Taking Charge of Your Health

hi my name is dr. Matthews Zanis I am a
physical therapist and athletic trainer and orthopedic specialist and a strength
and conditioning coach and my passion is in human movement as a PT I get to work
with people from all age ranges professional athletes to weekend
warriors to now even those battling cancer and the common link between all
these types of patients is the movement but it’s not just about the biomechanics
it’s not just about burning calories or getting stronger increasing power it is
also about affecting us emotionally mentally and our hormone levels to
actually encompass the entire health of the human experience
the reason I was drawn to Causenta is because Causenta is all about solving
the root cause of the problem and this is where it is at in the health care
system this is where we need to start moving ok because it’s not just about
fixing somebody’s symptoms working on their pain working on their
strength deficits and putting a bandaid on the problem there’s a lot more to it
than that when we’re working with patients it should be a patient-centered
model so the patient’s best interests are at heart
I love working for Causenta because I’ve seen myself as a cutting edge
physical therapist and Causenta has all the world’s greatest technology
under one roof they also have some of the greatest minds in health care
working together in that patient-centered model to help that
patient achieve their specific goals whether it be improving their lifestyle
or improving their performances sport Causenta has it all

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