Taking Charge of Your Health

The five fingers, there is the five emotions
of the body and these emotions we continually have. That’s true and that kind of goes back now
to our physical body, that we have these innate emotions which the heart is the love one. So heart and small intestine, the grief is
lung and large intestine, the worry is stomach spleen and pancreas. The anger is liver, gallbladder and the fear
is kidney. The homeopathics and actually all medicines
have kind of a spiritual or an energetic aspect to them. The homeopathics kind of emphasize themselves
as having an energetic effect because it’s a vibrational medicine, quantum physics. These are what’s called Bach Flower remedies. These are used specifically for emotions. Where the homeopathics can be used for mental,
physical and spiritual aspects. So in eighteen, the eighteen-nineties or so,
Edward Bach decided that certain plants, flowers have a certain vibration that you can use
for certain ailments. Another thing, which is very interesting is
Aromatherapy. So this is a bottle of what’s called emotional
rescue. It has lavender, which is a very common one. Rose petals, as we know rose is kind of for
love and things and it does it actually opens and dilates the heart. We usually match the blood type to the food
that they eat. and it works out very well. What it does is it gives the body a chance
to relax the digestive tract for any inflammation that is going on. What would be, If I came to your office, what’s
kinda the biggest difference between you and a medical doctor? So instead of chemical medicines, such as
hear pills or …just pharmaceuticals which eventually accumulate in the body and they
also can work by stopping enzyme systems that aide your body. You are just stopping a normal process, so
we use a natural substance that stimulates your body’s own natural healing. Do you use lab work? Yes. You Do, okay. So Naturopathic Trained, my background is
pharmacy chemistry and then I went into Naturopathic Medicine after that.

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