Taking Charge of Your Health

yeah my name is dr. Bernardo I’m in nature path and I treat people holistically which means I treat the whole body I use no prescription drugs none of that what happens the patient comes to me with cancer their doctor or oncologist does what he has to do and normally the patient comes to me in the final stage of the disease and many times we can turn them around very dramatically one of the things that we found out that all cancer patients their pH is acid which by this I mean everything in nature has a pH from 1 to 14 7 being water blood being 7.2 when we’re born all our inner cellular fluids including saliva have to have a pH at 72 to 74 when cancer patients come or anybody is very sick they’re very acidic their phd runs around 5 so what I get the patient immediately and I’ve been called a quack for saying this put the patient on lemon juice in water lemon juice is an acid and when you drink it it helps to an alkaline tide in the body so your pH starts going up might take three weeks or four weeks because you’re approximately 80% water so if you weigh 200 pounds there’s about 160 pounds of water we have to raise the pH through 72 and it’s been my opinion that all cancer ceases it’s the pH 6.8 and it dies is pH 7 I have many patients that came to me that were told go home and die you’ve got four weeks five wait but I have many other people have come to me they’ve been written off and I’ve I’ve been arrested because I was treating patients in this country and I’m not supposed to treat patients I treated only patients that would been written off it had chemotherapy they had radiation they had countless surgeries and it and they never address a problem you only have cancer because you have acidosis that means your your cellular fluids pH are in the neighborhood of five and that’s why you have pain what do you have pain because vinegar is a pH of 5.3 if I inject vinegar your hands crucian pain and that’s why you have pain because you’re very acidic cancer is on the rise we spent trillions of dollars you know we’re winning the war hell we’re not doing a damn thing losing the rest one are the two people as 50% of people have cancer right now okay fifty percent I had cancer all my nurses crying I said wait girls crying well you got cancer you’re gonna die and I’m gonna lose my job I said if I can’t get rid of my cancer I deserve to die a month later my cancer is normal as evidenced by my PSA which had been 48 and then it was zero point zero has been zero point one something like that in the last five years and I tell patients when they come to me well my doctor says I’ve got two weeks and I got a month or two months I said unless he gets a phone call from God and God tells him missus Oates and such has only got two weeks or a month then you can believe it what the hell is just a man he goes to the toilet like every other man he’s not God he may think he’s God he’s arrogant most of them are I’ve been in medicine 51 years and I can tell you 20% of the doctors are fantastic the others unfortunately are engine for money look they’re talking about prostate cancer we gotta freeze it we’ve got to do this it needs some nutrients I’ve never had anybody that died of prostate cancer event strips La Jolla a doctor by chance sent me a patient six seven years ago his PSA was 4,280 anything over for his cancer no man around 1200 you die this was a mean old crappy guy and I should have let him die but anyway doctor Chen said can you help him I said well how much time you give me sin a week I said oh hell that’s plenty of time he said Bernardo get serious his PSA is 4,280 I well hell that’s no big deal he said get serious you understand English I said I’m an American dummy 4380 I said send him to me he said he also got bone cancer I said of course it comes with the territory I said what’s his alkaline phosphatases that’s over 2000 I said no big deal mr. Bernardo are you for real are you madman I seem call me what you want send me the guy when the guy came he could barely walk he walked like a 100 year old guy pain we had to put like 5 pillows on him because of the pain a week later his prostate specific antigen called PSA which is a marker that identifies the cancer in the prostate had dropped by a thousand points in 5 weeks his PSA was zero point something 5 weeks doctor a chance to me he says I find hard to believe that you can do this and over here we can do those things it’s pH when he came with like 4.8 at 4 and a half you die slowly within three weeks pH was seven point two and in five weeks is completely free of cancer I’m Louie kablooie is key I am 57 years old and I’m self-employed there was diagnosed with cancer in Russia I came to the United States and went through conventional treatment and first time it was successful like in couple years I got new episode of cancer and was introduced to doctor Bernardo and got this treatment and the his protocol how he does it and since then I am a remission that’s it you know I’m not a diplomat I call it the way it is when I was a young man I went to Korea with 4000 men a year later only semanas came back that changes your priority in life when you see fine young men torn to pieces you know you’ve got to do something when you get back if you get back alive and that’s what I’ve devoted my life 51 years you would say well hell that guy’s got to be rich hell I’m in the hole over 270,000 but I saved a lot of lives and that’s what it’s all about doctor used to my ass huh what you gotta get a Mercedes hell I can burn you afford to drive my Chevy what they are you talking about Mercedes and you know once you’ve seen death and I’ve seen enough death to last me 10,000 years I’ve seen pain I’ve had pain for thousands of years more than I could never handle fact I lost a girl once and I told God that’s it there’s nothing you can do cuz I’m gonna go home get my 45 go in the backyard and blow my brains out and there’s nothing you can do so I drove home I lost this beautiful girl just hysterical because I used to get very very depressed suicidal every time so I drove home run upstairs to get my 45 had seven rounds or armor-piercing I’m gonna go in the backyard and just go just like that and I went in there somebody’s stolen my pistols that’s right first today when I came and I had a tumor and the shape of pancake so it was obvious the size and all this stuff so he put a circle around it on the first day in couple days he compared the result how it’s shrink so he put another smaller circle and it was quite an experience to look at mirror and see how it changed yeah and I made that resolve when I left to real life that nobody would ever die in my presence I have a major path license United States also any advices from Mexico no license in Mexico not recognized over here so people would call me says my father is dying and my mother’s dying or my son is dying can you please help me I said well you know I can’t treat her with her but I go over there and of course the patient is dying and of course I treat the patient and I had 30 patients that are treated and one died when I got there she weighed about 65 pounds and I told her husband it’s too late for there’s nothing we can do so anyway she died the next day she called you a he called the AMA said well I think a doctor here killed my wife well they raided me they come in with shotguns and everything else and luckily I wasn’t there I was in Mexico and my secretary called me says all the cops in the world are over here I said well then what he said they won’t arrest you I said for what he said you treated patients over here I said yeah treat her they’re alive he said well you can’t treat him over here I said they were gonna die dummy he says I don’t care he said you show up here and we need to talk to you so I went up here about a week later and she said tell us everything you’ve done so it did and after I finished they said get up you’re under arrest I said but what he said you treated patients over here next thing I know I’m charged with 25 felonies two million dollar bail two million I said Jeffrey Dahmer only 18 people he was only a million dollar bail he said well you’re more dangerous next thing you know they have my picture in about 30 newspapers around the world I mean in Iran in the United States they hand me a two million dollar bail capture dr. death and as dr. Bernardo the assistant DA we have to make an example of this man he’s dangerous because he practiced alternative therapy and even though it’s a nature path that doesn’t call for him to be given IV the people that are dying so far so well they were right but I cannot stand people that die if I can do something about it make long story short the truck goes on for about two weeks on ABC CBS and NBC every night for about two weeks and the guys in jail hey Doc you’re on television again come see you ladies doctor came he said she was terminal she wanted a dime she was down 60 five pounds because their husband treated like a dog and she told me don’t say me I want to die I said you’re dying anyway so anyway the judge says counselor I got great news I finally got a cell for dr. Bernardo and Folsom Prison and he’s gonna serve twenty years not a day off for early good behavior or early parole he will serve 20 years so I told him your honor he’ll make it 40 years but I’ll make you a promise I’ll make your solemn promise like McCarthy said I shall return and you listen when I get out prison you listen for truck and trailer coming up the front door he said what trucking trailer I said the one that got it loaded with gasoline and composition C composition C several hundred times stronger than dynamite and I will turn this building into white talcum powder your honor including you and I’ll be happy to drive that truck so a guy won’t desert but this man in the cooler get him outta here I was hoping you’d have a stroke but then happen and finally the judge says well counselor were ready to sense him he said the judge says any last words I said well you gonna take me out and shoot me he said no you can serve 20 years I said okay I did my duty as God gave me the light to do this duty what is my crime there’s 29 people whose lives are saved and you can send me in a hundred years I don’t give a damn and probably unless I go to a solitary aisle between prisoners over there I said people will not die in my presence so anyway he said okay counselor I’m ready sends your man so again Bernardo but this time this guy bust through the front door he said who are you friend the court your honor amicus curiae what do you mean what do you mean busting in here he said your honor we’ve checked his man’s record he said what do you mean check this who are you he said I’m chief of Psychiatry at the VA hospital oh yeah matter of fact that you people say you didn’t serve in the military wrong record shows above and beyond the call of duty time my time again with complete disregard to his personal safety we feel it’s a great injustice if you sent this man to prison he is mentally unstable your honor he has post-traumatic stress so said post-traumatic stress it’s a cop out for a bunch of goddamn cowards we’re talking post-traumatic stress don’t give me that brush crap he said you see your honor he refuses to believe that he’s sick I said I’m not sick I just saw so much death nobody’s ever gonna die in my presence if it means my life do it so and I said your honor you must release him to me in the fairness of justice he said well why didn’t God do to him he said well we’re going to make him halfway balanced as you can see his way off-kilter he’s very unstable so anyway he said all right you got him for 90 days you blaming bring him back make sure he’s stable because I want him to realize the gravity of the twenty years he’s gonna spend it’s the only way they took me up to Palo Alto and I was tortured mentally terrible it was the worst time in my life they wanted to know what I saw there and I wouldn’t tell them so they finally make me made me break down you have to tell us what you saw yeah he won’t air you don’t have a right to know what happened over there so anyway after a few days they broke me I told him so 90 days later they brought me back and my journey picked me up at the airport he said well they’re gonna censor you tomorrow morning I said first time I had a prayer chain of a couple thousand people I said I’ll leave it up to God he wants me to go to prison I’m ready to go wants me stay hundred years I’ll go take me out in the back and execute me I’ll go the judge says is this Bernardo yes I use the counselor from Texas yes did you pay your fees yes well I’ve been reading his report there’s no question that this man is obviously mad his desire to save lives whether it was due to what he saw in combat or his mental illness with his prose traumatic stress I’m not gonna say but I will do no good to send this man to prison so I’m going to dismiss him and I’ll put him on some type of probation and that was it was but so anyway I’ve got doctors at that practice in Mexico and I tell them what protocols to use it we’re doing great we were doing great I think there’s a at least one patient here that that came to me and I told me you got he had colon cancer I said get rid of the colon cancer try Kimi get back because if you have surgery for colon cancer it will always always come back within three to four months no ifs and buts about it why they did not address a problem the problem is acidosis you can take out all the too much and give all the radiation you can do all the surgeries you have not collected connected the problem which is acidosis and that’s what activates the cancer what would give you radiation what the hell is that going to do except screw you up my name is DeWitt Bell I’m 64 years old my occupation is designer writer businessman about a year ago a little bored of the year ago I had gotten very sick and I’d lost about 30 pounds and I said okay I surrender I’ll go to the AMA I’ll go to conventional medicine and I will see what they say I come out of the colonoscopy and they say here’s a picture of your problem you have a stage four tumor your colon is almost completely blocked and if we do not operate you’ll be dead in three weeks so I said well I don’t have much choice do I go ahead then they come in and they say okay now you have to do chemotherapy because people who have what you have will be dead in five years that the chance is that 60% chance would be dead in five years if you don’t do that and I said well honestly I’ve never seen chemotherapy cure anybody you know I’ve seen a lot of people take it I’ve seen their hair fall out I’ve seen them get nauseous but I’ve never seen anybody get well so I’m gonna have to do it well research on this so I got out of the hospital and I called a doctor a naturopathic doctor whom I knew and I said do you know any alternative cancer treatments he said I’ve heard one guy doctor Bernardo but let me check so he called said yeah he’s probably the guy so I called dr. Barnardo’s I said what is it you do he said call these numbers he gave me three numbers to call everybody I called wept over the phone and said he saved my life everybody had given me up for dead and he saved me and so I called him back up and said okay what do you mean do he gave me three things to do and he said as soon as you can travel because I just out of the hospital can hardly walk this was last May he said come down and see me so I went down to see him I walked into him he took one look at me says oh you’re easy to be cured in six months actually I was cured in three months my father was a country doctor practiced for about 40 years people had money he charged them didn’t have money what today’s Thursday I don’t charge on Thursday 20 years after he died people were still bringing vegetables to the house 20 years after he died that’s what being a doctor you

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  1. I really enjoyed the video Ian. Great job. There is a Dr. Colleen Huber in AZ. who claims, "…our clinic has the best results with all kinds of cancer patients of any clinic we can find in the world." Her site is, nature works best dot com.

  2. Can you please help me. I have breast cancer. Lymph is sore and i've been craving lemon water I have no insurance and medicaid

  3. I was diagnosed with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma 9 months ago. Kills 6 in 10 diagnosed. I was told to just start applying steroid cream. The typical western medicine response. Drugs! I researched instead and read The China Study. Changed my diet to a whole foods plant based diet. Cancer gone, 20 pounds of fat gone, acid reflux gone, irritable bowel syndrome gone, snoring gone. This s^&t works people. Eating healthy!

  4. There are a ton of people on You-Tube claiming they have a natural cure for cancer. Where are the stats and case studies showing that he has one of the highest success rates using the Otto Warburg's school of thought where Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment?

  5. Yes Yes Yes I Love this man!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Jehovah you give us things/food and people on earth to tell us. You provide Heavenly Father!

  6. Google Markus Rothkrantz and buy his book Heal Yourself 101. Stop eating crap and start eating organic vegetables and fruits!!! You have stop doing what made you sick!!!

  7. He doesnt ask to believe him or not. It is your choice…..If it was me, I would definitely go with what he's saying. All he's saying is that you can heal your body by going to the basics, fruits and vegetable…no rocket science!

  8. Root canals are a major cause of the immune system being suppressed and they are a major cause of cancer:
    Dr. Thomas Rau, who runs the Paracelsus Clinic (cancer clinic since 1958) in Switzerland recently checked the records of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated in his clinic. He found that 147 of them (98%) had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor. His clinic has a biological dentist section where all cancer patients, on reporting in, have their mouth cleaned up first — especially all root canal teeth removed.
    There are about 24 million root canals done in the U.S. alone every year. They were proven deadly disease agents in 1925 in a study by Dr. Weston Price and 60 prominent researchers. That study has been suppressed ever since by the ADA and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE).
    Read the book “Root Canal Cover-Up” by George Meinig, DDS, FACD for the full story. Dr. Meinig was an endodontist for 50 years. He helped found the AAE in 1943. His book is a mea culpa (apology) to the thousands of patients whose health he ruined doing root canal fillings. He discovered the Weston Price research only after he retired in 1993.
    His book was published first in 1994 and he has lectured widely since then trying to alert people to this danger to their health.
    The Weston Price conclusions (i. e. that there is no safe way to do a root canal filling) track with my experience with counselling cancer patients for the last 8 years.

    What is interesting about this quote is that 100% of the breast cancer patients had root canals, or other infections, on the same acupuncture meridian. Since the microbes do not originate in the root canal, what this implies is that breast cancer cannot form without the assistance of the metals and microbes coming from the root canals.

    It is a major research effort of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. to identify other types of cancer which may be caused by root canals.

    But root canals may also explain why so many cancer patients are able to cure their cancer with alternative cancer treatments, but the cancer comes back again and again. The next section will discuss this problem.

  9. You are for real !
    You are a Blessing from God …..
    A mission to the world…… Keep on keeping on…
    Thank you.

  10. I truly believe what this doctor is saying. I have seen too many people being run through M.D. Anderson and other facilities like cattle through a chute, only to die after their insurance proceeds and assets have been exhausted. Cancer is a 300 billion dollar per year industry. There isn't one red cent to be made off of healthy people. The FDA, as many of us know, is in bed with Monsanto, Dow Chemical, the ObamaCare demons, the AMA, the dairy association, the beef council and every other entity that can perpetuate the industry of death-for-profit. The answer, as I have come to realize, is a return to natural living without seeking shelf life, sweet foods, chemicals all around us, synthetic fabrics, plastic everything and colorful convenience in foods. Humans have become little more than a fuel for the marketplace. Skittles anyone?

  11. That's what a doctor should be… Know and treat the cause of every dis-ease. May his light keep shinning bright.

  12. What an honest, heartfelt doctor who wanted to only help people. I could have listened to him all night! Thank you, Dr. Bernardo, you were a true hero. <3

  13. What an incredible fraud!

    – Get pH strips…. for what exactly? You can't measure your body pH with them (where it's supposed to matter) and urine or saliva pH have absolutely no relation to that.
    – Bring your pH to 7, 7.1?!? Assuming he means body pH (and once again – others don't matter) these levels are fatal. Not that you can do it anyway, certainly not with food or diet but, if for whatever reason your body pH drops to 7.0 – you die. Simple as that, this is unsurvivable.

    And just look at all the enthusiastic morons in the comments singing praise for the quack and fraud with no clue dishing out advice which, if possible to implement, would be instantly fatal. Disgusting..

  14. People wait to get sick with cancer – and only then wonder how to get cured. Why should you wait for disease to attack and harm you – and only then in panic wonder how to get cured? – Prevention is much easier than treatment!
    They behave so unreasonably because everyone thinks, "This happens to others – not to me!" This is very naive hope – all who have died from cancer have relied precisely on this hope! – and how much easier it was to take preventive measures – and be alive!!!
    The bitter truth is this – official statistics of the USA:
    – In 1970 – every 10th inhabitant of the planet had cancer
    – In 2008 – every third
    – 2020 – prognosis: every second inhabitant of the planet will have cancer!
    Visit my personal site in the system «Cancer Cure Clinic Online» and learn which are the simplest and most effective methods for preventing cancer!
    Be prudent NOW – to avoid torture, sickness and death – and stay alive!

  15. please watch this amazing video about mms please share it and tell your friends to share it, we need to get it out to as many people as we can. thanks

  16. love this man <3 highest purest bessings i can possibly give <3 pure energy and heart. x

  17. Also they say that taking baking soda a lot can burn out the kidneys….I used to take it all the time until I met a kidney Doctor,,.xoxo

  18. He was a hero! Does anybody know how he died? I loved listening to him. Are there anymore videos I can watch?

  19. Hey the Kabal has lost power. Trump is going to win and with Putin will
    erase the Khazars, Royals and Jesuits. So you will see a last ditch
    effort to attack natural cures and treatments for disease. I already
    see the new shills out there trying to create negativity. Those poor
    bastards can't get real jobs eh… so they have to suck ass for the
    govment! Well no worries it's their Karma not yours. Stay real and
    know that if it ain't of the light it ain't right

  20. People go to jail for doing the good. This world is nothing more than a prison. Please don't bring innocent children to this mess anymore. Vasectomy and live a life without expectations.

  21. you're an amazing man to keep this going. just earlier today I told a man about all this and he totally understood everything. he talked about so much that had to do with acid and water like a vehicle and the stomach and bowel and all I did was smile cause he understood me. His friend will be starting to bring his ph BALANCE up with the machine that is a filter that gives a ph level of 9-10 and all the veggies with ALKALINE in them. He has lung cancer and I believe in this so much and I'm just a regular person but I read and research all of this and I know in my heart it works. I can't seem to get some to listen and they've died and it kills me. But if I can save 1 then I've done something. I'm no Dr. but because of Dr's like this man and you as well as others I will spread this as long as I live.

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  23. Dear Dr Bernardo
    may i ask you if you believe that a stage 4 lung cancer has a small chance of healing. my father has just been diagnosed. where do we start with finding out ph balance. can an oncologist test this or should we look down the path of holistic avenue. Katherine. Australia

  24. there are too many sheep to instill laws we need to protect people like dr.
    Bernardo from performing these amazing treatments. Sorry to hear that he has passed. I am about to start a process with someone who knew him. I wish I could have met him. I am totally on the same page with him in his thinking and his sticking to his gun in putting himself to continue to help "the helpless" and I don't believe he was ever responsible for ever killing a patient. I wonder what the percentage of regular practitioners are of being responsible for the death of their patients weather it br said on paper or not. could you imagine reading "causeof death… his doctor"? sorry wont ever happen. they ate all too protected.

  25. "So get some pH strips". The pH of urine is independent of the pH of blood, see …

  26. If this video does not make you doubt BIG PHARMA nothing will. Vilified, disgraced, shut down, put down by the system to protect BIG PHRAMA profits an power, what a f&*king disgrace this world is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. That is why he grew up as a man, as a soul. Every pain in life is a lesson for us to became better people. He did it for sure, and sorry for that pain, but also glad in a way (I believe he is to, and knows he served crooks, killed and almost got killed in their name.. same ones that are hiding truth about cancer). Listen and do what he says, and what many others say (mostly N.D.-s), and never ever fear, our bodies are the most sofisticated "tools" in whole known universe. Just give them what they need, a proper nutrition.

  28. @I cure cancer – the Dr Bernardos protocol pdf link no longer works – try the following and consider updating in the description. Cheers.

  29. "A PSA over 4 is cancer." That is factually incorrect, a PSA of 4 can be caused by many things stressing the prostate, not just cancer.

  30. i have respect for this doctor more than any other doctors. i remember when i was in the hospital, a doctor wanted to puncture my kidneys because i got kidney stones but i refused. today i am well. seriously, doctors are just out there to make money only.

  31. This is what I'm talking about … we need men and women like this who's heart and soul is in the right please place … I'm in the mist of correcting and canceling my cancer naturally. I'm very enthusiastic about this. Thank you for this encouraging video. ??

  32. This guy clearly never spent a day in medical school and does not have the faintest clue what he is talking about. For instance even in the video description hew says "Otto Warburg's school of thought where Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment. So get some pH strips and make sure you keep your level around 7, 7.2!". ROTFLMAO!!! First of all Otto Warburg NEVER claimed cancer could not live in alkalinity. Cancer arises all the time in alkalinity, can grown very well in alkalinity, cancer cells have an alkaline internal pH that allows them to survive and drives cancer cells glycolysis and research has shown that when healthy cells are made excessively alkaline they morph in to cancer cells.

    Furthermore a pH of 7 is ACIDOSIS!!!! This guy is a complete idiot.

    And people use pH test strips to test urinary pH and salivary pH, which ONLY tell you the pH of your urine and saliva but nowhere else in the body. Then at 58 seconds in to the video this idiot claims blood pH is 7.2. Normal blood pH is 7.35-7.45. Anything below 7.35 is medically known as ACIDOSIS!!!!

    Alkalinity driving cancer cell growth and malignant transformation:

    Role of the Intracellular pH in the Metabolic Switch Between Oxidative Phosphorylaiton and Aerobic Glycolysis-Relavance to Cancer. Cancer 2011;2(3):WMC001716

    Na+/H+ exchanger-dependent intracellular alkalinization is an early event in malignant transformation and plays an essential role in the development of subsequent transformation-associated phenotypes. FASEBJ 2000 Nov;14(14):2185-97

    Tumorigenic 3T3 cells maintain an alkaline intracellular pH under physiological conditions. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1990 October; 87(19): 7414–7418

    31P NMR analysis of intracellular pH of Swiss Mouse 3T3 cells: effects of extracellular Na+ and K+ and mitogenic stimulation. J Membr Biol 1986;94(1):55-64

    Extracellular Na+ and initiation of DNA synthesis: role of intracellular pH and K+. J Cell Biol 1984 Mar;98(3):1082-9

    How cancer cells maintain their internal alkalinity and evidence that blocking the proton pumps makes cancer cells acidic killing them:

    Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase in Cancer Cells: Structure and Function. Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology Sept. 2011

    Vacuolar H+-ATPase in human breast cancer cells with distinct metastatic potential: distribution and functional activity. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 286: C1443–C1452, 2004

    Targeting vacuolar H+-ATPases as a new strategy against cancer. Cancer Res 2007 Nov 15;67(22):10627-30

    Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase signaling pathway in cancer. Curr Protein Pept Sci 2012 Mar;13(2):152-63

  33. Wow, someone added a translation to another language? You can do that on youtube? Wow, thank you whoever did that!

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