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Recent investigations show a high number of
naturopaths misrepresent themselves as family doctors or medical practitioners. Should naturopaths be allowed to call themselves
doctors? To discuss we’re joined by Dr. John Garvey
MD and Linda Green, who is a… Naturopathic doctor Naturopathic doctor is an oxymoron. It’s like saying you’re a vegan butcher. Ok, you’re not better than me just because
you have your fancy headphone heart listeners. It’s a stethoscope. You don’t know what a stethoscope is? I do, I just couldn’t think of the word. Because you’re not a doctor! Ms. Green, are you allowed to give vaccinations? I could, if I believed in them. Not a doctor. What hospital do you work at? I have a practice in my home. Oh, not a doctor. What are the nurses like where you work? There aren’t any. Who’s there during surgery to hand you 10
ccs of birch bark and crystals? Oh wait, you don’t do surgery because you’re
not a doctor! Dr. Garvey, millions of people see naturopath
doctors every day. And they should, if they’re running low on
magic beans. I’m a member of a world wide naturopathic
federation. Oh yeah, I’ve heard of this. It’s called “Doctors Without Doctors”. Or in French “vous n’êtes pas un médecin”. You know, you seem a little tense. Yeah, I’ve been up all night fixing people
who came to you to get fixed. Ok, just let me… See? This is exactly the… Ooh, actually that’s nice. Your hands feel so warm. I’m not even touching you. Really, that’s amazing! That’ll be $2000. She sounds like a doctor to me. Just bill my insurance company. Oh, insurance doesn’t cover what I do. Not a doctor! Definitely not a doctor.

12 thoughts on “Doctors vs. Naturopaths | 22 Minutes

  1. Different trades for different problems. Ask the Doctor what he ate for lunch and break down the nutritional vitamin content of what he ate. These professions should not be at odds.

  2. 2015 was the year 22mins became uninteresting and not funny. I guess that’s what happens when your paid to say what the Prime Minister wants you to say and if you go off script, you lose your job and your funding.

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