Taking Charge of Your Health

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pardpardeftab720ri720sa200 f0fs24 cf0 ’93Dr. D, I recently saw on
one of the morning news shows, dispelling the myth that eating before you go to bed
was bad for you. Is this in any way contributing to what may be causing my worst sleep at night?
cf0 It’92s more commonly accepted that eating a heavy meal before you go to bed is going
to interfere with your normal sleep cycles because the blood and the oxygen, obviously,
have to be diverted to the digestive processes, which then interferes with your ability to
slip off into the hypnagogic state of the lower brain wave frequencies that induce and
enhance sleep.
That being said, it’92s not unreasonable if you’92re following a dietary regimen that
requires you to eat four to six smaller meals a day. It’92s not inappropriate to eat a
smaller meal just before bed, as long as it’92s not a meal any bigger than the palm and the
fingers of your hand.
So, if you look at your hand and look at the food combinations relative to the palm of
your hand and the four fingers, the center palm of the hand would contain the complex
carbohydrates, a portion of the meal would represent the fat, and the last two fingers
would represent the protein.
If you eat a meal that’92s proportionately balanced to those ratios, and in that quantity,
then it has the opposite effect. It will actually induce sleep and enhance the production of
the sleep hormones. }

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