foods
etc. etc. will create an increased inflammation signal in the body that has a direct effect
on shutting down your metabolism. Tip number two is to look at the hormonal
system. We talk about hormones a lot being a hormone clinic of course but these are critical
for metabolism so your adrenal, your thyroid and the main sex hormones estrogen, progesterone,
testosterone all have a significant impact on your metabolism so getting things in balance
will have a direct effect on how your body loses or gains weight.
Tip number three is to look at detoxification. So our bodies are constantly being bombarded
with external toxins so pollution, pesticides, GMO foods, alcohol, too much caffeine, medications;
all of these things play a huge role on overwhelming our systems so and when that’s the case
what do? Well you talk to your Naturopathic Doctor about doing a detox. So along with
the benefits of supporting a healthy metabolism, detox obviously helps with clearing your skin,
having more energy, improving your digestion. So these are my top three ways to make sure
are in check when you’re supporting a healthy metabolism.
Dr. Nick Jensen here. Thanks for watching, helping you to transform disease to wellness
with ease.

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