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– So who’s ever been laying
in bed at night and you’ve got a little bit of a stuff
nose and you want a quick little trick, well Dr.
Ordon as our resident ear, nose, and throat
doctor I’m gonna let you give our little prescription today. – Okay, if you’re stuffy lying in bed this is what you need to do. Take your thumb gently
press in between your brows like that then alternate
with taking your tongue and touching the roof of
your mouth, your palate. Go back to this. (laughter) Go back to that, now. – And then jump up on one leg. (laughter and applause) – That’s to fix your bunions. Now, what this does, we have
all these very intricate what we call cranial nerves
that are in and around the sinuses of your nose
and what you’re doing, sort of like acupressure. You’re stimulating these
cranial nerves in such a way that it may have effect to
open up your nasal passages. – Well you mentioned
acupuncture can be effective. – It’s sort of like, you are
stimulating certain nerves around the nose, why not? – That was a really good demonstration. Give it up for Doctor Ordon
everyone if you missed anything on today’s show head
to the Doctor’s Thanks for being with us. (applause)

100 thoughts on “Drs. Rx: How to Clear a Stuffy Nose!

  1. Everybody overreacting about push-ups.
    Yes it clears up your nose, but it's only for a few seconds to few minutes.
    Truthfully, there is no real way to permanently get rid of a stuffy nose.
    If you do pushups every few minutes in the middle of the night, you will not get enough sleep (the sleep itself wouldn't be a deep sleep either so), your arms will probably be sore, and you will get exhausted. I did like 10-15 push ups. My nose cleared for like 5 seconds and now its stuffed again.

  2. put a qtip in your clogged nose and tilt your head back for 30seconds then start sucking in through your nose.

  3. Doctor: put your thumb between your eyebrows – doesn’t work

    Random person in the comments : do 3-5 push-ups- works

    Thank you

  4. Didn’t work till I went HAAM pressing my tongue flat on the roof of my mouth repeatedly while massaging my brow.

  5. I have such a stuffy nose I can’t breathe out it and tomorrow is my last day of school and none of these hellp me

  6. Surprisingly this works better than push up i did several times and it shows result i tried to blow my nose after

  7. I saw this comment, do 3-5 push-ups, I thought they were joking. Saw some more, “ whoever said do push-ups, I love you.” So I tried…

    I LOVE YOU❤️

  8. For me i just start jumping jacks and try to breath only by nose , it may be a little hard to breath at first, but for about 20 times your nostrils will start to unblock !!!
    try it and tell me if it work for you or not

  9. Nothing worked. Push ups. Nope. Pull ups. Nope. This weird thing?. NOPE. I've had this stuffy nose since I was only 2. PLEASE HELP ME MY GOD.

  10. here’s the trick that works for me everytime. jump ten time and do a push-up then tilt ur head back and massage between ur eyebrows

  11. I thought the push ups was a joke at first but then I tried it and my nose started running so bad it literally dropped outta my nose lol thank you so much

  12. DO PUSH-UPS. DO IT. IT WORKS. i just did a few and I CAN BREATHE AGAIN. idk how long it'll last but hopefully long enough for me to fall asleep

  13. I legit just did three pushups at 6am and I can breath again thank u. + thank god I went straight to the comments section first

  14. Tysm I could not breath with my nose but now I can I was scared that I was gonna accidentally go to sleep with the stuffy nose and die but this video probaly just saved my life

  15. Use Afrin! Two shots up the stuffed nostril. Just DONT get dependent on it! Moderation is key. Stuff is amazing

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