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If you have scars etched in your face left
behind by acne from years ago, I’ll bet you’ve tried a bunch of different
products and treatments to fix them. And if you, like most people, were disappointed
with the results, I’ll tell you why, and more importantly,
what to do. Stay tuned! Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] And welcome to DermTV. Not a day goes by without a viewer question
or patient visit about acne scars. By “acne scars,” I‘m referring specifically
to skin colored holes or depressions left in your skin by old acne
lesions months or years earlier. Technically, these are called “atrophic”
scars because there has been a loss of volume of
the dermal or middle layer of skin… And it’s that loss of volume, or “atrophy,”
which causes the depression or hole. This refers to all three types of atrophic
acne scars: ice pick box car and rolling. All are caused by the surface of your skin
literally sinking in, in different shapes, from loss of the underlying
dermis caused by the destructive force of extreme
inflammation of severe acne cysts. Sadly there is no topical skincare product or at home device that will significantly
improve those scars, very simply, because at home stuff just can’t
cause the body to make enough new dermal tissue, whether its collagen, hyaluronic, GAG’s, and
so on to fill in the hole enough to raise the surface
of the skin to make a meaningful difference. And even if they improve it 10%, which frankly
is very unlikely, all you’ll probably see is the 90% they
didn’t help. So whether it’s retinoids, dermarollers,
microdermabrasion, silicone patches or even my revered glycolics, which all can
do good things for many skin issues, they’ll only frustrate your desire to fix
your acne scars. But if you do need treatment, don’t despair.
See your dermatologist. Many in office treatments really do help,
such as surgical repair of the scars, fillers treatments or even laser therapy with
C02, Erbium and other types which today have less downtime
and quicker healing. Acne scars need not be forever.

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  1. Hey doc,im anne from malaysia and i just want to tell you that i had acne scars since 2 years ago before im getting and till now im married.before i going out i have to use foundation for cover my acne scar but still can see a little bit i guess.i went to skin specialist clinic,bought any product to loose my acne scars but the results totally the doctor,what am i supposed to do.thanks.

  2. @J Johnson lf you're frustrated and confused by information overIoad and bad/conflicting advice, then Acne No More is THE SYSTEM that wiII finaIIy make everything clear for you. When you finish reading the book, you'II say to yourseIf, "NOW l GET IT!"

  3. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about best way to get rid of facial scars try Craffanty Scars Gone Center (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got amazing success with it. 

  4. Dis-heartening if you have icepick scars, there needs to be legislation to make treatments such as laser resurfacing cheaper I mean what do you do if you can't afford it ?
    Some of the words dermatologists use when examining your skin make you want to peel your own skin off! There is being honest and then there is being blunt with no consideration for that persons psychological well being, someone has come to you for help so help them don't tell them the obvious they already know.
    Most dernatologists have perfect flawless skin so I doubt they truly get what its like to live with a scarred face. If a derm recommend Roaccutane be wary it is linked to liver issues and can severely break you out causing depression.

  5. Just wanted to say that laser doesn't work. I paid $2,000 for the H20 laser treatment. It was extremely painful. Honestly I was not happy with the results at all. I was pissed off that I paid so much money for something that made my face look worse before better, meaning my face looked better before the laser. So just wanted to let you know before you waste your money and time.

  6. Guys look into buying a dermer roller. This does exactly the same thing a fractional laser does but with less down time. I had very bad acne scarring 2 years ago but the dermer has almost made them disappear. Hope this helps. Dont have negative thoughts they will go away everything needs time. 🙂

  7. Having acne for over 15 years can turn u into a mental patient. People who dont have it have no idea wtf u gotta deal with.

  8. I am having acne scars which have been spreadign since few months to whole face, the foreah has been started scarring, i wan to ask that why acne has become active nowadays?? while i eat the simple non oily diet,
    can i use derma roller for said problem???

  9. i have a long scratch on my cheek since childhood caused by an accident and a pimple scars. it makes me loss all of my confidence and i feel awkward talking to people.

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  12. The tested and proven step by step holistic system that will eliminate the root causes and external symptoms of acne

  13. true ,acne is the cause but the scars they left behind just enough to make you suicidal. it's just … urgghh, of all the technology that we have in the world, if they can smooth out a land why can't they smooth out a skin?

  14. I do derma roller for nearly a year. The whole condition of my face skin is getting much better but the acne scars are still there. I did laser once and it sucks. I'm so frustrated. Fucking hate these holes on my face

  15. used 40% glycolic acid and it improves a bit. I am not sure too. Sometimes my acne scars look creepy and sometimes they look less visible. Usually my face looks better after woke up from sleep with natural face oil. or probably it's my eyes that getting blurred? after washed my face n dried w towel (I love to rub my face as it feels good) my face looks red on the acne scars and creepy. when I put a light at d side of my cheek, my boxcar acne scars r visible like a dented surface on a moon! or maybe my face is like a moon -(looks ok from afar but when closer look, many pits and dents).. can't afford for laser treatment. reduce the price please! Because most sufferers r students who r not working.

  16. thanks for making this video,,,My daughter loves this Maxelder argan cream for Acne She started working and there is grease in the restaurant that makes her break out. I got Maxelder argan cream (w…nyarganoil….c ) for her to see how she would like it. She loves it. It's a nice cream and easy to put in. I've seen the change in her face after just a few uses She really doesn't have any acne scars so we don't know how it actually works on them.

  17. I am 35 years old woman. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2011 and they removed my Thyroid, until than I had never had acnes, but ever since than the bottom of my cheeks and jaw line are purely horrible. I have been visiting a dermatologist ( local ) and used tretonion 5% but it is not really helping much other than I end up looking even worse since my skin is even more discolored and peeling. What would you sugest about this hormonal acnes other than fix the hormones of curse which so far has proven impossible ? Thank you.

  18. i had pik axe scars Nd i Used benadrill itch spray ate bannanas and Had this stuff called tazorac retnol 350 gram heavy pore fusing acne it did make my skin red and dry there are legit no scaring it takes about a week and 3 days but make sure u ice it and put hot packs on it day in and day out i promise it will work

  19. All the advancements in the world but they can't make something revolutionary for acne and acne scars? Seriously acne has ruined my life. I spend so much of my day thinking about my skin it's consuming me.

  20. I was doubtful when I followed the 100 % natural trreatment as my friend's suggestion . But the result was effective, my anti-acne faded away in less than 7 days like a miracle, try here:>

  21. hey the best treatment for acne is stop giving too much shit about it,fuck we only live once and if it fucking ruins ur life because of ur fear of people's opinion over ur face which in reality people don't give a shit about ur face, they worry about there own faces and not yours,. fuck the point is stop being so insecure and love ur self and never give a shit about what people think ,. sooner or later u'l get over it and u will realize being happy is better than having an acne free face,

  22. iv had acne for 20 yrs started at age of 13 now 33, still was suffering till recently I started applying honey on my face everyday for last 4 months… man iv stopped getting spots, cycsts nodules, the lot of them! it's a miracle!

  23. i used it for 3 days, without telling anybody, most people said that my face looks better! and it really took care of the acne, highly recommend argan life Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil, i will order again, thanks!

  24. dear doc, I thought I had Melasma,but now I feel my skin is sinking in, I m using night cream, day cream n sun block. recommended by a derma,but no results,kindly help me

  25. Actually, Derma-Rollers can help but need to be done by a professional.. never the less, they do help along with Vit A, C and supplements as well.

  26. Put 1 cumcumber +half lemon juice+half orange juice+3 ts of frech ginger+ Yugort sugar free blend all and place them in ice cubes put them in freezer then rub one everyday after let it dry for 20 mn then wash your face with cold water.There is also this mask argile vert +rose water+1ts pure honey mix all tiil you get a paste then apply it on your face let it dry for 15 mn then wash your face. These help for acne scars black spot

  27. With all the science, research, and education given to millions of Doctors around the world, yet they can't figure out a way to prevent acne from happening, or completely curing it without scars
    they just tell us about expensive products which do not work at all

    its like they just want to make money off of our acne issues, and won't actually do research in how to actually cure them

    acne is a disease just like fever, it happens to 80% of people, and tho many get cured, many are left with scars, and pimples which never go away

    these Doctors surely can find a way to cure acne completely but will just give us random remedies or products to buy or ask us to go for expensive surgeries

    fuck this world, and fuck my acne and acne scars

  28. hi my acne scars really affect me I think your videos are really informative so thank you:) I want to ask professional opinion about a gel like cream called contractubex will help with my scars…a friend did recommend this

  29. I really enjoyed this book. I found it well-written overall; although I did have a few stylistic niggles, these were minor. The book was fun to read and a real page-turner here 🙂

  30. certainly he wants us to consult him so he could earn tons from consulatation fees down to treatments amd surgeries.

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    Eliminаteеe blemishes in weeeeks
    acne cure e-book reveals all Do At Home Accccneeeе Scсar Тreatments Work DermTV com Epi 458

  32. he always tries to convince us that do at home treatments are useless for whatever we want to treat, and that the only solution is to see him asap so that he would perform an expensive treatment on to your face, which you will never be able to afford.

  33. Micro Dermabrasions did nothing. I had probably 10 Erbium laser treatments and I can't tell a difference. I'm afraid the only thing I can do is surgery repair.

  34. Very happy with it. I have dry skin so I am also using a retinol serum and sometimes some plain glycerin at night… My skin feels smoother and maybe it even looks a little younger… I wish it was sold in a larger size. Discover it from here>> 🙂

  35. okay. to stop acne u have to stop eating:

    Reduce eating:
    processed foods
    fried foods

    relax (stress free)
    plain water

  36. Very easy to read and gives wonderful tips on how to manage your overall health and acne related issues. Truly gives some great insight to acne and how to get it under control. Check This → 🙂

  37. There are a few suggestions for relieving scars naturally
    Apply lemon to the scar
    Try onion extract
    Consider using aloe vera gel. Aloe Vera's anti-inflammatory properties help reduce skin irritations and help remove dead skin from wounds
    Make or buy cucumber pasteTry tea tree oil.
    (I read these and why they work from Macala mark remove site )

  38. suggest me safest cream that is available in Indian market…..may be natural or chemical …..which should remove deep open pores within a month….please anyone suggest me….I need to attend an interview …plz plz plz

  39. I could already see less pimple appearances after the first night. Amazing compare to crappy doctor prescription stuffs. I am Very happy . . follow this .

  40. Vitamin E oil helps alot with scars. This guy is just advertising his work as a doctor Greedy bastard.

  41. Amazing stuff!! It works in a heavy welding environment so my pores get super clogged from all the welding dust hanging in the air. I did it once a week like recommended but it wasn't enough so I started doing it every other day and wow! you may follow here .

  42. You know what sucks? Being in a lower class of our society, where nothing can cover these treatments, and you hope the scars fade since you are still young. I've been trying to accept myself with acne, and I keep telling myself it isn't forever. If these scars don't go away? It only makes my mental health WORSE.

  43. He is truthful. If over the counter stuff worked, it would have fixed the problem. See a dermatologist for fillers.

  44. I found the details in this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) very helpful. I am struggling moderate adult acne every now and then and with this book, I discovered the natural and other several acne cures. I like the natural method of treating them and I found out on this guide the solutions that work effectively.

  45. Conventional medicines and treatments do not really have a cure for acne, they focus on treating the symptoms, clearing your breakouts and do nothing to cure the root cause. What's worse is that many medications have serious side effects (ever heard of Accutane? That can make you crazy!). This guide works from the inside out to cleanse your body and clear your skin by fighting acne's root causes. It  gives you extensive information to NATURALLY clear your skin forever!.

  46. I use a derma pen with 48 needles at a depth of 1.25. Three months ago, I started with the pen at .25 and have worked my way up to this level. A derma pen is adjustable. I like the pen because I can get a sterilized disposable needle cartridge that I throw away every time. And I have seen an improvement in my acne scars. I also use retinol and my skin has really improved!

  47. I'm a 15 year old girl and the other day a little kid pointed to my scars and asked me what happened to my face and I almost busted out crying

  48. At least this guy tells the truth, not like those charlatans on the internet who claim you can clear away acne scars with homemade remedies. Sadly you can't. Only a professional, in other words a dermatologist, can help you get rid of acne scars. And that my friends is a fact.

  49. but it cost too much to to get proffessional treatments. not all of the people are rich to
    pay between 400$ to 1000$ for every single seat.
    so nothing wrong with buying the device by 200$ and trying to fix the proplem at home even if it will take longer time..
    i think derma pen is perfect
    even if it wont fix acne scars 100% but i prefer it more than filler because it's fake and after a while ever hole will get back

  50. I dont know about depression but
    For acne I recommend you should try a blood purifier (ayurvedic) because impure blood is common cause for long term acne …
    It really helped me ..remember AYURVEDIC medicine dont cause any or least side effect

  51. Sir ,I have acne scar whole my face that depress me all time ….please give me a solution


  53. Do you think dermarolling will help with my new skin damage from retina? Please respond I am desperate, but don't have too much money. Thanks

  54. Ive had it since i was 13 now im 29 nothing seems to be working ive been to doctors they dont have chat shit use this and it makes u break out i drink loads of water ive lost loads of weight due to food which i barely touch now and too the point where im shitting water out ive got depression and anxiety and darednt go out of house i wont even talk to anyone looking like a train wreck my relationships affected coz of it the only way out is if i end up taking my own life and getting called scarface is not nice dont wish scars on any 1 coz i know how effed up it is

  55. Neither effective hair treatment nor assuring skin treatments has come up , meanwhile on the other hand the scientists are sending stuff to Mars.No sympathy for people on the earth.

  56. I have this but I don’t have acne 😕 what the heck. I have this little tiny hole that appeared on my face and no its not pores or dirt. I’m thinking it’s just because of aging I guess I don’t know but it sucks.😭

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