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Alright, let’s see what do we got over here? We got some lubricating jelly. Implant palpitation simulation. “This is my baby right now”? What the f*ck is that? What kind of office am I f*cking in here? (coughing) Hey, what’s up everybody? Rob here from Man Vs Pin, in the doctor’s office. Feeling like sh*t, as you can probably tell. Looking like sh*t too, Jesus…. *No Rob, you still look adorbs (especially in glasses lol)* So I posted on social media that I wasn’t feeling that well and then somebody cleverly suggested (coughing) that I should probably try some pins that would make me feel better. So, that’s what I’m gonna do this week. Home sick remedies on Pinterest Cause I can’t f*cking do anything else. And in the mean time, I am going to raid this doctor’s office because I’m bored. Oh, yeah, I don’t know what the f*ck those are. (Music) Yeah, good reflexes. (Alright, here you go.) Doctor: Umm, you may just have gotten a bad case of the Crud, in which case Rob: A bad case of the Crud? Doctor: Yeah, it’s a medical term. A bad case of the f*cking Crud? The Crud? What the f*ck is the Crud? That is America’s f*cking health system at work, right there. Apparently I have a bad case of the Crud. Holy sh*t. Nothing, I got nothing. She didn’t send me home with anything. Can’t even f*cking breathe. Pin-O-Meter, what do you think? I’d say, sick in the head is more like it. Thanks, assh*le. So now I’m off to the store to pick up some natural remedies that I saw on Pinterest, since my doctor won’t give me anything real. The Crud. That is just f*cking perfect. Alright, I’m back. I have all the sh*t here that I need. to hopefully cure this f*cking disease that has infested my f*cking body. Every time that I cough, it feels like somebody’s shoving f*cking nails in my chest. So I am going to immediately make myself some cough syrup. I found this amazing pin, which is an old school recipe from a pediatrician, apparently. and It calls for one tablespoon of whiskey, (coughing) one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one tablespoon of honey. I have all those f*cking things. I like the way this f*cking doctor thinks unlike f*cking mine i dont know what the f*ck is going on with her F*ck. Cheers. (ahhhh) That was good. You can give me that f*cking cough syrup any f*cking time of the day. Oh yeah, it’s working its way down there. Alright, I’ll let you know how that one works in the next coming hours. (coughing) Alright, next up we have Fire Cider which looks f*cking dangerous as sh*t. This is a concoction of a whole bunch of f*cking roots and spicy sh*t. Guaranteed to f*cking cleanse the g*ddamned devil out of you. (coughing) Alright, cough syrup isn’t working. Alright, for this one we need some shredded or diced ginger root, some horseradish root, peeled and diced tumeric, G*ddammit that was a f*cking clean shear. some chopped white onion, some minced or crushed garlic cloves, some chopped jalepeno peppers, some lemon juice, some apple cider vinegar, and some honey. And then, let that sh*t soak I don’t know f*cking for how long but sh*t better be quick. Alright, so I let this steep for a few hours and it’s looking and smelling pretty f*cking crazy. Ugh, Christ. Holy sh*t. (coughing) Oh f*ck! That smells f*cking terrible. Oh god, I don’t want to do this. (screaming) (gagging) What the f*ck was that? I don’t think I’ve ever made that noise in my entire life. (spitting) (coughing) Holy sh*t. My mouth is on fire. Okay, this is the last time Bottoms up, this is gonna make you feel better. You don’t need antibiotics. Just take it down, take it down. (spitting and gagging) Oh, f*ck me. Oh my God. My mouth burns. Ugh That was terrible. F*cking Fire Cider I feel like f*cking death. This is just all sweat on my pillow. That’s nice. I’m hot, I’m cold F*ck this video. There’s gotta be more things to try. This is the f*cking stupidest f*cking sh*t that I have ever f*cking seen. Apparently you take some f*cking cottonballs or a cottonball and you soak it in alcohol, and you put it in your belly button. Sounds f*cking absolutely f*cking stupid. But I’m gonna do it, nothing else has worked. Get it all nice and soaked. Here we go. Look at that f*cking six pack, huh? It’s actually a scar from a long time ago when I was attacked by a shark, if you believe that. There you go, I’m just gonna put that right there. Oh yeah. Okay. Let’s see if that f*cking sh*t works. G*ddammit, there’s a f*cking cat in here. Oh wait, there’s this other one too. This next one is f*cking so stupid. Apparently you f*cking cut up onions and you put ’em in your f*cking socks and in your ears. And that’s supposed to f*cking take away the cold? I don’t f*cking know. I’m willing to try anything at this point. Okay, what do I do here? Take this, and then just… Alright, onions in socks. Never thought I’d be doing that, but here we are. Sock onions. I guess then you just take these and you put ’em in your ear? Oh, yeah. This is definitely going to f*cking work. I’m feeling better already. Here we go. Take this little ear onion and put that in there. (coughing) Oh, God. Alright, so I’ve got onions in my ears, I’ve got alcohol cotton swab belly button thing going on, and I’ve got some onions in my socks. I should wake up tomorrow morning f*cking white as rain. White as rain? Right as rain? The sh*t that I f*cking do for this g*ddamned channel. Alright. Good night. Hey, it’s morning time! I survived the night. I still sound like a lounge singer. The whole f*cking room smells like g*ddamned onions. I don’t even know what happened to the onions in my ears. And this f*cking cottonball dried up, and now it’s just a f*cking cottonball again. None of these f*cking cold remedy f*cking Pinterest bullsh*t f*cking things worked whatsoever. (coughing) Oh, f*ck. And I feel just as f*cking terrible as I did yesterday. Actually, I may feel even a little bit worse. Where are these f*cking onions that were in my ear? They disappeared. Definitely should take these onions out of my socks though. Use these for some onion rings later or something. The whole bed f*cking smells like onions, everything smells like onions. Oh yeah, those worked. That was it. F*ck me. If you have any cold or flu remedies out there that you think could help me, please leave them in the comments below as well as any other (coughing) as well as any other future Pinterest projects suggestions that you may have. I don’t know whether or not I’m gonna do them, This could be my f*cking death bed, this could be my last god damned video as far as I’m concerned. This could be the f*cking Zompocalypse plague I could be eating people’s f*cking brains next week, I don’t f*cking know Whatever the case, be sure that you are subscribed like up this video, and I’ll see you around here- I’ll see you around here next time. *snip snip snip*. When I’m dead, this is what I’ll look like. Just so you- just so you know. —— Owwwhhh, get well soon, Rob 🙁 ——

100 thoughts on “DIY SICK REMEDIES – Pinterest Cures – Man Vs Pin #94

  1. When you have that cough thing put your hean near a steaming sink with towel covering it make sure the water is steamy

  2. A german cold remedy is cough syrup made from onions and honey – it works great and isn’t as bad as you would expect 🙂

  3. 1 tbls Raw honey and cinnamon (it hast to be RAW) 4 times a day it’s a natural antibiotic it has helped me several times when I’ve been sick!!

  4. I'm sick right now and I thought this video would help but nopeee , but it was a entertaining video, cuz being home alone and feeling like shit is not fun 😂😂😂

  5. I’m really late to this video but for future reference when I have a cold I make hot tea with honey, ginger, apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon and you can add cayenne pepper if you want. Drink that a couple times a day until you start to feel better!!

  6. Ok I know this is an old video but why has no one dubbed Rob's screaming at 3:35 over the raptors from Jurassic Park yet?

  7. The next time you feel like this, tub Vick's vapo-rub on your chest. It should open up the airways and decongest your sinuses. Or so I'm told. Works for babies on their feet with socks on.

  8. When I’m sick I mix orange juice lemon juice and red pepper
    It makes you less tired but that’s about it

  9. May sound strange but if you have a slight fever smear some mustard on the flat Part of your feet (dont know what its called😅)

  10. Ik this is late but I think you had the croup, or laryngotracheobronchitis. But it does make you feel like crud, lol.

  11. This popped up as a suggestion when I got home from being diagnosed with essentially a bad case of the crud. I feel you bro

  12. I swear the way Rob squeals is everything. I love it. I look forward to it in every video.
    I dunno about the the alcohol cotton ball in the belly button BUT I know that if you a have a fever you can put a few tablespoons of alcohol in a mildly warm bath and that will break the fever. I'm not really sure why you would put alcohol in your belly button though.

  13. Take a wallop of vicks and lavender or rosemary line your bath faucet with it or put it straight into the water it has to be 🔥 hot take a bath then when you are done rub the balm on your chest under your nose and neck or throat gland then a shot of honeyed whiskey with lemon and go to sleep.

  14. you want home remedies? next time just go with the lemon and ginger tea and chicken soup. might taste better.

  15. You are a very brave sick soldier… lol an too funny some of your crazy. shit you do. That onion thing cracked me the lmao fuck shit haha

  16. Here in 2019 after robs heart attack and OBVIOUSLY IT WASNT CRUD!!’ It was his heart forming blood clots, and him slowly dying. BUT HES ALIVE AND WE R SO HAPPY! Love u Rob and Corinne!!!!

  17. I'm sorry but Rob be having me dying here 😂…was this the beginning when you,(Rob) started getting sick…poor baby.. praying for you ✌️🤞

  18. That noise Rob made when he drank the fire juice literally made me cry and almost made me barf frlm laughing so hard holy shit

  19. Unfortunately, the only things that’ll effectively treat colds are rest and hydration 😭 hence the doctor’s “crud” diagnosis—it literally doesn’t matter which rhinovirus you have, there’s basically nothing that can be done

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