Taking Charge of Your Health

Hello, I am dr Mirjana Živanov. Today I will talk about Simillimum. What is Simillimum? What is the difference between homeopathic prescription based only on coping with the patients diagnosed medical condition, and the homeopathic prescription that looks at the patient as a whole and aims for the Simillimum. Simillimum is a homeopathic remedy that is prescribed and fits to a patient as a whole, on all levels, and not prescribed just for the patient’s diagnosed medical condition. When a patient gets his Simillimum, usually on the next follow-up he says something like: “I’m happy! I feel like I’m full of energy! I feel like I used to, before my illness! I’m in love! I’m full of joy, almost ecstatic!”. That initial reaction is a sign that the patient was in a state of suppression , mental, emotional or/and physical, often for many years. After taking their Simillimum such patients get in an opposite state, they open up and they get ecstatically happy. This state lasts for about a month or two, so on the one of the next follow-ups they usually say that they feel just “normal” and fine. They may even ask us to repeat the remedy that made them feel such a great happiness and joy, but each time we repeat their Simillimum in the future, they will get back directly to their “normal” state. That is because the patient will practically never get back to the suppressed state before the Similimum, even if there is a need to repeat this remedy in the future. Simillimum has got the patient to a “normal” state, state of Oneness, in which the patient used to be at some point in the past. All energy is created through the division into polarities. A motivational power behind that process is Love. Therefore, One becomes two and two again One in Love. Duality is the essence of all that happens in the Universe of matter, energy, space and time. Everything contains in itself it’s own opposites and when it is extremely developed it gives up it’s opposition. One is – oneself – One with all life. Here there is no duality or division of life and therefore the soul is free from the opposite attitudes. Patient after Simillimum usually says that he feels “normal”, like he used to feel – and that was when he was in the state of Oneness. One needs a certain measure of wisdom to be able to understand and accept this fact. Oneness means nonexistence of separateness. Free from opposites is normal state – and that is exactly what the patient says on his Simillimum – that he feels “normal”. The way to restoring Unity with the Universe is the canceling duality and resolving the polarity, not only on philosophical level, but in inner spiritual life. Free from opposites. We are what we are today, with full knowledge about what we are, at any time. This material Universe is just our embodied thought. We should lose our Little Self, and than our True Self will come forward in all of it’s revealed mystery. Love unites. State of Oneness is a state of Love in our souls, a state in which there is no negation or opposition, and Simillimum is the remedy that gets the man to this state – state of Oneness.

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