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Greetings to everyone. Today in this video we’re going to see This is a very different video I would like to draw and show you my life about important moments and important persons in my life There’ll be nothing ueful in this video but you’d get to know me well. Lets get into the video. After seven years of my parents marriage I was born. Since my mom had no child until seven years post marriage she used to pray a lot Used to visit many temples and then she gave birth to me. Mom got pregnant in 1987 On october 13, 1987 Unfortunately my dad got into an accident and he passed away. Dad passed away five months before I was born. Mom was miserable and she was crying always She was depressed. So she stayed in my grandma’s home. Mom’s family had a big house, farm like in the villages Mom had a younger brother, younger sister, elder sister and her son Grandma and grandma’s younger sister and her daughters. It was a big family. They were like a joint family living nearby. I was born on march 8, 1988 I was born as a prematured baby underweighed. I was kept in incubator for about two months There was no support from dad’s family because dad passed away before I was born So they all considered me as a bad luck. Then we didn’t even went there. We stayed with my mom’s family. They were all very supportive they pampered me as well I grown up like a princess there. I used to get toys, gifts, dress, jewel Whatever I wish will be granted. Because I was underweight there was a cow, to feed me milk. They took care of me so well and brought up well. As I was much pampered I became so adamant and was spoilt. when started going to school, I didn’t cry like other kids and I used to be very happy because of new friends we meet. In UKG my first biggest shock was my grandma’s death. she used to pamper me and was very supportive to everyone. We were all in shock. While studying 1st standard, Aunt’s (Mom’s younger sis) daughter was born. We differ seven years in age She was like a big toy for me then and until now she’s a good friend of mine. In 4th standard My uncle (Mom’s younger brother) got married After my aunt (Uncle’s wife) came home It wasn’t fair to stay there and also the relationship shouldn’t be spoilt So we moved out from there. First we were living in a big house and now its just a single room We moved. For me and mom it was entirely a new place, new people we were very much scared and lonely too. Then I became fat being indoors. I had eyesight problem and started wearing specs. I became introverted. I became very silent. In 6th standard many used to ask me about dad. I started knowing about it Until then I haven’t even cared. 10th standard was a worst year I went to a trip to Delhi. There were some incidents, which I dont even wish to speak about thought some friends were good and I realized that they didn’t even considered me as a friend I realized all that later I was hurt and also I wasn’t good in studies also. Since I was a weak student, they put me in hostel. I got new friends in hostel friends who were like family Anitha and Ambika They were very much supportive to me. I scored very low marks in board exams Mom didn’t utter a single word for that. So I was ashamed of it. I thought of studying well and making her proud. I couldn’t study to the level to make her proud but still I studied decently. In higher secondary, I was happy I changed a lot and I had many friends. My friends Malathi, Swathi we’re all very close till now. Then Under graduation I asked for studying in Coimbatore but mom didn’t accept. I joined in a women’s college in Tiruppur. One of the happiest time period in my life I had many friends GD, Kalpana, Malar new and sweet people. We’re all best friends till date. While completing UG and joining PG I preferred to join MSW that is social work and also mom didnt accept she asked me take some other course Since my friends joined for MBA I also joined MBA. I got admission in trichy college for MBA through TANCET exams For two years, we moved there. Those two years were also good because of new friends There were also some betrayals and more misunderstandings among friends Somehow completed and returned. I got placed and mom didn’t accept for that also. So we returned to Tiruppur and joined my first job. It is The best job. Always first job gives us experiences. I worked there for two years and I quit. I asked mom for joining MSW and she accepted I studied in Coimbatore. I couldn’t major psychology in that Since patience is required for studying psychology I wasn’t sure about how I would emotionally get attached So I took HR. Meantime, in facebook I met two good friends from school I didn’t remember them They contacted me Nivish and Sathya, they are also very close sweet and supportive. we’re all more like family than friends. Then Grandma was affected by cancer My grandma’s younger sister. Mom was there to take care of her So we joined her in Chennai Apollo hospital for treatment Mom were to move there for her. So after completing my studies I was happy to get a job in chennai so we moved to Chennai. Chennai life was the happiest Most liked friends and life I was very free I used to spend my salary for myself One year later, I got an offer in coimbatore So we moved to Coimbatore. I did worked there for about one and half a year and I quit. Since I was fat I went to RK, a naturopathy centre I met my very close friends there Nithya and Surya they are more like my sisters. They both are my well-wishers and guide I met both of them there. After coming from RK I thought of taking up a good job So I waited and joined in DELL. I joined in November and marriage has been fixed in December. We got many marriage proposals they were searching for years only then it was about to set well I haven’t spoke to guys (whose profile was sent for marriage proposal) until then First time, while speaking to Nandha I felt quite comfortable I felt he was honest. So I said okay. We met on January 1st 2016. Our marriage was fixed on June 8th. After marriage I came to Singapore Probably you guys would’ve known what happened after that as I said in my previous video. Nandha is more friendly than a husband supportive, motivating He’ll motivate a lot Very understanding and he’s my best friend. I feel myself very lucky and blessed to have him in my life. Am not saying all this for namesake These are my heartfelt words. In all our lives everything will happen But am happy for everything that happens For those who are in my life and for those who’re not Also for those who were there in my good and bad times Am grateful for all of them. Also for the love I receive from you guys through Youtube I feel blessed and lucky. Guess you guys would’ve known me a bit more from this video. Greetings until we meet in the next video.

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  1. ohh my god superb dr…naanum apdiye unga story ku ulla vanthute…ivlo azhaga yaarume life explain panni solla mudiyathu hats off to u dr👏👏 😍😍😍….actually u r 2 years older than me 😁🤗🤗

  2. Really touched dear ..u deserve lot more happiness in life !!! May God bless u in abundance :):) stay cheerful always ..u have composed it really well..u have got loads of talents..keep rocking

  3. Nice dr ennoda birthday vum March 8 than nd ennoda marriage date June 16😉😉😉nd Amma enna work pannanga da

  4. Nice sister.. God is always with you..Dont worry . God bless u dear with all happiness in ur life.. by Mrs Felin Joe

  5. அருமை அருமை
    அனுபவத்தையும் படிப்பையும் மிக நேர்த்தியாக யூடுப் மூலமாக தொழில்நுட்பத்தை பயன்படுத்தி தாங்களை பற்றிய அடுத்த கட்ட அறிமுகத்தை தந்துள்ளீர்கள்.
    எனக்கு தெரிய எந்த யூடுப்பரும் தாங்களின் subcribe ரோடு.
    இவ்வளவு கருத்துகளை
    பொறுமையாக பகிர்ந்து
    கொண்டது இல்லை.
    சூப்பர் 👏

  6. hi.. it was long time, festival time missed to watch your videos sorry dear.. very nice and interesting video super 😊👌👌

  7. U r looking cute…neega thin ah thin erukuratha vida ( ur marriage time photos)chubby ah erukurathu the nalla eruku…👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  8. Very nice thaman…happy to hear ur life story more here…ur way of narrating is simple and clear….god always be with u..

  9. Omg tears ,choked , stuck my words… You are sweetest girl dear…
    very thoughtful video..
    No words to say still can’t control my tears…God bless you and Ur Nandha..
    Keep Rocking 💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Super dear romba azhaga unga life pathi soli erukiga..yavalo erunthaalum happya ungala vachu erukigala athan highlight…Amma nala paathukaga and anna kuda nala happya eruga👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖

  11. Very nice dear, I want your friendship ….but I am older more than 10 years old 😊 I am also in Singapore (Bukit Batok) 😍😍

  12. Hi dear its mala here… First of all sorry for late comment.. I just saw ur video ma…
    No more words to express my feelings…
    As u said lot of struggles worries tragedy also many to say where u have faced in ur life as stages…
    But together god has blessed u with a very good understandable life partner…
    So the rest of ur life u must see only happiness… God bless ur family ma… A huge hatss off to amma… i was born on 14th june 1985… stay happiee and keep in touch…

  13. Wowwwwww semma dear rombaaaaaa alaga story solli irrukenga dear semma innume neenga princess than dear😘😘😘😘 naan draw panni irrunthena ennake purinjurukathu dear 🤭🤭🤭

  14. உங்களுடைய சேனலை இன்றுதான் முதன்முதலில் பார்க்கிறேன். உங்களுடைய வெள்ளந்தியான மனது கண்டு வியந்தேன். தங்களுக்கும் தங்கள் கணவருக்கும் வாழ்த்துக்கள். வாழ்க வளமுடன்.

  15. Hi sis i m ur new subscriber it's good to c all ur videos. Ur life story s also amazing and ur cooking videos 👍👍👍👌👌👌

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    அவ்ளோ அழகா சொல்லி இருக்கீங்க. ❤️❤️❤️

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  22. ஒரு படத்தை பார்த்த மாதிரி இருந்துச்சி 😍😍😍😍

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  26. Thamai really ur life story is very touching 😭. My eyes were wet. But thank God now u have a good life partner. I'm a PR of Singapore. My hubby works there. But me and my kids stay in India. When I come to Singapore I would like to meet you.

  27. இந்த கதையில் எதுவுமே என் மனதில் நிற்கவில்லை! உங்கள் தந்தையின் மரணம் மட்டுமே என் மனதை உலுக்கியது! கடவுள் எதற்காக இப்படி செய்தார் என்ற கேள்வி தான் திரும்ப திரும்ப வருகிறது? கடவுள் உங்களுக்கு அரிய பெரிய சந்தோஷத்தை வாழ்க்கையில் கொடுத்து ஆசிர்வதிப்பார்!

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