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Testosterone is by far the most important
hormone for men. It is considered fundamental for overall health
and well-being because it is required for so many bodily functions. Testosterone regulates libido, muscle growth,
bone mass, fat distribution, and sperm production. Testosterone levels in men are highest between
the ages of 20 and 30 years old, and then gradually decline by 1-3% per year. By age 50, testosterone levels may have decreased
by 20-60% of their peak levels. A range of symptoms can occur when testosterone
levels drop. Low testosterone can cause a decrease in muscle
mass, an increase in body fat, weaker bones, low energy levels, low sex drive, and erectile
dysfunction. Low testosterone is even linked to pathologies
that can cause death, like heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and
Parkinson’s. In recent years, more and more men are considering
testosterone replacement therapy, which involves the use of an artificial or synthetic version
of the hormone. The hormone can be applied using a topical
gel, a skin patch, an implant, or most commonly, by injection. Although effective at raising testosterone,
testosterone replacement therapy does have some serious drawbacks. In men, more than 95% of testosterone is produced
in the testes. The brain’s hypothalamus signals to the
pituitary gland how much testosterone to produce, and the pituitary gland passes the message
on to the testes. Once a man begins taking synthetic testosterone,
the receptors in the body tell the brain that there are sufficient levels of the hormone
in the body. The brain subsequently signals to the testes
to decrease or stop testosterone production altogether. Furthermore, the testes decrease the production
of sperm – to the point where a man can become infertile. If testosterone therapy is ceased, it’s
possible that testosterone levels and sperm production could return to normal levels. However, recovery may be highly symptomatic
and prolonged. In some cases, testicular function may never
return. That’s why doctors view testosterone replacement
therapy as a lifelong commitment that should be carefully considered prior to treatment. A much safer alternative to testosterone therapy
is the use of a natural testosterone booster like deer antler velvet. Studies have shown that deer antler velvet
can increase testosterone levels without the risk of harmful, permanent side effects. While testosterone replacement therapy puts
synthetic testosterone into the body, jeopardizing the body’s ability to make testosterone
itself, deer antler velvet’s active ingredients can stimulate the body to create more of its
own natural testosterone – improving testicular function. In fact, deer antler velvet has long been
used as a treatment for sexual dysfunction – including low libido, impotence and infertility. Low testosterone is becoming an increasingly
widespread condition affecting millions of men. New studies suggest that one out of four men
over 30 have low testosterone, and that by 2025, there may be as many as 6.5 million
men in the USA with low testosterone. Boost your testosterone levels today, safely
and naturally, with Antler Farms – the world’s best deer antler velvet.

12 thoughts on “Do You Have Low Testosterone? TRT versus Natural Testosterone Boosters

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  2. My hormone blood test results any idea ? : dhea sulphate 11.500( 0.44-13.40)
    Follicle stim hormone 4.17( 1.50-12.40)
    Lutenising hormone: 3.63 ( 1.70-8.60)
    Total testosterone:17.1 ( 7.60-31.40)
    Free testosterone ( calculated) 0.247 ( 0.30-1.00)
    SHBG 57.7( 16.00-55.00)
    Free androgen index :29.64 ratio ( 24.00-104.00)
    17 -beta oestradiol:76.8 pmol /L (41.00-159.00) symptoms very low libido and low sex drive any idea please help me thanks …

  3. The side effects most people seem to fear is smaller balls and a decrease in sperm however what good is having normal sized balls if not the size of golf balls if you have zero libido pretty pointless I'm all for the drugs a woman doesn't care about the size of your balls when your hard as a rock and able to go multiple times I don't want a herb I want a drug

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