Taking Charge of Your Health

If man could make a substance in a laboratory
such as a vitamin, vitamin b, b, c, d vitamin b12, inositol, zinc and all this stuff. Hey
look just a minute, how could you make something in a laboratory that could help me biologically
or physiologically, if you could do that and if you could really do that then you’re god.
Only nature or god makes something electrical no man could do that.
I will give a simple example. On the planet, minerals are expressed in two forms one phosphate,
one oxide, meaning what, there are one hundred and forty-two minerals, we begin with gold,
silver, odium, iron, phosphorus, silver, I mean iron, magnesium, they come in the form
of a rock. 142 different minerals on the planet, they come in the form of a rock but that rock
also have a plant that is representative of that mineral.
The plant contain gold, gold [emphasized] you may ask. Well why should it be so difficult
for you to understand that, don’t you take BURDOCK for IRON? What’s the difference with
iron and gold, they both are minerals but now you have them in a plant form.
Why a plant form? Because the plant in sending its root into the soil, it converts that solid
rock into a liquid digestible substance, the scientist call that process of conversion
IONTOPHORESIS. Iontophoresis can only be accomplished by
a plant, not a laboratory. You can’t take a piece of rock that is iron into a laboratory
and get a liquid from it that’s gonna be digestible because now it becomes non-electrical. The
plant makes it electrical and when you drink it, it is predigested for you electrically.
So let no one snow you. The minerals that the body needs cannot be
found in any health food store, no vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin a, the body is not made
up of any alphabetical order, it is made up of minerals. And when those minerals have
been depleted by the presence of disease, a disease ensues, so you have to replace them
in a natural form. In the form of a rock or a plant? A plant because it is alive and its
electrical. Why does it have to be electrical because the body is electrical.
How could you feed an electric body dead food? You just can’t do that, that’s not consistency.


  1. This all sounds great but today we are dealing with hybrid and genetically modified plants. Our so called "intellectuals elites" scientist doctors …., has ruin everything what to do but go to parade of man made vitamins. Dr Sebi RIP . His herbs were /are expensive but do work. And theirs maintenance involved

  2. So I'm guessing whole food vitamins are good to take then, as part of a wholistic lifestyle – as long as they're not synthetic?

  3. Dr. Sebi lives through us by following his advise and become healthy and reach the best version of ourselves. By not buying seedless plants and hybrids we honor Dr. Sebi in his message to greater health

  4. Even if you eat electrical food you won't live long ex murder got into a car accident face the reality dr sebi he's genius eat his way will cure some disease but if you want to live long is you who control your life not electrical food and if dr sebi really want to help humanity like his word fresh out of his mouth all the product shouldn't be sold too expensive unless his children want to take his credit and become rich :).

  5. Did you know, that your fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals. You don't need a supplement, just eat enough whole foods that contains the vitamins and minerals you need.

  6. So what plant offers B12? Last time I checked b12 only derives from meats. Which is why alot of people who are on vegan diet tend to be low in vitamin b12.

  7. READ THE TRANSCRIPT: Dr Sebi on Vitamins and Mineral (Must Watch) –

  8. So it's impossible to get B12 vitamin deficiency because we aren't made of the b12 vitamin? So then why we get "B12" symptoms? Do we need iron?

  9. we don't even have our science anymore we don't know how much of any mineral that we need to put in our body each day

  10. please someone explain me then how i can get my vitamin B12, as you may know vitamin B12 cannot be found in plants or it can be found but it is not possible for the body to process it so that i have no other choice than rely on supplements, please correct me if i am wrong.

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  12. artificial vitamins and minerals are stimulates, they might give you some "good" feelings, but in the long run, you will suffer the consequences, they are stimulants, not nurturers and not nourishing.

  13. I find his diet interesting but why does he say vitamin b twice, vitamin c twice all in a few seconds and then at 0:56: iron and silver twice again in a few seconds? Was he not clear of what he was saying? sounds really strange to me…

  14. The LAND nourishes and Heals us . Before synthetic , what was there ? Thank You ❗ Get a book on Herbs and where to find them . You'd be surprised what may be growing in your backyard or on that mountain in the forest or just walking along a trail . Enjoy ‼?

  15. What does that exactly mean? Like what do we have to eat or drink to become healthy completely my aunt has cancer and when I heard about this I was excited to tell my aunt but idk what steps to take

  16. Can someone make me a list of all this fruits and veggies where I can get all those vitamins and minerals Dr sebi is talking about. Pliss♡

  17. We will all die someday though, why live to the point ur so old and helpless wen u can enjoy the time u have on earth

  18. Unfortunately almost all Farmland in United States does not have the nutrition nor minerals need it for the food. So finding very high quality supplements is a must. Check it out. This is an unfortunate fact.

  19. It’s not really made it’s just extracted they know the chemical they are looking for so tf is sebi talking about

  20. This is what happens when you dare to go speaking TRUTH and going against the established order? Your life will be terminated aka " neutralized" COINTELPRO LIVES!!!????

  21. Tangy tangerine 2.0 that has everything you need. its amazing and an all natural supplement. Expensive but very much worth it.

  22. Fruits and veggies grown in depleted soil will yield poor quality products, so hence the need for vitamins and minerals

  23. conspiracy for your ass…all that comes with truth in this matrix of
    lies we live in lives will always be in danger. put on the truth glasses
    like in the movie they live and they will find you…try to cut off the
    broadcast of lies off with your head… lisa lopez was trying to awken
    us..look what happen 2pac in his later years was trying to wake us
    up…prince was telling us about the chem trails in the sky months later
    look what happen. nippie try to do what lisa did of putting this guy on
    mainstream…. the elites will not have it. his message. eat eletrical
    foods, eat what is natural stay away from men made . stop eating pork
    stop making your body acidic where all diseases love this environment
    but use baking soda not powder to bring your PH down use vinegar to low
    your blood pressure stop using toothpaste with floride in it to brush
    your teeth. instead hydrogen peroxide to kill all the germs in your
    mouth make your gums pink and juicy again

  24. This Guy Is Crack Pot, I Wouldn't Trust Him. He Saying Vitamins Can Not Be Properly Sufficient For A Person,,, I Been Taking Vitamins All My Life, and I Can Honestly Say I Notice A Difference Between Taking Vitamins and Not Taking Vitamins.
    And How Can this Dr. Have A Cure For Aids – When it's been established that aids was made in the laboratory and was purposely spread by the medical government in a diabolical plan.

  25. Nothing wrong with supplements so long as you have it with natural vegetables and fruits and fast, let the body get break…….RIP Nipsey Hustle

  26. The bottom line it doesn't matter how much we exercise eat problems can still happen….Although it does help too eat right….(PRAYER) (GOD) IS the key)

  27. That shit is impressive if your dumb and don't know any better..
    Think about it, he said how can man make vitamins and then goes on to name zinc, on top of that says if we can make them then you must be god. SMH People synthesize vitamins everyday, and minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium are found in nature and can be crushed up to form pills.
    Now am I saying that Sebi diet doesn't work, no because any healthy diet has it benefits, my beef is when he emblishes his claims by saying stupid shit like proteins are fake, and there are no viruses and germs. If this is the case why wasn't he working with ebola victims with no mask on.

  28. Nipsey Hussel brought us to the awareness of the existence of Dr Sebi now is the time for that documentary to be produced. Remember folks, it's a marathon. Agree with a tombs up

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