Taking Charge of Your Health

hi I’m dr. Stephen iacoboni I’m a
medical oncologist I was a professor at MD Anderson hospital at the start of my
career and I’ve been taking care of patients now for 35 years I would say I
have seen 30,000 patients I have been intensely passionate about cancer care
my mother died of cancer when I was in medical school I had my epiphany I knew
what I wanted to do and I have been extremely passionate about it my whole
career I have been in the conventional world for 35 years and then three years
ago I actually had an opportunity to enter into the world of what we call
integrative oncology so we integrate the best of the conventional world because
there’s a lot of it that’s good but then we add to it all the things that the
conventional world finds unnecessary even though they seems extremely
necessary like supporting your immune system proper nutrition exercise mood
emotion even spirituality now I incorporated that philosophy in
every patient I’ve taken care of 30,000 times over 30 years and I can tell you
that when my results are compared to national averages or institutional
averages my survival rates my my remission rates are way higher than
what’s published as a standard my upbringing was all about compassion and
caring for others and that was a part of my life growing up and as far as I’m
concerned a life devoted to that is a life worth living and a life without
that is pretty empty and I know there’s more we can do for cancer patients I see
it all the time at Causenta you will have results
are hard to equal elsewhere

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