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[music] There are many aspects of the
Doctor of Physiotherapy program at Macquarie that are unique. But a few that I think
are particularly important are the curriculum that we’ve developed, the staff that are working
here at Macquarie, and also our amazing
facilities that we have. The curriculum was
built by staff who are experienced
physiotherapy academics, but they’re also leading researchers in their field, and they’ve also had a long
period of clinical experience. This has led to a program
that’s really innovative, really practical
for our students, and also based on the leading and the best research available
to us at this point in time. The facilities that
we have here at Macquaire are absolutely superb. We, the students, have access
to a rehabilitation gym, a clinic that both simulate
the clinical setting, and really enhance our
skills to practicing. We also have a
three year program here at Macquaire and this enables us to give our students some advanced and
extended skills that aren’t possible
in most programs. For example, our
students will do advanced physiotherapy skills, but they’ll also get experience
in areas like marketing, management, advocacy,
and leadership, which again, are unique
to this program. At Macquaire, you actually get to learn from
real clinicians with real experiences, who are also really
passionate educators. In some cases, you get
one or the other, but at Macquaire, you
get the whole package. The Macquaire
University Doctor of Physiotherapy program is unique, to say the least. More importantly is the
integration of the theoretical, clinical components with the
actual clinical environment. By this, I refer to the presence
of a specialty hospital which is on site at the University. This would enable
the students to very clearly put
their theoretical learning into practice. And more importantly,
these would be skills that prospective
professionals would view as
important elements, particularly once
students encounter the workforce. When I was looking through
the different programs, I saw that Macquaire
Uni Doctor of Physiotherapy offered
a lot more clinical experience hours. This started from the
first semester as well, opposed to the other programs
which didn’t start it until the second year. I thought that the
more clinical experience I get, the better I’m going
to be prepared when I go out into
the real world. The program aligns with
international qualifications, more specifically,
North America, where the minimum
requirement currently is an extended Master’s program. From a statistical
point of view, at the present time in the
United States, 95% or greater of programs are Doctor of Physiotherapy
programs. As such, if students
are considering an international career and potentially the transference of those standards to
Australia or the Asia Pacific, the program
puts them in great stead. The program has
strong connections with clinical partners, enabling the students to have a broad-ranging experience
within private practice. The short end of this is that it will raise
the likelihood of a positive experience,
first and foremost, contribute to their learning, and ensure that it
optimizes the likelihood of securing a fantastic job. The combination of
the facilities, the staff, and the curriculum here at Macquaire
enable us to offer what I believe is the
best physiotherapy education experience
in Australia. [music]

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