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  1. I am a firm believer in skin to skin contact being the very best thing for the baby as soon as it’s born. I pushed for over an hour with my son and when he finally made his entrance into the world I was so close to literally blacking out from the pain and the sheer exhaustion but as soon as they laid him on me it was like i had been given a brand new battery and was so alert and happy and the pain just didn’t matter anymore. My son went from red faced and screaming like a banshee to absolutely peaceful and quiet when he was laid on my chest. It was so amazing. The most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced! Skin to skin contact is a huge help in my opinion.

  2. If this is the pilot, which i think i is (know it is now that we're seeing them meet Noah Wyle's character) – it was filmed in an actual abandoned hospital – as they weren't sure the series was going to be picked up – and they (NBC) didn't want to spend the moeny on the expensive medical sets if it wasn't going to be an actual show

  3. Hey, could you do a Dr. Reacts on the TV series St. Elsewhere? It was a show back in the 80's and I remember I loved it. I'm curious about what you would think in how realistic it was…

  4. Love how the second comment is about not taking the cap off the syringe with your teeth when I do this 2x daily for my cats insulin…feel so called out lol.

  5. I was stabbed back in 2010 and I asked the paramedic riding with me if I was going to be ok. He responded with "I don't know" and looked away. That made my heart race even faster, let me tell ya lol

  6. 4:09 yeah! Tell that to patients in India! 😡😡😡

    Dr. Mike, what can we do at our level (doctors) to prevent/ reduce this?

  7. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I live i Scotland and over here its called A & E (Accident & Emergency) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  8. Thank fully my medical school is literally a hospital: University of Dundee Medical Schoo. We get patient contact from first year and are taught procedures and communication from years 1-3. By the end of 3rd year we know how to take most histories, do most common procedures and also have a lot of experience in wards since we are there since 1st year. I didn't realise how lucky we are.

  9. 15:00 quite a few years ago now, New Zealand did a campaign on TV with the tag line of "don't shake the baby" and gave tips such as walking away and counting to 10 etc.

  10. I am fairly new to watching Dr. Mike's videos. I really appreciate this guy/doctor giving some real world thoughts and anecdotes. So much of internet sensation is so bashing and hurtful but his videos seem purely entertaining with information dissemination I can't resist just to simply like him. Keep it coming Dr. Mike! stayathomemom of 3 teenagers going to nursing school. I thought… I can't believe this man has so many "views", but now I really get it,

  11. I can relate to watching TV shows and movies pertaining to your own profession. I grew up watching my uncle as a master tech for Chevrolet and corvettes. I'm now an Automotive engineer and a drafter, when I watch shows, it's cool to see how things have changed and how practices have evolved. I had some interest in the medical field, but it's hard to find the emotional energy to learn enthusiastically, that is until I found your channel.

  12. you should watch er episodes season one episode 5 and season one episode 10, season one episode 11 and season one episode 13

  13. Oh my goodness, yesss.. with my oldest, she was immediately put on me after her birth, I was scared that my unwashed hands had a million germs and didn't want to touch her but held her. With my 2nd, it was an unexpected cesarean and I couldn't see him, he didn't cry when he was born, I was freaking out and kept trying to see over, he was ok but that was the SCARIEST I've ever been but thought something happened to my pre precious baby. I'm RH Negative, was young then and was scared since he was my 2nd just thoughts going through my mind so definitely nice to know babies get put on their mom's. Also, maybe talking about RH Negative for a video would be cool for those that aren't familiar with it and just finding out they are. Your videos are great sources to learn about different stuff. Keep up the great work in all that you do. Best wishes and stay safe!

  14. On USA tv back then, they had a rule that babies had to be 15 days old before they can star on TV/in movies. 15 days is a weird number, but ok.


    In Australia, we don’t wear white coats. We wear smart/professional casual. Surgeons doing consults wear suits/dresses. Drs that do outpatient medical wear suits or nice dresses, but in hospitals, you’re either in scrubs or smart dress. Scrubs usually saved for surgical/ER and maybe ICU. It varies. But no white coats. Think they are seen as a infection control issue here. The long sleeves. They would need to be laundered after every.
    shift. I’ve worn one before in a anatomy and path labs, it’s hard to roll up those sleeve.

    We wear plastic universal precautions gowns when we have too. Nurses on the other hand have to wear a uniform. Not necessarily scrubs.

  15. Doc i LOVE the series dont stop. 2 things: first id like to see an episode where u debunk so-called medical devices that u see on tv commercials and infomercials (like the copper braces for joints). Second if you want nostalgia try the adam webb produced series about the first firefighter paramedics in LA called Emergency

  16. I wish people had the attitude of 'patients need sleep' at the hospital I get stuck at whenever I have to have kidney surgeries. The nurses nag you so much about getting up and about that I felt like I wasn't allowed to sleep during the day. My local hospital is vastly different and I don't feel so stressed there.

  17. When my late husband was a new Diabetic he would be hospitalized for his high blood sugars. They were usually 500, he just didn't seem to care about controlling his sugar, that's one of the reasons he passed so young. He refused to eat properly to help himself. He also started to smoke more cigarettes, he used to smoke 1 pack a day, after that he smoked 2 a day.
    He was crashing once in the ER and they refused to give him any food to bring his sugar up. I told them if they didn't, I'd sue the individual doctors and nurses and the hospital! They gave him a sandwich and a diet soda. I was serious! I'd seen his numbers drop very fast on other occasions. They would fluctuate because he wouldn't eat the way he should have.

  18. My late husband and I were in the ER once and someone started to yell, I think they were in one of rooms for mental health patients but not on our hallway. We could tell when he was given a shot to calm him down. He stopped yelling.
    That can be very scary in a hospital. There are so many things that a mentally ill person can grab to hurt others around them. Once a mentally ill patient picked up one of the laundry bags and the metal frame that held the bag open and used it to threaten the doctors and nurses trying to help him during an argument.
    They had to evacuate that hallway and lock the doors until they could get him to calm down. I think he was given a shot after that.

  19. Me: * watched Scrubs and House reactions, seeing reaction videos to shows I haven't watched* thinks I wish he'd react to ER.
    Youtube: your wish is my command!

  20. I'm going to put this out here just because it has to be put out thereyou're talking a bunch of BS on YouTube and you think you stand by it and you're for but when in comes to end lawsuits still happened enjoy because you're an idiot

  21. You saying you can't handle six patients doing that tells me you are week I've done it why can't you so as many of other doctors

  22. I can usually smell when my bf's sugar is high. DKA twice this year, the first time he was sent home after a couple hours in the ER and we had to come back that night

  23. I know this is an older video but I found it interesting that Doctor's don't learn how to do an IV until their residency. I was a Paramedic and went through a community college to get my Associates in Paramedic Medicine. And we started learning how to do IV's as an EMT-Intermediate in a lab class first on fake arms with blood, and then on each other. By the time we start working on the ambulance we already know how to do an IV, it's just learning to do them in the back of a moving vehicle

  24. People in US medicine make a LOT more than they do in the uk. Obviously respect to all medical professionals and it shows that people don’t just want to be doctors or nurses or surgeons for the money, well in general they do it to help people. Obviously there will be a few that do it for the money but I’m just generally speaking.

  25. I tried to do that thing with the foot for toe reflex, and nothing happened. Should I be worried or did I just do it wrong eh?

  26. My parents worked in the ER and when this came out they didn’t allow it because it was too close to their day. Now that I’m an adult, I get a glimpse into what they dealt with everyday.

  27. The idea of a parent shaking a baby is so barbaric , if you think you must do that to a baby then you shouldn't be a parent , I understand that mental problems can cause a chance of personality for someone to suddenly want to shake a baby but if you have mental problems that bad and not sorted out you shouldn't have a child as cruel as that sounds its better off that way

  28. Have you ever go to hospitals in another countries? Just curious in case you did, what's the different that realy obvious.

  29. I suffered from shaken baby syndrome. I obviously dont remember it but I've dealt with the side effects. I just love that you said it's a thing, many people shy away from it and dont like to admit it happens. Love you Mike ❤

  30. Dr Mike: an open fracture is dangerous for 2 reasons…
    Me: 1 bones aren’t supposed to be coming out of the body and 2 bones are supposed to stay inside your body

  31. I mean I understand what your saying you know sick people in hospitals need sleep but with me personally I need sound to sleep if it is pitch perfect quite I won’t be able to sleep and if I end up falling asleep eventually I wake up with a very very very bad headache if there is no sound. If there is sound I can go to sleep much quicker and faster and I will wake up perfectly fine and ready to go. But in both cases I still have to take my medication to get me to sleep because I have ADHD and I’m 13 years old so I have to take my pills because it’s what my doctor prescribed.

  32. hello doc. i would like to recommend a Korean Medical drama called DR. John it is about a doctor of anesthesiology that has a CIPA(Congenital insensitivity to pain) condition. Im looking forward for you. have a nice day doc 😍

  33. hello doc. i would like to recommend a Korean Medical drama called DR. John it is about a doctor of anesthesiology that has a CIPA(Congenital insensitivity to pain) condition. Im looking forward for you. have a nice day doc 😍

  34. Hi doc, can u make a Vedio about diabetes ( types of diabetes, how to treat patients, the appropriate diets for them ) both my parents have diabetes and my mom’ s kidney’s been affected ( stage 3) .

  35. Am i the only one thats been curious about medicine practice since being like 7? I want to but dont want to be a doc
    Pro: money, Knowledge, being able to help people and experience new things

    Cons: i want to pass out if i get a shot or see someone getting one, i feel sick if i see too much blood, IM STUPID AS F, scared of being sued and lawsuits, i want to be a vet but a doc but still a fursuitmaker (my hands are full of burns bcuz of the hot glue gun) btw im 12 so i dont rly know what to do with my life

  36. This is at least 0.4 times better than medical education in a college
    0.1 times more for a university
    Doctor mike your a awesome doctor 👩‍⚕️
    I’m vaccinated 💉so… the flu got nothing on meh
    EDIT: wow 2 million views!

  37. If the history of ER is cool (it is), would love your take on Emergency! It opened the door for shows like ER. Early on (per network censors), patients weren't allowed to bleed or die. The show was popular enough that it was able to push back. It's also credited with educating the public on paramedics & aiding in their ubiquity. (Props from Emergency! are in the Smithsonian Public Service section rather than the Entertainment section.) Though dated, it's said to have been pretty accurate (within what it was allowed to show). What do you think?

  38. It's great that you're saying the best result is when a baby is placed directly in the mother's arms… But hospitals now charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for this. It's called "skin to skin" charge.

  39. You should look up some of the early episodes of Casualty and react to some of them, series finales are the best ones, definitely stick to early episodes though it wasn't as good towards the end. It's the UK version of ER. The type of show where the whole family sit around the TV on a saturday night to watch 🙂

  40. i had so many ear infections(otitis media) as a kid i think i became impartial to penicillin, so i had to start taking a different drug that i don’t remember the name of. dont know 100% though youd have to ask my mom😂

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