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Hi! Its Parris from EpicReviews the health channel, and I want to talk to about this little guy today. I just saw on the Dr. Oz Show that they’re disparaging my 2nd most favorite supplement, which is melatonin, and I’ve done some more research on this after seeing the show to see whether that sleep doctor guy they had on the show-his view is the general consensus that you really should be taking very low doses of melatonin or really, you shouldn’t take any at all, that it’s really bad to be taking it if you don’t absolutely need it, and the general consensus seems to be that that’s not how most of the medical community thinks. I’ve read some articles at University of Maryland Medical Center and also at Mayo Clinic online and they do agree that you should take the lowest dose of melatonin that works for you but they don’t say anything about you should be taking a half a milligram and 1 milligram is the absolute limit, you certainly shouldn’t be taking more that. They actually recommend on the University of Maryland site for adults, they recommend starting out with 1 to 3 milligrams 1 hour before bedtime. If after a few weeks, you’re not having the desired effect, you can go up to 5 or 6 milligrams 1 hour before bedtime. So it’s not so terrible according to some other medical sources. Also, the Mayo Clinic listed it as not having a-deemed generally safe, some people are particularly sensitive to it, and so they get vivid nightmares of maybe it can make them groggy but as long as you stay within a reasonable amounts of melatonin and you don’t have a particular susceptibility to it, it certainly helps with the sleep, and really, that’s why people use it. It’s not like there’s an infomercial for stuff that go, “Buy now and you will be sleeping greater.” People it because it works and so they talk to the people in the show and people are upset that they’ve been lied to. But really, the dosing on most containers of melatonin is-I’ve shopped for them a number of times, I’ve taken this for a few years now. Generally, it’s 3 milligrams up to 5, maybe 6 milligrams, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single tablet that contains more than that. I used to take 2-3’s right before going to bed, so I was taking 6 milligrams and I know I’ve read somewhere that 5 is sort of-you want to stay at 5 or below so I changed over to this particular one, it’s the one that I take and it’s 5 milligram dosage and I take that 1-1 of them about an hour before going to bed, and this is Natrol brand. I’ve tried a number of brands so I’m not really particular with-a number of-real favorite with which one, whichever one’s on sale for this. Other medications, well, other supplements, I am brand-loyal and I don’t want to mess around but with the melatonin, I haven’t found that it’s matter which company makes it. If it’s really super cheap, I’ll be a little suspicious but if it’s in the usual price range then I wouldn’t worry too much. So, I got 5 milligram dose here and I agree you shouldn’t take any more than you really need, and so I’m considering-this one, I’m getting low on this bottle that when I go to replace it, maybe I will get to 3 milligram and I’ll if that works for me, if not then I’ll go back up to 5, I’m not going to sweat it particularly. In my case, I attribute the fact that it works for me both to age, the fact that as you get older, you produce less melatonin. In fact, children produce the most melatonin of all and basically, as you get older, you have less and look at the sleeping patterns and habits of people of different-and look at kids, I mean, they just zonk out on the bed laying with arms all open and not in a care in the world kind of sleep, well probably because they don’t have a care in the world. But also, they’ve got tons of this stuff comparatively compared to me in their system and you know, knocks them out, the kids go to sleep 10 hours straight, they don’t even get for the bathroom the entire night, you know, what a life, right? I wish I enjoyed it more then back when that’s how I could sleep, and then as they get older, you don’t have a-generally, you can sleep okay in your 20’s, your 30’s but when you get past 40 and up to 50, it’s harder to go to sleep, it’s harder to stay asleep, and when you wake up during the night to go to the bathroom – which you always have to do at least a couple of times – it’s harder to go back to sleep afterwards. Now, I think the mistake that woman on the Dr. Oz made was, she would take a couple of this before going to bed and then she would take another 1 at 2 am when she woke up, and the reason it was causing her problems when she was, you know, take a 9 is kind of excessive but taking it at 2 am is not good, this stuff really does make you sleepy for about 8 hours and so, you need to take it when you have enough time to get sleep. If you’re taking a second does at 2 am to put you back to sleep and then you’re getting up at 6 am, well of course you’re going to get groggy and foggy until sometime before lunch when the stuff’s finally worn out of your system and they you will go back to being fully awake. So I think she was making her own problem with how she takes the melatonin and it tells you on the bottle to take it before you go to sleep not to take it in the middle of the night, it’s not to help you get back to sleep. So I tried other sleep aids, I tried Tylenol sleep and some other that were just, you know, different colored little tablets and they didn’t work real well for me, I go to sleep but it was a druggy kind of sleep, you know, you wake up during the night and you don’t feel quite right, and you don’t feel in the morning like you really got the kind of sleep you’re supposed-you don’t feel quite right. I would-I’m not much for drinking and I would have wine or a beer kind of-lemonade beer, something like that before going to bed, and it would help to knock me out but again, it’s that druggy feeling. Plus, if you drink in the liquid right before going to bed, well, there’s another time or two you’re going to be up during the night to go to the bathroom. So none of those were good solutions for me and once I tried the melatonin, it’s worked very well. I don’t know, I could possible go off of it and I’ll still be sleeping fine but it’s one of those things and I admit there’s probably some emotional dependence on it because it helped me to sleep well, and so I continue taking it because I expect that I need to take it to sleep well. But I’m going to try the lower does, I’m going to go down to 3 milligrams and see. I don’t know that I’ve seen 1 mg tablets but if I would do fine on 3, I may go down to a lower does but I’m noting to sweat being on the 5 milligrams that I am on now if that’s what it takes. There’s so many health benefits from getting a good night sleep that I think you have to balance that out. This does work for me and I get a good night sleep, 7 hours or so, usually compared to if I- assuming if I don’t take it, I go back to the kind of sleep that I would have before, just 4 to 5 hours a night, up again and again and just feel so exhausted in the morning. That’s really bad for your health. So don’t get melatonin a bad rap even though Dr. Oz has a guy on the show to say that. So the dosing, you should work to find out the lowest dose that you can take that works for you but from what I found on other medical sites and doing research of other people who studied this, they seem to say that melatonin is still a good sleep aid.

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  1. I fucked over my sleep cycle with years of recreational drug and alcohol use. I work in construction from 6 am to 5 pm 5 days a week. I was scrambled most mornings for almost an entire year due to insomnia. I started taking melatonin a few weeks ago. 3 mg a night around 9 pm. I am fast asleep before 11 pm each night and have ceased using alcohol to crash. I wake up at the exact same time (5am) each morning now. By the time I get out of the shower I feel mentally sharp and well rested.

  2. I have been using it for years. It helps me sleep and I have not recognize any side effects. I wake up refreshed.

  3. But, as it's been said before about melatonin, I would like to know the source of my purchased melatonin. As in where is the hormone derived from.

  4. Melatonin does work for what it needs. Let's keep it simple. Insomnia kills people, in a roundabout way, in one sense or another. So FUCK it over with melatonin.

  5. I have a major problem sleeping, like i can stay up for days on end… . I started taking Melatonin every night and i can fall right to sleep ! it has really helped me a lot. I only need to take HALF of the 3mg pill of Nature Bounty brand. I only have weird dreams is all but no other symptoms…. my BF takes the 10 mg tablets 3 of them

  6. I'm 15 and I've used melatonin since 9 years old maybe once or twice a week. I have no side effects at all and it doesn't effect my health.

  7. Well, since melatonin is a natural hormone without common side effects, I've taken about… Eh, give or take 40 mg at a time. Heh, it didn't do anything… I've used melatonin for too long and have built up a tolerance

  8. am 12 and could never EVER sleep and after i my mom let me take melatonin 3mg 1 a night i have had wonderful sleep since then

  9. Melatonin is naturally in grapes, rice, corn, and tomatoes. Also, the older you get the less your body produces. The elderly often have problems producing proper melatonin, as well as people with Autism. It doesn't MAKE you go to sleep, but it helps your body react more to light levels. Low levels of melatonin are considered a dietary supplement.

  10. Yes, your body can get used to melatonin, but it's not a "sleep drug." It's more of a dietary supplement. If your melatonin levels are low then it can help you keep your sleep rhythm, but other factors that are effecting your sleep can still effect your sleep.

  11. It can be slightly, though at such low levels that is a bit odd. I would have your levels checked out. If it's a persisting thing get a blood draw and have them check your vitamin D levels especially. Low levels of vitamin D can cause that too.

  12. It can also cause mild headache and small bits of depression if taken in too high of doses. And yeah, as for the pig comment… so many people don't know how chemistry works. Melatonin also comes from cherries, bananas, grapes, corn, rice, olive oil, wine, beer, tomato… pineapples, orange…

  13. I bought  Melatonin at CVS  Pharmacy  the bottle say 10 mg is that safe…I have history of blood clots in my lungs,since this Melatonin is a hormone ,is this pill safe for me ….. ??? Thanks

  14. Using Melatonin for my son who is a poor sleep anyways and has night terrors and anxiety. He takes as little as we can get away with while still making sure he is not up all night. We ended up with the same 5MG TR he takes in the vid, and usually he wakes up 5 hours later, sometimes 7 hours, and he has to take 1-3 instant release mg melatonin to make it to morning. Less dosage means he is up all night so melatonin has saved the family sanity. Its been a few weeks of this, we wont do it forever by its the ONLY thing thats brought the house some rest…..Im glad to know Dr. Oz is as full of crap as I thought he was….

  15. We tried all the non-medication methods such as no stimulating activity, no tv, no sugar or soda. We make sure light is very low. All we can do to avoid a pill was done, and benedryl and tylenol PM seem way more dangerous. Melatonin has given us some relief. Yes there is some tiredness, some irritability we notice…dose is heavier than we like….but he was having crazy dreams already so I dont blame melatonin for those. For my son, who is just 6, this has ended his nights of torture and begging to sleep with us, he wakes up just the 1 time. Take what I can get! 

  16. The slow release kind may be even more close to nature. Great video Iam glad you spoke your mind. So many put up with this problem.

  17. you are rong in a way see this is addictive and after using it for to long in a high dose you feel drowsy stay low and its fine


  19. Took melatonin 3mg for the second night. First night was ok, even thought I only sleept for 5 hours. This second night was horrible. 3 hour of sleep and then awake. Took another 3mg and have the opposite effect, can't sleep for the rest of the night with headaches and has horrible and groogy for the rest of the day. Maybe melatonin is not for me or maybe I should lower the dose. I've googled and maybe 3mg is way too much.

  20. If u wake up middle in the night go to the docter! For sleep apnea(snore…stop breathing) I did fo to the docter still in progress for sleep research. But melatonin do help. I feel 10 again i am 28.

    I didnt. Sleep well since i was. 11 getting heavier. No energie. No power to do anything. Melatonin for do helps. Only take it once a day before bed. If need to wake up at 6 take it in at 9pm(21:00) otherwise u feel slow and those side effect. Everday do some excersie. Atleast 30 minutes. Working, taking care of kids is not exercise! You do it daily. It will help for sure. (stop smoking eating to late will or drink every day wont help u!)

    Never take another dose in the night! Like the man says in video!

    Have a good sleep.

  21. Straight melatonin is not the best way to use as a sleep aid (nightmares). Use a high quality melatonin/hearbal combonation supplement like Vita Logic Melanite. Remember, the health food industry is just like many other industies in the sence that you will need to weed out the junk from higher quality products. It requires some research.

  22. I am 47 years old and never slept more than 3 solid hours in my adult life.
    I use 5mg every night now and I am finally sleeping better.
    What is worse,never sleeping well or some side affects of melatonin??
    Not sleeping is WAY worse!!

  23. Melatonin is a hormone, not a sleeping pill which is what it is being marketed as, and the only thing natural about it is that your body produces it, but what they give you is synthetic…there are a lot of sleep disorders our there that you are trying to fix with melatonin and it wont work.  Myself I have DSPS/Non24hr which is a circadian disorder.  Also when all hormone therapies are prescribed by doctors, why isn't melatonin? Here is why (from drugs .com) Melatonin is often sold as a dietary supplement. There are no regulated manufacturing standards in place for many herbal compounds and some marketed supplements have been found to be contaminated with toxic metals or other drugs. Herbal/health supplements should be purchased from a reliable source to minimize the risk of contamination. The use of melatonin derived from animal pineal tissue may carry the risk of contamination or the means of transmitting viral material.

  24. I personally wouldn't take this nightly, as it's a hormone and it's never a good thing to mess around naturally occurring hormones produced by the body…take this when you need this and use it sparingly. Regular exercise, regular bedtime routines (meaning consistent bed times/wake up times) and a healthy diet will assist in your sleep patterns.

  25. Quitting weed, been a month and i take 5mg pills nightly
    With stress and that to top it. Im getting sleep.
    Everyone is different but for me i have it to thank for finally quitting weed..
    Well.. So far.

  26. I can safely say for myself that melatonin does actually work for those who don't believe in it. The very first time I took a pill, I slept like a rock but when I woke up I felt groggy but I didn't mind as long as I went to sleep. One problem though is that one time I did take the pill, same thing happened I went to bed and slept throughout the night but I did have a horrible nightmare which I thought about in the morning but then shrugged it off. Anyways after that little nightmare incident I didn't come across anymore. Melatonin fixed my sleeping schedule for good

  27. Theres people in my city that just recently started putting "melatonin liquid" in there hookah pens and smoke it. Its gets you very high, and i was just wondering if the liquid is actually melatonin. This just popped up in my area and the police are patrolling like crazy trying to get this stuff off the street. Any idea what this stuff might be?

  28. You realize the body's natural level is 0.340 mg, and the research has found micro-doses closer to the body's natural level (0.5 mg) is more effective for getting restful sleep than the higher doses. FYI. Check your research.

  29. Melatonin cannot get u high because its not supposed to excite u but rather calm u down. Technically not a drug Cuz its a supplement. And regarding the comment below, its not realistic to make doeses at below 1 mg

  30. Damn I am in my 20's and  have trouble sleeping. Is this normal? I know the vast majority of young Americans have trouble sleeping now.

  31. Now you got me worried. I just bought my first bottle today and the dosage is 10mg.
    I bought: Jamieson Dual Action Timed Release.
    Oh god. I can't even cut it in half because of the dual action. I'll take it tonight and see how I feel at 5am tomorrow.

  32. I tried this product, I bought it at Walgreens. I have taken it for two nights and it had no affect at all. I was really disappointed. I increase the dosage the 2nd night and still nothing. I didn't feel anything. The exact brand in the video and mgs.

  33. I'm 18 and just have trouble falling asleep. It takes me like an hour or two, but otherwise I sleep fine. I don't wake up in the middle of the night or anything. Should I get like maybe a one mg or just deal with it

  34. Your body makes all the melatonin you need.  If your not sleeping it is not from Melatonin.  As a food supplement the industry does not have to discuss the truth.  This hormone is for sleep shifting only.  Hay, this was high school stuff.  Reread the Mayo Clinic site and stop making s–t up.

  35. The tablets I use contain 10mg a pill and that is common….I take 50mg….there have been experiments with people taking 6 GRAMS or 6,000mg and still not having any negative effects so this 1-6mg stuff is a load of crap.

  36. 10 mg tablets available online. it works for awhile but after a few months it doesn't work for me. So, I have to stop taking them for a few months then start back on them.

  37. I take 30mg after I finish night shift. I work 6 nights a week so the exrra bit helps balance my night shift work al so brazilian jiujitsu 2 times a week.

  38. When u take melatonin u should sleep put down ur phone if you need something to entertain u put on a movie but be set with what u watch cause if u dnt let it work in ur system and stay up till the medicine is done working u won't be able to sleep anymore and won't get rite effect like tonight I'm watching epicreviewguys videos and after two or three I'll be asleep

  39. i take 10 mg tabs 4-6. not effective as one. in fairness i do have mental disorder. but once my benzos but tab wont work, i dont know how to use it . didnt know why it working. ive been taking it for a couple of yrs and differnt times whnever i need to sleep during gaming.. i triy advil and tyenol pm and benadryl. haf insaomnia for 7yrs was stucko n ambien, and was stuck on 7 yrs.,, t hen somehow i lost affect..

  40. melatonin never really worked for me. I use to take it to try to help get in a good sleep cycle but I think my odd timed caffeine ingestion didn't help things lol.

  41. I'm very sensitive to melatonin and use it only when necessary. Try the 2.5 mg. gummies from Puritans Pride they're very fresh. I can take half a gummy and it's very effective for me.

  42. if you guys want to sleep without any trouble. take melatonin at 10.00 pm . ( but you should be a wake at least for 16 hours and try 3 mg ) then at 00.00 take Stilnox 10 mg and at 00.20 you will be sleep like babies. take your alarm at 7.00 am and you can easily wake dont worry. do this a week but always sleep and wakeup at the same time. After a week stop medication or decrease the dossage. dont drink cola coffee tea . eat yogurt as much as you can . Good night 🙂

  43. Why does some people (like me) get another reaction on melatonin ? I cant sleep at all on melatonin, its like I been taken amfetamine…. 😀

  44. Dreams good….. Nightmares Bad…… I don't understand how this stuff causes such weird dreams. A little trazadone and a little melatonin….. seems to be useful. The CPAP that I also use presents other challenges too.

  45. I take 1mg and it works very well. Not just puts me to sleep but helps me relax kind of like drinking a couple beers, but I don't drink, so this is perfect

  46. Im 16 years old. Im having difficulties in sleeping at night. Can i take melatonin and how much dossage?

  47. The effect of melatonin on the circadian clock switches polarity every 12 hours. If you take an elephant dose that's so large it remains in your body 12 hours later (at elevated levels) you're surely b-b-bucking your circadian clock up the f-f-following day. (And with your body clock buggered, soon you'll convince yourself to take even more melatonin to get to sleep at night. This is a runaway train.) ButterflyHealingArts (below) is quite correct that biologically normal levels are closer to 0.340 mg. Even better if you take a small dose like this in a sustained-release formulation, so that it covers the bulk of your sleep uniformly (but with not too much left over after your melatonin response switches polarity at body temperature minimum, circa 05:00 in many people).

    Imagine your toilet is crap (because you live in a crap place, so small that you have to wedge your dog's drinking dish right beside the loo). The tank is broken on your crap commode, so you have to flush it by hauling in a bucket of water from the kitchen. Should you use the (old) normal 3-gallon bucket? Or a 10-gallon bucket, just to be sure? I guarantee you, if you use the 10-gallon bucket, a gallon will slop over the top of the bowl, and much of that will wind up in your dog's breakfast. Perhaps your dog was dehydrated. Perhaps more is always better. One never knows.

  48. If you REALLY have severe sleep issues you can try carisoprodol aka Soma(occasionally). I find if I can't sleep and melatonin won't work, if I take 350-700mg of carisoprodol I'm asleep in 50 minutes. Be cautious though and only take it if you are prescribed it. Do NOT take it every single night! Carisoprodol metabolizes into meprobamate which is a barbiturate. It can be habit forming. I cycle on and off of it by using it a couple nights then skipping three nights minimum before touching it again.
    Happy sleeping!

  49. I am 79, never slept well all my life. I take 20mg (2-10mg) every night, have
    for months. I sleep well, I dream strange dreams, do not waken during the night except for pee.

  50. The supplement you showed is time released which not all people need just think the specifics should be accurate. Some people do well with it others don’t. Also I’ve read others claim gummies work better? Another guy tried them all and he talked about the under the tongue (sublingual) weird Canada pulled them off the shelves and you have to have a Rx to get it now.

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