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The team work in our Homeopathic practice has resulted in thousands of successfully treated chronic homeopathic cases. We work with all kinds of cases, patients of any ages and pathology. We have successfully treated newborns, babies, adults, elderly people, pregnant women, plants and animals. Successful treatments of babies and animals are, in fact, the proof that homeopathy is not placebo, and not just that, but the results are the best and fastest in these patients. It’s important to know that homeopathic medicine is a holistic medicine, that sees the patient as a unity of spirit, soul and body. So, it is not just the physical body that we observe, like in allopathic medicine, but also all the other levels of patient as a person. The patient may be truly healed, only if there are significant improvements in all three levels, other ways the disorder is just being shifted to another system. Homeopathic treatment is very gentle, because it uses tiny doses of remedies, highly diluted, so there are no side effects, like allergies, toxicity etc. Homeopathy is a natural healing. It means that the patients own regenerative processes, that have malfunctioned for some reason, are induced and reset by the homeopathic remedy. The reason that usually leads to the malfunction of a systems in the patient, is some kind of trauma or stress. In homeopathy the treatment is oriented to the person, and not to the disorder like in allopathic medicine. That is why the homeopathic diagnosis is not named after a disorder like: pruritus, gastritis, gastralgia, salpingitis etc., but after a state of the person. These Latin names, used in allopathic medicine, sound very important, even with a bit of mystery surrounding them, but they are, in fact, used for rather common conditions like the itch, inflammation of the stomach lining, stomach ache, inflammation in the fallopian tubes, etc. In allopathic medicine, for each one of these conditions, a medicine is prescribed in order to act against the symptom that the patient feels, just as their names says: antipyretic, antibiotics, anxiolytics, antidepressants etc. This allopathic medicines don’t act against the cause of the disorder, but against symptom, the reaction of the body to this cause. This way by taking the medicines that are acting against the symptoms for years, a new disorder is caused in the patient, and that is some form of iatrogenic condition – a condition caused by the physician’s treatment. The greatest challenge for a homeopath are these cases, complicated by iatrogenic conditions, after years of unsuccessful allopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatment leads to restoring the health of a patient, and that makes the patient “whole” ones again, on a mental, emotional and physical plane, so homeopathy is a holistic medicine. Patients often ask us “What does the treatment look like?”. The homeopathic therapy starts with case taking. The patient tells us the reason – discomfort, illness he comes to treat. He should describe the health issues in his own way, how he feels about them and they influence him. Besides the physical symptoms it is very important how the patient feels, the way he lives, his mood… We talk to him about his prior medical conditions, what he has been through, how did he experience those conditions, and what kind of influence did they have on him. Also, we are often asked “Who is a suitable patient for homeopathic therapy?” Practically everyone, not just people diagnosed with some medical condition, but anyone who has some kind of disbalance, discomfort, because in this way it is possible to prevent them to develop more serious medical condition. “How long does it take to cure a patient with a homeopathic treatment?” is also a quite fequent question The length of treatment depends on the condition of a patient’s life force, how long did the condition last, what kind of condition is treated, if the patient is willing to fully cooperate with the homeopathic practitioner… The active involvement of a patient is very important in homeopathy, because we need him to tell us every little change in mental, emotional and physical plane, he felt since he has taken the homeopathic remedy.

57 thoughts on “Dr Mirjana Zivanov: Homeopatija (Beograd, 18.04.2013.)

  1. Doctor Mirjna is also great internatinal doctor. She cured many people from all over the world, and she is great person, she is briliant, like pearl.

  2. fantastic presentaion regarding homeopathy by dr mir.awasome wrok done by her and she is good doctor as well as good teacher

  3. That's well. but, don't criticize (enter) in allopathic treatment..
    but, presentation approach was very naturally..

  4. It is necessary to point out the weaknesses and mistakes of allopathic medicine, just like in any other field of medicine, in order to clear the path for further advancements in health profession. Dr Zivanov is certainly qualified to discuss health issues since she is both allopathic and homeopathic doctor. I don't see this lecture as a criticism, but rather as a comparison of two approaches.

  5. It is one of most useful information about the gentle and caring system of treatment which is called homeopathy, I LOVE HOMEOPATHY AND I SALUTE DR Mirjana for great work!

  6. nice DR MIRZANA , !! HOMOEOPTHY is the most GENTLE , HARMLESS , IDEAL way of treatment of a human being !

  7. this is very informative for upcoming doctors….by seeing this they will believe in homoeopathy and will work hard for their patients….thanks mirjana for sharing this….

  8. many thanks for good and nice , usefull and more wonderful prsentation in a good subject. and i wish to you the my best wishes in the future and again more thanks to u dr.Mirijana

  9. Its a very good and nice presentation, ………….. Homeopathy is great. iam a nurse then also I follow homeopathy for my hemorrhoids

  10. AWESOME. Thank you so much Dr Mirjana for this nice presentation. It is really magic. I hope to study homeopathy from a leader like you. I am Professor of Neurology and I wish to learn homeopathy to help my patients.

  11. fantastic and fabulous presentations byDr.mirzana for us–not much familiar with Materia medica,,really very informative,,thums up for mirzana,,

  12. thanks for very good presentation dr mirjana understand the homoepathy ……superb mirjana good job superb lady superb presentation

  13. dr. thanks for good homoeopathic convocation regarding holastic aproach oh homoeopathy … pl. do.. continue best luck

  14. Homeopatska medicina sve više pokazuje uspjeha u nekim bolestima za koje klasična medicina nema rješenja. Ova prezentacija pokazuje da može učiniti ljudske boli i patnje podnošljivijim. Hvala dr Mirjani na ovom divnom izlaganju i prezentaciji!

  15. We are in hope that HOMEOPATY will give solutions and answers for cancer , blastic anemy in the future. Experiance of dr Mirjana and her team create a progress with this method and future for the world will be

  16. dr mirjana zivanov thinks for nice presentation it very useful have more information realy i recomended strongly this presentaion thanks alot i seen your further succes

  17. dziękuję za świetną prezentację homeopatii Pani Dr.Mirjany Zivanov … good to see homeopathy spreading to Serbia and i wish you lots of patience, strenght and success with this amazing method of curing so many medical cases …. long live homeopathy and the Serbia nation … greetings from Poland – we are brothers and sisters 🙂

  18. My favorite Homeopathic Team in the World! Thanks for curing my numerous ailments that other doctors had no cure for for years and told me I had to 'accept'. I love you! Long live homeopathy and Dr. Zivanov & Dr.Primovic!

  19. ektra predavanje voleo bi da sam bio na tom predavanju deluje zanimljivo a voleo bi da me takva lepa dr. leci 🙂

  20. Dear respected dr mirjana .really is a great lecture for homeopath and society also
    and i had read u r book
    really u r cured mostly all over world very difficult cases .
    really its a great job for society as well as homeopathy also
    if i say u r world known homeopath then its not more for u

  21. Dear dr.
    Dat.was just amaging nd quite usefull things for homoeopaths ….
    M.impressed dr.
    Its quite usefull all . 🙂

  22. hello my dear friend…..i really dnt think u dz much dllgnt and so brilliant….really impressive lecture …awsome

  23. mirjana,..your knowledge about the similimum is excellent and the lecture is too good,will be motive for the new comers in homoeopathy,i wish you to give more and more lecture and share your successful cases…the way you lecture is very impressive..

  24. She is an example of Doctor and meaning of Doctor. Legend Born in Serbia. Great Homeopath, and best doctor I ever saw in my life.

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