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now for us to eat you have to have in
your big skull the understanding of biochemistry but when we were here we
didn’t have to know anything about biochemistry why because God doesn’t
make poisons you see God doesn’t make carrots well let me put it here stop the
garbage anytime someone tells you that tofu is
good for you that someone had just gave that
information to you has one eye open but he’s confident that when he tells you to
eat carrots and you drink it you have both clothes so a one-eyed man is king
where everybody’s blind but the one that recommend the tofu is only half see he’s
blind he got one eye open only but he doesn’t know it example before we get
into the real lecture pull this out this is how people take privileges on us they
don’t care about us they bring us information that Oh God
that’s why the rest of the world laugh at us because I know that we have what I
close heaven is Moringa. Moringa has 23 times the iron and spinach spinach has iron no because spinach let
me take my time because there’s a whole lot of information I don’t want to jog
it up. Anything that has a pH of seven plus is alkaline. Anything that has less seven,
five, four, three, two, one is acid spinach acid why compare Moringa with spinach
when spinach has a starch base it has no 7 time the calcium in milk. Milk has
calcium, well I stopped drinking milk 42 years ago and I could fall on my knees.
You drink milk with Moringa, they said drink milk with moringa some pages
here, you’re not gonna fall on your knees at 73 you’re gonna leave your knees down there. Eleven times vitamin a that you find in
carrot. Carrots has vitamin A carrot belongs on the acid side of life so right there, they said to mix it with carrot juice why would they do that. Then up here they
talk about the Ayurvedic system of Medicine recommends Moringa. The
Ayurvedic is Indian the Ayurvedic system of medicine recommend cow milk, the
Ayurvedic system of Medicine has never cured any disease, nor Moringa, nor any
other system in the world.

100 thoughts on “Dr Sebi: Why No Spinach, No Tofu, No Carrot

  1. READ TRANSCRIPT HERE: Dr Sebi – No Spinach, No Tofu, No Carrots

  2. People always saying what we Cannot EAT!! So what DO WE EAT? we can’t starve. I already don’t eat meat. So what do I eat. ?

  3. whaaattt…? No carrot…? what an idiot 😂
    Carrot is good, it contains lots of beta carotene, I love carrot 😂
    Sorry Dr. Sebi, I won't listen to your theories anymore 😊

  4. Spinish and carrots were the very things I would reach for. Thanks for breaking me away from the misinformation. There's sooo much more to find out.

  5. Prolific! Gifted! We MUST appreciate, congratulate, and applaud the greatness! This is the good wisdom of a great man of unlimited eloquence and compassion. Never be defeated!

  6. I love Dr sebi and respect him .but I'm eating my carrots and spinach bull shit 😂 I'm all in .shout out to my whole food plant based on diet ppl

  7. Now I'm just saying .please man made police on here about the vegetables I was just saying I love my vegetables 😁😁

  8. I’m glad to learn spinach is not recommended. It always leaves a weird aftertaste and a weird texture in my tongue. I knew something of it wasn’t right but if Dr. Sebi says it’s not recommended then I’ll gladly stop including it in my diet.

  9. Eat what makes YOU feel healthy. Nobody is immortal in the 3rd dimensional universe and nobody has all the answers for each individual. Take everything with a grain of salt

  10. That’s some bs spinach is a electric food. I respect is knowledge but I can believe everything he says he’s still a doctor

  11. Everyone, just use common sense, do your own research, each human body is different from another, which means certain foods work well with certain bodies..

  12. The list of real food is so small…..
    We will die of starvation becaufore the poisoned food.
    I love his passion and knowledge….but the way of life is so busy that we are pretty much screwed with our health.
    We can only try to slow down death.

  13. Let’s not overdue it
    Life expectancy is height now then ever in human history so we’re living longer then ever and I don’t see anybody living to 150 or 200 years old eating healthy and making sure to get enough vitamins and minerals is good but I don’t believe all this because I know for a fact that we’re living longer then ever in history

  14. This is simply not true. Spinach and carrots are both alkaline, and tofu is just over 7 ph. What difference does it make if carrots have evolved over the years? They are healthy vegetables full of vitamins and nutrients. He teaches some good things, but is too extreme.

  15. So hard to listen to this b.s. please do you reasearch beforw listening to this clown. Ayurveda has healed untold amounts.

  16. You all don't understand. The food we are currently eating are man made. They are not natural therefore they are not healthy.
    Growing your vegetables is not a good option because the seeds are made by men.
    People, be thankful to be alive and healthy. Enjoy life.

  17. Fuck me, I don't know what to eat anymore.
    Just when you think you're eating healthy, someone comes along and says "Don't eat that, it's bad!"

  18. They say he didn’t know,well why did the US Corporation come after him???…took him to court and he still defeated them. Dr Sebi was curing people and he presented that truth from medical examinations on paper from their doctors of aids and cancer patients who did not have it anymore. You all can have doubt due to having a foolish mindset but some of us know the truth when we see it…

  19. curious what do we eat for calories when detoxing? I cannot afford to go down to 110 pounds or lower weight because of my job. Carrots were my main source of calories for juice fasting. Cannot buy moringa anymore they have jacked up the price.

  20. SLIM I'm not going to lie when he fell down to his knees like that my knees were like ouch don't try that mess over here LOL the noise was like bam LOL

  21. We will be eating rocks listening to this garbage!! When you read his list of APPROVED foods, there's bairly anything left!! Smh

  22. I am eatin spinach love it been eatin it forever no problems good results if you put it in the ground and it grows then God Made it

  23. Sebi was a smart man but he was not the Almighty. The Almighty put all these foods here for us so you have to learn there properties and you also have to learn which food are genetically altered. Don’t take everything he said as law because he was a human like you and I.

  24. I'm still gonna eat spinach. And carrot is good for vitamin A , that is good for u…. Tofu I don't eat tofu so I don't know and moringa is good healthy stuff

  25. Just stop eating all the fast foods. Fast and drink water. People are now eating too much four and five times a day give the digestive system a rest.

  26. There's one thing I don't get. Spinach has a higher ph than squash and strawberries but squash and strawberries are part of the foods that he wants us to eat. Why is that?

  27. Evil devil monsters..why why why….who would want to poison the whole 🌎….????? anything natural in America??? The air is bad frm chemtrails……the water is being poluted…….the food is poisin…….the candy is poisin sugar…wow…im moving to a pure natural place so i can grow my own food and keep an eye on my own

  28. Nut job conspiracy theorists.
    Black people stupidly believe him just cuz he is black and feel prideful. Nonsense. Have pride in who you are, but don't let it fool you.
    Crazy ass people believe the government is run by reptilians, but believe that spinach and carrots are bad because they are hybrid.
    All humans have done is natural selection on the plant. That doesn't mean it's a fucking toxic hybrid. Our ancestors have done this for centuries!
    Fucking freaks. You can't believe everything this man says.

  29. So basically you should only eat plant base alkaline foods. Well according to science whole foods are the best for your longevity. Dr Sebi seems to have taken that concept to the next level. Interesting but necessary in my opinion.

  30. Stop calling it a “strict diet”. The bigger picture is to heal our body and to learn more. Why tf do Americans get hotheaded when they hear this. They’re junkies to their own system. They’ve fallen into corporate traps and now their ignorance can’t stop the cycle.

  31. Dr. Sebi was human like the rest of us. His teachings weren’t without flaws. Spinach is my favorite vegetable and it’s mostly WATER. Use your intelligence. Your body will tell you what works and what doesn’t.

  32. I follow Dr. Sebi food list but I love spinach and carrots so I will continue eating them cuz it’s better then junk food

  33. I have much Respect and appreciation for what Dr.Sebi has tried to do for our community's health. However, I disagree with him on this. When I eat spinach for over a week straight I see my skin on my face clear up like never b4. That also goes with carrots as well. I don't like or eat Tofu so I can't speak on that. Aloe Vera has healed my wounds my gums my skin issues like nobody's business and he is against that too. So I will have to go with my own results after consuming these products. Sometimes what works for 1 person might not work for another person. We all need to get to know what works well with our bodies. For example: I can eat peanuts , Sea food, etc all day and be fine. And another person may have severe allergic reactions to these same exact foods. Therefore we must learn our own bodies which are similar but unique at the same time. Again when I eat baby spinach my skin clears up so beautifully. When I don't eat it for a while my skin gets dull and awful looking then I need more makeup to give me the glow that baby Spinach gives me naturally. So do what works for you. You know what heals and make your body feel better and what does not. Peace and Blessings going forward to you all.

  34. I wonder what Dr. Sebi actually ate. Every new video I see of his says don't eat something different. Just curious.

  35. So we were born to eat moringa only? We aint dumbs Sir, milk is good it becomes bad depending on what u feed your cows! I am from Tanzania, East Africa .. we have a cow farm and we feed them only wild grasses, so what is bad about it?

  36. "GOD doesn't make poisons"?? LOL now this is some next level bullshit right here. Try and go eat some Amanita phalloides for example and see what happens. Unless you admit that god did not create Amanita phalloides, which means that he did not create everything, which means that the bible is inacurate, or even better, that it was all a scam and there is no god. Anyways, always sad to see some highly knowledgeable men such as Dr Sebi get lost in some religious goddly bullshit like that. Sir, you did not need that to pass your invaluable knowledge.

  37. I see a lot of support but who actually follows his diet? You have to take everything in moderation or it will be bad for you and that’s including what this Dr says. There’s not one diet that’s meant for all people no matter where you’re from. What about mixed race people because most are? I can understand not eating meats but when you add vegetables to that list you lose me on credibility.

  38. Hello Dr Sebi, Emanuel is my name, I really appreciate and enjoy All of your videos. You're truly a blessing, and extremely knowledgeable man about Health and Life, Thank you presence. I've had approximately 19 surgeries, but I truly Thank God for his grace and mercy. Without a doubt Knowledge Is power, and if possible I'd love to meet/talk with you, if opportunity is allowed. I'm an extension (friend) of the Family Wanda ( Lisa left-eye ). God bless you 😇👍🙏


  40. To everyone thanking Dr. Sebi, he's dead, he can't hear or read your thanks, and I prefer not to read a thank you note not addressed to me. Social media got y'all going insane

  41. Well I mean your body will need some degree of acidity to actually break down foods; otherwise nutrient absorption is impossible

  42. So hold up…Sebi openly admitted eating fish, but says don’t eat spinach🌱, broccoli 🥦, and carrots🥕 ? Nah homie. Also, unless he’s puffing on some authentic landrace strain that weed he’s got rolled up in those videos is some kind of hybridized plant as well, even if he grew it himself. We can’t escape hybrid plants, they’re everywhere. Most of the fruits/veggies we eat were totally different just a few generations ago. And if Sebi was really up on game lien that he would’ve been encouraging people to eat as much raw THC as they can get away with growing for themselves.

  43. I believe some things he say but my grandfather will be 101yrs old Sept 2019 and he never her of dr sebi and he only know what he lived on all his life from stores and he just as health still driving and preaching we just gotta pray over these food and live laugh and love till Jesus come

  44. This video is dumb because even though people eat unnatural foods even though almost every thing human nowadays is unnatural

  45. Well I take a page from my 90 year old grandmother who is very much alive, independent, and lives with her husband (heavy smoker) and they continue to eat whatever they want (carrots spinach sugar pork gmos)! They fly all over the US and live life together. They have definitely outlived Dr. Sebi RIP

  46. Doctor Sbei is a con man we living on planet Earth whatever Supreme Being created all things gave us fruits and vegetables to live off the land

  47. For anyone worried about not having options to eat, I encourage you to look up Ty’s conscious kitchen I was in the same predicament and also got discouraged! But trust me his channel gave me hope on the dr.sebi diet ! LIKE this so we can spread the message family!!!

  48. I’m quiet confused about what’s left to eat? Is there some kind of list where it is written up what you can eat and what you must not? Please share guys

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