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Harmful Sunlight, Pollution, Makeup. Every day our skin goes through quite a tough time! While we might be aware of how our lifestyle affects the health of our skin, using the wrong products, or not using them correctly may cause even more damage, This leads to different types of pigmentation like dark spots, dark patches or even unhealthy looking dark circles. So if you’re looking for a remedy for
these skin concerns, we are here with some easy at-home masks will be your go-to solution! Since natural ingredients tend to be more
concentrated, always remember to use these home remedies mindfully and for a shorter time. This will avoid any irritation or inflammation. You can use these masks individually or as one multi-mask depending on your skin’s needs. We hope these simple kitchen ingredients help you get that perfect glowing skin. Until next time, stay tuned & stay Glamrs.

50 thoughts on “DIY Mask For Glowing Skin | Home Remedies For Pigmentation On The Face

  1. Please suggest an easy weight gain diet…i really need it…!!! It should be affordable ….btw thanks for this video

  2. #1. Sun.spots :-
    4tbsp Yoghurt +2 tbsp
    coffee powder
    #2. Dark circles :-
    4tbsp yoghurt + 2 tbsp
    chopped parsley + 1/2
    tbsp baking soda
    #3. Pigmentation :-
    1/2Banana + 1/4 cupmilk
    +4tbsp oats +
    +1/2 tbsp cocoa powder

  3. Thanks informative video.please make more videos on pigmentation.i have pigmentation around my mouth ,beside nose and dark circles.the whole T zone area is dark and dull.any remedy???

  4. It's so satisfying to see them make these masks…I can't even imagine what a mess it becomes when we make them…and how bout a bts?

  5. Hello glamer team plz help me im new subscriber and liker. My t zone is oily and c zone is extremely dry which sunscreen is good for combination skin.. Mostly my skin become dryyyy plzz tell and help mee??????????????????????????????????

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