Taking Charge of Your Health

So this this past week into this week, I
really threw a curveball at most of my staff and professionals within my
organization when I told them we’re going to move stuff from one side of the
building to the other side and totally change the way we do things. As you
might imagine there’s a little bit of resistance because everybody’s like you
know why we’re changing something when things are working so well already but
my commitment is always to make it things better and I saw some
opportunities where we incorporated some of the magnetic field therapies into
some of the exercise regimens so think of it is instead of doing one thing and
then doing another thing and maybe that takes you two hours of total time
imagine if we could integrate those two things now you can be done in an hour so
it’s better for people because you know most people want to kind of get in get
results in leave they don’t want to like sleep overnight and stay forever they
want once they start feeling good they want results as fast as possible but
from a from a perspective of time management as well you want people to
feel good sooner versus later and so what I did is I brought over a number of
laser systems and electrical systems and magnetic field therapies I actually set
them all up in a gym so in a lot of ways it looks more like almost like a
physical therapy center then more like a cancer treatment center in that regard
and imagine how as people are working out there we brought in special straps
that we could attach like these giant magnetic pads to their torso so their
spine can be receiving magnetic energy while they’re doing an exercise or one
of the doctors could be doing a certain laser therapy while they’re moving and
the whole idea behind us is to first help people get stronger because once
people can feel a difference in their body it gives them a sense of hope like
hey this is working and I’m going in the right direction
and maybe more importantly to a certain degree gives them a level of functional
independence that they have not had in some cases for years we have right now
an 84 year old woman when she walked in the door it took both of her children
help her she could not walk on her own she was pretty bent over and now she’s
walking independently she smiles all the time and she tells everybody how much
she loves everyone at the building you know but when family first started
they’re like you know what do you do for a mom she’s in really rough shape but
I’m like well we’re gonna do everything we can we don’t know it exact the
answers until we see how she responds but if you give us a little bit of time
I think you’ll be happy and the family is now we get to see this 84 year old
woman and four of her children I guess there’s an in-law to in there as
well but almost every day good and they love it there and so we want that same
type of relationship with everyone that we help

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