Taking Charge of Your Health

People are afraid of breast cancer…especially women. osteoporosis is the thing that is really
taking away our quality of life. ….and it affects so many people they say, “Oh I don’t have osteoporosis….I fell on the ice.” and I didn’t break my hip…that’s not….that’s not the case! people who have osteoporosis actually fall BECAUSE their hip broke…and you just never know if you don’t get it tested. the testosterone early on can prevent it I think that people don’t realize…you know they think of they’re ovaries as the factory and the testis as the factory of their hormones and then, you know, later in life, we realize that the adrenal glands come into play, but not very many people
look at their liver as like, “YEAH…” that’s my my factory for hormones but your liver has to get rid of the old hormones so that it doesn’t build-up home and cause problems and it has to activate them to this kind that is going to bless your life and it has
a lot to do with whether or not it’s a safe version and it converts it into useful forms that can bind to receptors so your liver actually… is the gateway and it is part of the (hormone) factory it’s so important for our your
hormones that I’ve started my book off with the liver! Welcome back everyone! It’s Mike Mutzel here with High Intensity Health radio. Thank you so much for tuning in today! We’re super excited to have you with us and today we
live with doctor Tami Meraglia, MD and she’s the author of The Hormone
Secret–which is a new book and I’m going to tell you the the subtitle here’s effortless weight
loss and renewed energy in just 30 days. So I’ve known doctor
Dr. Tami for 4 or 5 plus years and she spoke at
Sound Function Medicine- a great group in Seattle Washington and some other conferences and so forth. I met her there so…very excited to have you here doctor Dr. Tami! How are you today? Oh… great…thank you so much for having me I’m very excited to lets just say
our listeners don’t know that you’re so interested in aesthetics and skin care… but now you
really wanna share with people kind of how to rework their biology from the
inside out so where did this motivation come from Well really I had 3 three things. So I’m an MD and… I’m board-certified Cosmetic Medicine
and in Naturopathic Medicine and some people think that’s an odd
combination but really when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you look good.
me So I wanted to be
an expert in both and I went and get the extra education
and you know that her monthly payments in
the third at my yet to a wrenching yet me in Seattle we do have a virtual medical
clinic for me see patients I S a and on all over it’s not just one
patient and they’re really think rain shortcut and very evident Inc people came is to review their biology and my meditation was relieved three people
when it and my mom I think patient every single
day I had an Italian head and handed me and I need a redshirt for me and for the Nelson admit women into any he didn’t brag how to get all that
information out there and get it doable you know we’ve all
heard yes you should ranges meditating what everywhere and well Indian at I can’t
lend a treat with Google it but they’re not
happening Henry then Wed really make haitians they
just kept saying I’m additional doctor and they were told
they were earning and I think transit four letter word and
I don’t want anyone your me no one you know neil is but even
more grace than red didn’t I well is next for her and getting a prescription
sleeping program head ass and and he told me to have known as the first options now I’m not against traditional
prescription medication I know that antidepressant me lives well at figure out why it is going on and you weeks and rebooting could actually get our vitality hack me and then meant third grade and then I did it it
now I think there’s a lot of information and
Berwyn in health care but estrogen and progesterone and no detect
you that testosterone an estimate Avery we’re not she and we
only need a little bit that happen outcries role in how you
look yelled hand function and most I never
really upgrade at 10 starts to me don’t you
beer had been you know become sandy get acne well my book is all about how to boost
your hormone redact and including testosterone
without hearst we just using your own body beach and yeah everybody ingredients in doing a
good job we just have to encourage it in her
anyway no cast beautifully said and what’s nice
about this is this is timeless and you’ve practiced this in in you helped a
lot of women you know reboot their own or mountain it
worked on yourself and see you talked about this in your book I one secret
what’s I was diving into the last couple days
and its excellent because you have a lot of your practical quizzes in there and
information about hormones in I love I want to start of which is
doctor and i’m glad you mention it because you talk about the untold story of
testosterone and how it affects our brain and to clean women there that
their brain and cognition answer first but also bone so let’s kind of talk but
this important story to Sasha said bad that really sad heard that
there are great double-blind placebo-controlled child which translation that from
doctors eat a regular state is study that is and
graded 18 yes are you in testosterone head to head
against of attacks which is was I’m Reapers I
had you at first and adhesion or
osteoporosis expect and distributed just as well never tried it why in bed worst like
expect haven’t met of men crisis at the top you him there great it helps to remodel the
wrong it helps stimulate bone girl and we don’t want hard bounce back hack so
it helps create resilient strong bone instead it
hard brittle bones and do it action for bone health in this
is a really wonderful thing contender and then you can’t bench Friday to
despair estrogen even actually because they have
breast cancer and threatening hear things like that for I’m uterine cancer so testosterone can actually really
greenback on quality of life but also treat and
renting out yet present your trading breast
cancer specimen we of president and then his really taking rare holiday I mmm and it back so many people they all I
don’t have I a practice I L IMEI and I didn’t break my head that’s
not many BJT people who have not yet rated actually I’ll be husband their head and you just never know if you don’t get
it tested contest hasta I’m early and mmm cast beautifully said
there and I think that’s my mother’s actually
going through this with with hip issues herself and has had to hit replaced in can start it was like oh just go in and
getting oil change now modern medicine is set it up but it’s been a really rough road and you talk about
that new book out you know somebody’s in your patience for tell you
I’m just not gonna fall but like you just said in people and
weak bones and that’s what causes and the fall and it’s really debilitating
and the quality of life goes down but even more you talk about how
testosterone helps women with energy you want to talk about energy and looking good in having a
little bit of muscle it the anything is that it the energy you
know he will contest asking a libido for men and yes in little rock
your at you mad and gonna rock your liking and it
doesn’t that make getting you back your energy not only energy throughout
the day but your calendar on capitol next day home read like a it gonna ex tax: me
anything yet it back your muscle to at ratio when
how’d increasing your just I or changing anything at all
by listing in testosterone natural you are
going to lose and your a day muscle and bad isn’t
working he doesn’t know good who came here we
don’t need matches we have relating it naturally wet are almost lost her home is using me to you you will and function are axed and then
across or sectors in everything we have test
after him receptions in our range and no it sure
is depression and I think mild depression is and in energy and water that when you get
people to feel better I’m getting to have more energy
fantastic now you talk to a new book between ages
I think about 20 to 40 there’s up to a 50 percent drop in these
hormones so to Sasha I’m being one of them let’s kind of tackle you talk a lot
about progesterone estrogen I the side mo you I guess maybe it’s
just a first because I think he said that’s the one that tends to go down for singles out fast it
dead it doesn’t any you know your hormones
like in any and all always be there any almost
worked together in a Brett as and it has just turned left out
so much because it’s really important when you good Anthony and violence and terrible a
whole and any and terrible she said they do
have to work together and worst man-made he said that has the
tendency to me is just your arm and rich internet peaceful
permanent incall Valley in that a in our minds and men who may have between two and
four in the morning why are you awake the progesterone deficiency not me
leading Bell mediating their projects yeah I’m and in the first formal I had it in my
own lane didn’t had our last more perch that its cash to be patient with me has
been patient with my children no not with them PS equal but make their clothes that were left on the
floor and world to me I kept it went like this:
looking at myself and being hit act him can I got my progesterone
back and my other hormones balanced not using
prescription I would be able to hatch late in the
game and I didn’t do my best cell that’s
fantastic that’s going to dive into the specifics
you talk about your book and you have some wonderful quizzes on each of these
different hormone so folks can check that out but but %uh dosing specifics any everyone’s different I know you’re finna
testing you talk about your testing protocols but any generalizations you can come to give
women listening right now and progesterone here progestin that available
over-the-counter that money went that really unlikely
because you can actually just died and I all recommended you’re not going to get
a blood test you should all the directions Martin Bobby and K made sure that it day and be anything is just man is wanted a very you are ones
that is 8 to take I our sale you can actually get a perscription it hears known to
have no protest I’m yeah and natural gas tank doesn’t
give you great enough home and it directly stimulate gather receptors more rain now they have
every there’s at the same receptors that
alcohol and opiate withdrawal sleeping hell are also directly receptors did the
things that are so and they’re really great smock we both think they have a host a
terrible side effects absolutely now what if you found to be more
effective for the waking up so the ladies that missus real common question that I get
online and when I’m work with doctors is what do you do for
patients make the wake up at two in the morning and we just talked about
progesterone but what have you found as a clinician to be
more effective to get rid of that sent ’em that were or the top cop gesture well
there’s two parts to that great and very best form if the when the patient will use he didn’t tell I can pay know if the aural and in fact and a slowing pole dancing they only do
that hello it the present at the time in that
person’s situation in topical in betar you but in perfect
for all the hell or had that little bit extra
brain activity on I’ll all firstly no or livers and the adjuster not available over the
counter so you only starter the top yeah it helps and then just find a
doctor and practices functional medicine are a
lesson you happy at harvard Medical Clinic and will take
care image think somebody that I think outside the box mom that’s great now let’s go talk about
testing before we dive into a surgeon are you a
fan of the 24-hour your inner whole blood or blood spot what do you
recommend you know I think that bled and ok and
and good place to start and it’s not gonna show you everything
but you know what your health insurance will probably pay for it don’t make that works Apple for more
people to get started that for my patient I wanna know what
your body is dealing with problems every hormone become another Ramon and nevermind yessir metabolites she and
want to know what you meant have a light has momentarily are not and me are
linked increased breast cancer and the best crazy test be and tabulated the end okay well act lyke I reminded me a urine test have a worried that maybe he that blood
test could have under another good reason and I don’t worry legally no wet niche true true ended Intel I like to see at least when urine test and let another option it merely I found like it to be not paid for by
health insurance and I really try and work with my patients so that they can you last edition
alameda in and naturopathic medicine and he needs
me and that and did you get bored very much yes
batman & guilty I and you yeah now that’s great I’ll
give people options but I it sounds to me like the $20 for your is committed
much accurate so fantastic information there right now
let’s go to tackle estrogen and you talk about your book that women when they go from Perry menopause
to menopause cognitive decline tends to change a little bit you and I’m into
that yes and remember many handed down a
defining yes 12 consecutive months they had
period a deal it’s really been ten or fifteen years
around it that you feel like a you’re crazy or you don’t feel like
style not and happy in your and my any already
have to do in our brain she and there’s a great study that went
I’m nuns in there home admission what and
dementia levels in the nuns that had higher
estrogen models whilst it is deeply significantly lower man and nines that had lower estrogen
miles left dementia wet cotton and hidden
behind why it and then study them in well Andy eaten same day me taking the exit and that they might mean it then and
painting group of people tete-a-tete there are very you
variability intestine is really important and there’s an early stage
that year you can restore estrogen in people would really did mention their
internet man it interestingly Ostrander same mmm especially in 10 ray treatment also implemented a
treatment or early dementia great information so
let’s talk about this treatment and in your book you talk about detox stress
reduction and dudes that balance your for months I
guess it’s kinda go down the detox rugs I think that’s that proceed so many other components
why should we detox and what are your best judges to help increase
detoxification people don’t realize you know they think
they’re over it at the factory to and it s it
and and bad the factory and there are no then you
know later and let me be alive it the adrenal glands planted quite but not very many people look at their
deliverance like yeah have that my my after eight your hormones but you’re
never have to get ready and that old barn on
Sat build-up home outreach nasdaq: today into this try it netbook last year
right eighty and it has a lot to do with
whether or not it’s 8 vision and action group it Indy useful that can be used in a recession
receptors so your Hashimi is the gateway and it harder than actor is no important
for our your hormones that I started my cock
with the letter and I didn’t want people doing all the
things to do with their hormones and then you know older moms that are all worn
out in all not doing any good are stuck in the
liver so in traditional medicine we don’t talk
about with her ingestion we don’t talk about over function your you have perfectly
functioning liver or you have yes arrested or hepatitis read something that he did
nothing in between XO MPLS kuelen her definite yet traditional medicine your
group you’re good and how you’re not you hey I baby at Ltd is did not be columnist it just means you’re not sick
in her letter have to know getting weaker reading it but I’m askin
everything meet rainin everything in our Ironmen all her should just it is overloaded and cleaning it out is just essential s have to go through that gateway for
anything to happen including me asks anyway %uh program it you do a liver cleanse first you’re
gonna be more successful eat extent went back and if they don’t
worry it’s Blake all clarity that can’t get out as well data to me we’ve had Jeffrey fine on
before and he’s a gastroenterologist in that chief at Irving surgical medical center in Texas and he is a huge liver guy and
this is what he sees but he sees a lot of patience in his include
claim to come in with a lot of liver congestion and elevated
liver enzymes and fatty liver and Nash its efforts so what do you recommend I mean I’m sad I
it’s really important maybe you could talk about you know some other natural herbs and
botanicals and supplements we can take but where do we start to make sure that maybe just maintain the for health and
then for someone that really wants optimizer hormones to take it to that that next
level what we do you know you don’t mind if you really want to go or any and the liver cleanse back honors
that there’s phase 1 and phase 10 it kinda scary and well with all that I have going on I
really didn’t wanna make liver cleanse well I think that their
nah I’ll just find a good one but the more I researched and where
we’re at. I iraqis Lord Menzies helps people get
through a spring which is that taking part in
talking often in a temporary and were in danger where they had a big deal the
conjugation where you think back together and excreted from the body know you need to grind had liver cleanse
that 100 and helps your body through a
land-based in a statement holds you that you know
you we batt after I am heartened by her and
in 10 days unless mmm now I sure at in %uh I maybe maybe you do that all high and that of goldfish but shorter the more worried I and that you’re gonna
be smoking just decades when so few weeks or longer is really read it Wayne T where the majority at popular an elaborate plan should have a
nutritional components and at home and come to an end and an educational and that about how
your ft away inaccurate than a traditional right and
sure enough liver cleanse you should rest your later from the kids there processed in the right now that are
really I all on beach workers and their when it’s better now are you maintenance user of Great Wall their process through the
letter said you ain’t and you my jewelry to
have to do anything that it doesn’t have to okay they should be given a lead think that
you should avoid it netted hey it’s and though people can’t do 10
Soliz at 3i hounds it should be an Egyptian Armed
dragon what he should or I’m I age there also
should be an ingredient in either thirteeners supplementary I’ll
they’re both gonna wholehearted added your number and her
ex ante to 8 hand ever gonna really it and and you’ll ever the next being inserted a
combination between up min slashing medicare and and food and that green maybe and uses your letter wall an alkaline and my and met it may be home or aesthetic at
me sure make this has been a happy Nick
this is an extract make this in a NJ makes me think we should make that
ish we need to be baby here felt in an
alkaline environment and you couldn’t get better way to do it
and drinking changes beads its well that tell me business now okay you might not need or want to do ranges
anchor every day right but for that it met and and you’re an idiot ranges cancer cells there’s a nobel made when
that shit cancer cells yes you’re right in an
alkaline environment at all any opportunity that you have to
make your body more are colin is going to be a win-win from
that’s fantastic and I wonder how it got a little bit
tiananmen accrued a paper she’s also Washington native as well to tell
me I’m sure you feel like she talks about the roll up the alkyl environment and
detoxification and I think this is something we can to forget you
know you mention all that different ways we can increase phase 1
phase to do with the tentacles in herbs and things like lacy may be close eye on
inch NEC which is fantastic but I think let
people forget about the acid-base balance and why we really need now competes to detoxify so that’s where
they’re green smoothies inch that suppose come in which is awesome a
let’s cannot talk about now you’re an expert in this field when it
comes to cosmetics inch skin cleaning and you know different chemicals that people
from their body every day and they don’t know that it’s affecting their liver and all sorts of
you know and consistent what are some nasty compounds that we should’ve way
they could be toxic to the liver and skin else are literate gonna make your skin glow
at the first thing ever remember your gramma an adult would respond and and that you’re never have elected enough it lot extending a letter but there isn’t a
bigger culprit in a woman’s life and her hair and skin care products and
make at that small our liver every single day and so I had you know eventually to
Planet Money cosmetic non-surgical and one is
naturopathic medicine and the first thing I do when people say
well you know I don’t harm my hormones but I don’t see where all that I may have
been let me make it into your skin care we turn around a bottle or whatever it
and and it started lot that have been greedy and are
usually all pretty good and the active ingredient that brought
into this world their names are still hurting his cell
at and the biggest hormone disruptor are harriman’s people
here in beautiful your opinion paar be ET and it’s not her and that’s not a wax and in prisoner
didn’t hurt that this preservative is to allow all product and Michelle longer mad and its its debt to increase
profitability it doesn’t need to be there act all even it’s what we call Island you know estrogen it acts like
bad estrogen in your body and all estrogen receptors now you know that lol I just under my
skin it bitmap getting in one and I’m we have at home net the year I’ll teenagers handing he met an apt an errand study by the
Environmental Working Group and now I nice love medicine Advantech blood in
urine and managed checker toxin the average person head ninety that and toxins in there anger and to and ninety 8 present the people testing had and I had and it handle it was over 400 happens that they could
identify and everything anything is your baby to adult missing right he said yes so many things
that you don’t have a choice at noon don’t have it with big plays 10 you
don’t have been straightened tired retired s when you’re furniture
but there are a lot of things you do you
happen to reset into your skin care just needs to be re at his here and now everybody is why
do I have to do we’re getting well organic is an interesting and the true definition at her at
knifepoint respected I had art market so that it
now expects at all but organic usually means that it
doesn’t have Halsted I and things like that and a nascent
when starting me what I have known that allotted a
organic in care is great for maintaining but my and Medicaid patients who are over the
agent already implanted intact she loses s in its not
going around I not improving at fine lines it’s not
pretty ignorant nest or their ankles are taking their yen is
that how you lead early May Eikenberry first reasons now then moon I am here and the packaging a at home
medic gray organic in her mind from a company
in Belgium awesome it will be at my all that’s fantastic what’s in a move that
so folks if you do now argue I tell folks can out
where they can look after that know we are going to do to mind when and
that you can’t mean already and skincare writing any anyone
it called and I’m K in hair and insisting her land
bridge cool mmm 10-10-10 don’t know what didn’t you the random girls are starting to get and
polluting then who once did just at their moms but
generally speaking look back getting to the bottom in 10 you know you
can’t pronounce that night in your whom he that’s that’s really
going to miss their data to me and i wanna highlander personal straight my wife was
my daughter has really curly hair like crazy curls and get all tangled up so
she bought this children’s detangler and it smelled
graydon we just at this was can be healthy singin’ I’m
like 10 and you ready and she’s a character she’s in a fax
message that now it said it’s natural to I read the back and it’s loaded with
parents and Alex so go to class a label that says its
natural are naked natural correct mercury hmm Mac yeah well we have a name I had a
great really here and Press trading expect when he netted you our main conditioner that didn’t have at
plan and jump in at midnight no all which Britain has not been s
dedicated you know and they’re gonna be so
homegirl you know confused girl candy is and so it is hard and that’s why I’m
really grateful were sites like the Environmental
Working Group who then I mean I have a link to right
market kids and organic well got really and they’ve done all the
research Oreo so many resources and had looted a study
in was doing some blogs on this at this weekend so the public library
science recently published study the show that early menopause was linked
with high blood levels these persistent organic pollutants
impairments was one tallied for another and they looked at the flame retardants
and that was did you know back category salads Bourbons flame returns
where the highest and in the bloodstream up individuals
women that had earlier menopause and this was an average of four years
earlier so I xij that you talk about this in your
book and giving people practical solutions to detox it with these
compounds in like he said i mean we can control a lot
of things you know from what we put on our skin
but there’s other things we can control so let’s focus on what we can
and choosing more natural products much let’s go and talk about now some
other stress reduction strategy talk about visualization and belly preening we know that calming down
that synthetic you know para ver nervous system is
really great for bouncing Carmen so what are some top judges that you have for
folks for balancing that I think the first thing I realized that
there are three parts to instructed me like station that you meeting abstract and relaxation you know
here in front of here television or I’m gonna be alright hey computer and you’re not doing work
you thinking that is relaxation have a lactation pageant not adding
extra stress you so there’s rat their not adding extra stress and then there’s
this thing called turning I’m relax asians you’re not catching up to
do something to turn to react we just didn’t like it
and now i can reply you had to do something for my mom
acting that relaxing but that’s when reasons why breeding is our wonderful there’s a nerd hold the
phrenic nerve and year investigations honestly govern by
parasympathetic nervous system and apparatus me like Asian rejuvenation healing
digestion nor is it an that a nevers is Dan and I right are raise and were in that we’re in traffic deadline
gorbachev you know her in that way he matched we
need to turn on a parasympathetic nervous system and that
phrenic nerve attached to the bottom your diaphragm that anytime you take
that very day slow Bellamy perhaps so that your we extend your literally turning online
yes Frank Turner and turning on time your relaxation
response segmentation CA it by I no I can’t I had today and didn’t you
know it you don’t have time creating I attended a we have to have a whole lot
are she it but it’s just too hard P breath in
the morning tourney retract where your meals and her
three friends that night any completely change in hey Blvd and then change your chemistry cash that’s amazing so I know our
listeners are prey kind one anyway the phrenic nerve able
nerve cuz we talked about big on urban HeartMath before joining kinda explain how that works a little bit in
the differences well I hope our heart nap you and the market thing that can affect
your heart rate and your ride artery is very involved in that you
know when we have enough of at all to me had an irregular rapid heart rate me miss foster prodded artery and that
while stimulating as and calm it all down and but they’re people who have a surgery called as
impact and next to need be the having years in attic nervous it and are have eaten search for it that
disrupt all in the nurse the lens there that intact like he
said are and I marinated they deserve it really
attached your heart and that’s what hurt mapper is very
heavy in get your b2b variability now I just have
to ask just let it but it turned out that and variability I’ll much yes and how even at its each has a lot to do with
where you are you hackers and nearest 10 or not and some people call it then played star united by the different cultures
that call it different think basically what we’re doing it planted finally
catching up thnx 100 and you didn’t then you and
Mediterranean crepe beautifully said there and I like
how you differentiated relax Asian here with active you know
calming and surfers so it’s really I think a lot of people just the no to
now with a TV last one answer for them they don’t
want to actively participate but it’s just like if you want nice-looking
your skin or you want money in the bank yet to go to
work issue 1 St TF two floss and brush your
teeth and if you wanna calm down about your hormones that’d actively do that and so
scheduling time so have you found that you know what’s the
right amount of time is it let you mention 23 Press before eating
before we do major activities or two people blackout ten-minute schedules
like in an ideal world what would you suggest
to folks okay the left of it start at the top and then
what good ideally stay import 20 minutes twice a
day at at meditation or turning off on relaxation and I’ll let
you know that it happened for me very happy ahead you yellow the neck down and you know a 10-minute
right today dead at twenty minutes I today and wet
wet I am trying to get my page in studio is to really go for once the day and
again to schedule it the head we often quit are well our whole at the bottom that the you let me do
anything better how important Inc we have time and
energy after entry ticket everything that’s important
in our lives yet an appointment and we need to make an appointment this is Mike
berry a threat to their track I is good but not great at meditate and
look at it when you have that would be aware that I yea at getting and and you know 10
minutes later than Dec overcome that he had get to it and the day and the next day it happened
again okay you know and and a hit and we can I have to start all over and get back
hello kitty talking get back on it but wet I had and is mediated yell on me ourselves like a reminder and I and did
not state net it B-eighteen healthy and vibrant sent you in he your children’s wedding graduation and your grandchildren okay no data well that is powerful thank you my now anytime captain dual a bit emotional
homework to I know what your church real values are
like what you being wired networking why a review what next you we need your soul same and you against your now you think
you’ll be way because you know I don’t work and I’ll delegate for a positive outcome rendered
true value don’t use of it to do left your cell phone why this mmm cast beautifully said I love that his
revised budget a man that is fantastic so let me see it’s a house to look at your
phone that with that has like thats repeating appointment that hits at
a certain time every single day and no matter what your gonna me to play means that what I’m hearing
yen if and like this payment we’re trying to
schedule it and I don’t want that point you I would maybe you are pregnant arrest someone
else lol I mean criminal cash I love that beautifully set so before
we’d get to the final two questions is there anything that we didn’t cover regarding your booking hormone balancing
that you’d like to talk about anything yet then there’s a lot of her mom fucked up there
I think the big difference it is that it’s great information that
led to the great information it hijacks it’s the shortcuts it that I can’t do this when I and every person that running around
chanting jobs in traffic and you can do that in action how you know is loaded with quizzes
lotta science but its practical and I really enjoyed your book reading
and he did a fantastic day yeah so that you can find yeah absolutely spry more fun that now is
done and you can share the message with the world you know it’s gonna be
gratifying so I’m alright at it every so couple final
questions here that we as every guest on the show at the news one urban eatery or
botanical let’s say you’re going on a trip and you can only take one thing why would that be and why I have an
intricate would be North any would not be by Andy even
though I’m so important yes we can get it from the
penetrating yelled that we’re here at UN nd in the Makar mmm market Amy Adriano canister and it helps
hormone production all hormones but particularly
testosterone and general energy and most a chance
heard medicinal urban and yes I did not get and you can take it as a more powdering
your water them that’s what I would take yeah mmm-hmm
fantastic Annika because of past guest on the show
and she said ma couldn’t sell and yeah okay yeah our great read by longer my yeah that’s
awesome okay fantastic so the final question
here to entertain me if you to rub shoulders with Brock Obama or future president in an elevator and
they turn to you and said tu que me as an integrative healthcare experts what
would have helped tipper lifestyle Shaji should I know that I can
how to improve the lives of other Americans and share with them well
with the health or lesser Shaji be and why you be tuning
one hit your I information it is not however a on me and it held
yourself what to do now in in the future where it matters
underwear and in an intention about your it would be
one thing beckoning you sneak the most anything
anti-aging yet but you can get your cell it at least an hour since the fantastic
so let’s talk about where listeners can
learn more about you your book and connect with you are mine and they
speak with his tail doctor Tammy that time the ER he isn’t a
No and mining I’m yes and videos and
quizzes and great information they’re so for those of you that are driving were you know walking a dog read the gym or
what have you had posted on Alicia noted high-intensity healthcare com slash dr
tim e so there are links to her website thanks
to our booking on Amazon and knock and other
information cell thank you so much for being here doctor Tamil learned a lot
and I’m gonna go do that guilt health tip right now and make sure
that okay outta my head my heart math in the morning and so
forth so really appreciate you coming on the show well you know it accountability is also
the back and I think I’m gonna go one step further by I’m gonna ask you to email me what your
message to yourself it’s I would do that hello great granting thanks you can tell yeah absolutely take
care thanks for having me my pleasure %uh I’m

4 thoughts on “Dr. Tami Meraglia – Fat Loss & Hormonal Balance

  1. Mike, you are the man.
    I absolutely love your podcast my friend, I learn so much. I heard this podcast a few weeks ago and felt compelled to try a liver cleanse as mentioned. Dr Meraglia recommends a two-step liver cleanse but no specific model or brand or reference. I contacted her on her youtube but I'm sure she is very busy. Is there any way you could recommend 1 or, if possible, 2 effective liver cleanses that she recommends (the one that she does once a year would be simply amazing).
    Seriously Mike, the interviews and pod-casts that you do are really top notch. Functional medicine is so amazing. I really hope to run into you one day. Until then, keep up the great work.

  2. Mike, love your podcasts! Awesome stuff! But have you checked the subtitles on this video? They are all over the place. One line actually says: "I started my cock with the liver…" Might wanna get rid of the subtitles 😉

  3. Dr. Tami awsome information I had full hysterectomy I don't think I can't have enough testosterone to make more?‍♀️

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