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you know a lot of your story starts around 2009 or a big portion of it with h1n1 I remember it I had kids young kids at that age there was long lines there were shortages and everybody scrambled to go you know to go get that shot what struck you as a traditionally trained doctor about that whole scene and scenario well the funny thing is initially nothing struck me about it because I didn’t take flu shot for myself because when I was in medical school I was coerced into taking one when I did my emergency room rotation and I got so sick after that flu shot and everyone told me that it wasn’t related and it was a coincidence and I was crazy but still intuitively I was just I just thought I do fine every winter I’m not going to do this and so I didn’t I just didn’t pay any attention to it but I knew that all my dialysis patients were getting first dibs at this vaccine I knew one of my medical partners was really upset because he couldn’t get it so he went over to another hospital to get his and I was trying to toggle you can have mine he wants it so nothing really struck me about it until that first patient said what he said to me which was I was fine until I had that vaccine and he was on dialysis at that that day and he said it to me as if he had said it to ten people before nobody listened to him it was like he told the story so many times and I said what vaccine and he said that flu shot and so I went into his record from his outpatient visit and I saw that he had the regular seasonal influenza vaccine as well as the h1n1 that year they were giving two injections and I suspect that that may be why you know there was kind of a blip in what I was seeing that year because there was pretty much double the dose of the vaccine that year and the older population was getting a much higher dose of antigen in the vaccine as well so so that was kind of around a time when seniors started getting you know a ramped up vaccine so or it just could be because I was totally asleep and just didn’t ever notice this stuff before nobody brought it to my attention but was the first time anyone said to me I was fine until I had that vaccine and because you know as a nephrologist you want to get to the bottom of what caused your patient’s kidney failure because there’s always the possibility that if you find it there’s something reversible so I investigated and everyone kept telling me that it couldn’t be the flu shot my thought wait a minute how come if it was an aminoglycoside antibiotic or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent or a statin drug and I said it’s from that everybody would just nod and they would discontinue the drug and that would be the end of it but because I suggested that this guy might know what happened to him and that we should look into it the wall of resistance I was met with is really what what alerted me that there’s something weird going on and then a second patient came through not that long after same story and then I thought okay I have to start to look closely at this even on my inpatients so when people were admitted and I was consulted I would see where the kidney function we measured by measuring something called creatinine and so I would see that level and then I would see anything it happened in between when it was normal to when it rose and I would look to see if any vaccines were given which I’ve never done before I’ve never done that to look to see if it’s not even part of the history is when with your latest vaccines and it really should be part of every medical history when was your last vaccine because vaccines are drugs and they’re Multi compound drugs with multiple effects in the body but you know as medical doctors were basically given the vaccine schedule and we’re so overwhelmed with so some people think well you’re scared smart you’re educated your medical doctor why wouldn’t you just think to look on your own and it’s like well because I thought like everyone else did the World Health Organization knew what they were doing I was given a good education in medical school it’s already been done by other people who are way smarter than me and this is the vaccine schedule and the vaccines has to be given on time and so I just ran with that and so all of my dialysis patients were vaccinated unless they chose not to be on their own so around this time I started looking at the vaccines that were given I started making that part of my own medical history because I became suspicious and there was one other case which is worth mentioning which it was another change that happened around 2009 which was that I admitted a patient of my own to the hospital who had an inflammatory kidney problem and normally I would go up to the Lord and I would do my own admission orders and then deal with whatever had to deal with and I had to do a kidney biopsy on her and that was the reason I admitted her well when I got there because I was in clinic all day and I got finally got up to see her I saw that there was an order in the chart for a flu shot and I had been given and the ordering physician was me and I thought wait this must be a mistake because I have been here yet today and I wouldn’t just order a vaccine and the nurse said to me no this is the new policy which is that the pharmacist goes in and offers the patient the vaccine if they agree then I get the shot and so I just hit the roof at that point I thought this is a patient with an inflammatory disease to start with kidney dysfunction and you’re going and putting a biological into her that I didn’t approve of I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with her so at that point I did more research to prove to the administration that this absolutely is like that for me was where everything stopped and I stopped being flexible I said this is not okay that we’re trying to figure what’s wrong with somebody and you’re injecting inflammatory substances into them it’s not only a detriment to the patient it’s a detriment to me as a physician I can’t figure out what’s happening here they’re confusing the picture why can’t we just give the vaccine on the discharge day why do you have to do it before I’ve even made an assessment and so they said well vaccines are safe and vaccines are effective and they need to be given on time and they’re not going to hurt your patient and I said but I’m the medical doctor I admitted the patient though and I get to decide what goes into my patient when they’re under my care and they said well we’ll here’s what we’ll do is we’ll take your name off the order in the future and it will be the administration we’ll take the responsibility and I said no that’s still not okay so then I really dug into my research at that point so the first shot even though I was met with what about polio what about smallpox I started to investigate first the flu shot and that’s when I found cases from all over the world of all kinds of you know precipitation of kidney problems in normal people after being given vaccines and this is a whole new book that was opened up to me that I’ve never considered before so I wrote a 13 page paper that have about 56 medical references in it and submitted it to the hospital administration and was met with dead silence nothing I sent it to about seven people in the high up levels of Nursing and medical administration and so after this dead silence of about a month and a half I got a letter from some you know Quality Assurance medical doctor from New Hampshire who they must have kind of hired out to respond to me who gave me an absolutely absurd response about you know that we just have to do it because it’s part of the new program and that my medical references were from the past 20 years and that they were from all over the world and so that means that they’re they’re not enough of them that I can just fight them you know hundred and one year from the United States and so the proof that vaccines were safe and people who have medical problems was a list of medical references that he dug up showing that people with AIDS will make antibody after the given flu shots that was it and so at that point I realized you know this is not a battle that’s even worth fighting for me anymore like I could have stayed in the hospital for years and fought back but I probably would have been fired at some point and so I just decided I was just going to continue my research it was so fascinating to me and and it just felt like something that I was born to do at that point and so I just kept researching kept finding like wants you to start digging up the polio history you know there’s no just something no truth is stranger than fiction it’s like one of those things so some of the things I found about polio I couldn’t even put in the book because it’s just so wild so I basically started with polio at that point because I had a lot of my own questions of course we don’t see people walking around with one small leg anymore we don’t see the classic polio so if if the vaccine didn’t dare at a polio what really happened is so there’s all these questions I had to answer for myself and at that point I decided to leave the hospital and to just educate the public and figure out what what my next move would be so I left a very luxurious job making $300,000 a year living beautiful house on a river working in an office that overlooked another river with medical partners that I really loved and a hospital that I loved it was a great it was a really good job but there’s nothing worth your soul once you know something like that you I don’t know how anyone could go back to work under those conditions and just shut up and I knew that if I didn’t shut up that they would just can me so I left thank you for watching this video and thank you to those who have supported us on patreon remember that’s the best way to make sure that we can keep bringing you this kind of content if you’d like to sign up and support us there’s a link right here on the right also 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