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Secours.>>We’re talking about osteoarthritis symptoms
and treatment today with Dr. Daniel Huttman from Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists
today. And I know Dr. Huttman, when it comes to this,
the symptoms will be similar for everybody, but the treatment varies.>>Yes. So the symptoms are very common for arthritis
and they include pain, tenderness, swelling, a grating sensation between your joints if
it’s a mobile joint like the hip or the knee. In terms of treatment, oftentimes we start
out with conservative treatment such as injections or physical therapy, weight modification to
try to keep the pressure off the joints. Occasionally medications as well. But if you reach the point where those are
no longer helpful, then surgery may be indicated. And they can range from a fusion-type surgery
in the spine or the hands or feet or a replacement-type surgery for more mobile joints like the hip
or the knees.>>Alright. But the good news is, there are options out
there. But you’ll need to talk to your doctor if
you’re having those symptoms. If you’d like to learn more about osteoarthritis,
or a number of health topics, you can visit

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