Taking Charge of Your Health

Dr Pisios applies his own pioneering
method called ” Homeopathy of levels” He believes that each patient has his own disease
level, depending on the genes he inherits and the treatment he receives during his
lifetime. Disease levels are abnormal “states” in every person’s life characterized by physical and/or psychological symptoms. The level of disease differs
from person to person and also in the same person depending on their age Imagine a staircase. Each step is a level
of disease. Usually each person descends steps as he or she gets older mainly because of the suppressive
treatments that he or she received. For example a woman had tonsillitis as a
child menstrual pains when she was a teen then several years later she developed a thyroid nodule. In this way a mild form
of disease from a higher level was transformed into a more serious disease
at a lower level. With the usual homeopathic treatment the symptoms from
the current disease level may disappear. This is what conventional medicine
offers as well. The patient didn’t have the problem that
was presented to the doctor. But after some time another problem appears. New treatments
are needed leading to a vicious cycle with every subsequent problem being
worse than the previous one. By using his method ” Homeopathy of levels” and the
remedies that he has discovered Dr Pisios not only treats the current symptoms but
improves the overall level of health of the person and prevents the return of
the disease. He manages to move the patient up to the highest possible level of
health and doesn’t focus only on making the current symptoms disappear. His
treatment works not only to cure but also to prevent future diseases, known as
the Therapy to Cure To find out more go to

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