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Liquid retention is one of the main reasons
for weight gain. Feeling bloated is the main symptom that indicates
that you may be suffering from water retention.  
And, if you have bumps on different parts of the body such as your face, hands, ankles,
legs and feet, you probably suffer from this condition. It can occur in all people and very often
affects pregnant women.  
According to research by the University of Maryland Medical Center, the main causes of
water retention are hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, and the body’s reaction to humid
weather. As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult
to digest food, since our stomach does not produce as much acid as it used to. Thus, a large amount of undigested food passes
into the intestine where it can cause damage, such as inflammation and irritation in the
intestinal wall. Consequently, the wall of the intestine becomes
thin and permeable, allowing undigested waste from food to enter the bloodstream. The immune system reacts to this invasion,
which can cause allergic symptoms, such as water retention. This retention can also be caused by other
factors such as poor kidney function, liver disease, food allergies, hypothyroidism, excessive
consumption of industrialized foods, a poor diet, etc. Natural medicine understands that the main
culprit of inflammation are dairy products, sugar and fizzy drinks, like soda. So, simply eliminating them can decrease the
amount of fluid in the body and make you lose weight.  
If you’re trying to get rid of or avoid fluid retention and maintain a healthy metabolism,
you need to eat fresh food and limit your daily salt intake. Therefore, you need to get rid of processed
foods, which are always high in sodium, and adapt to a diet consisting of grains, fruits,
vegetables, fish, and nuts. To help reduce swelling and fluid retention,
try this recipe: Ingredients – 1 handful of parsley;
– 1 medium carrot; – 2 lemons;
– 1 tablespoon flaxseed; – A little water (enough to help mix everything
up). Instructions
  Squeeze the two lemons and add the juice to
the blender. Chop the carrots and throw them into the blender
with the lemon juice. Add the parsley, flaxseed, and water. Mix everything in the blender. Drink it immediately, without any sugar or
artificial sweetener. Have a glass of this juice every day to feel
the results. In about a week you’ll be satisfied for
the changes you’ll see.

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  1. There’s a lot of gimmicks out there I’m praying that none of these are as I have lymphedema and water retention

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