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“Duct Tape and Wart Removal” When I was reviewing the science behind
common over-the-counter remedies used in dermatology such as tea
tree oil for acne or nail fungus, I was surprised to see on the same
page a section on duct tape. Duct tape?! The only time I remember seeing
duct tape used in a medical study was on the identification of the gases
responsible for the odor of human farts, which involved a collection system
comprised of gas-tight pantaloons sealed to the skin with duct tape. That’s the study where they
assessed the wind breaking ability of a cushion called
the Toot Trapper. But what the dermatology journal
was talking about is warts. Duct tape brings out our
inventive, slightly kooky side. Given this versatility, it wasn’t
so surprising a few years ago when a group of doctors reported
that duct tape could get rid of warts. As I noted in my last wart video,
all sorts of strange things are purported to cure warts
because most go away on their own. A thousand kids were
followed for two years and two-thirds of the warts
disappeared without doing a thing. So maybe we should
just leave them alone, although there are cases
that may warrant treatment. Otherwise we can just let our
own body take care of them. Warts are caused by wart viruses, and
so spontaneous wart disappearance is assumed to be an immune response
where our body finally wakes up and takes notice.
This assumption is based on studies like this—where
foreign proteins were injected into the wart itself, like a measles-mumps-
rubella vaccine straight into the wart— which compared to placebo, appeared to
accelerate the immune clearance process. The problem, of course, is that
injections hurt, and 30% of the kids that got their warts injected with the
vaccine suffered a flu-like syndrome. Yikes! OK, scratch that.
What else do we got? Within a few months any placebo treatment
will work in about a quarter of the cases. So if you put duct tape on 100 warts and
23 go away, that wouldn’t mean much. The traditional medical therapies, acid
treatments and freezing treatments, bump the cure rate up to about 50%. So if you were really serious about
testing the efficacy of duct tape, you would pit it head to head
against one of those, and that’s exactly what happened. The efficacy of duct tape vs cryotherapy
in the treatment of the common wart. Cryotherapy is one of the treatments
of choice for many pediatricians. Objective: To determine if application
of duct tape is as effective as cryotherapy in the treatment
of common warts. Patients were randomized to receive
either liquid nitrogen applied to each wart or
duct tape occlusion. When I heard about treating
warts with duct tape, I had this image where they were like
trying to rip them off or something. No, no, no, no. They’re just applying a
little circle of duct tape every week or so. Here are the details… Although there had been a few
anecdotal reports of using tape, no prospective, randomized controlled
trial had yet been performed until this study, which found that the duct
tape was not only equal to but exceeded the efficacy of cryotherapy, which
worked in 60% of the cases, but 85% of the duct tape
patients were cured—significantly more effective than cryotherapy
for treatment of the common wart. More effective and fewer side effects.
The only adverse effect observed in the duct tape group during
our study was a small, minimal amount of local irritation and
redness, whereas cryotherapy hurts. You want to hear the saddest thing? One young child actually vomited in fear
of pain before each cryotherapy session. They were like torturing the poor kid. Cryotherapy can cause pain and
bloody blisters that can get infected and mess up your nail bed. So, duct tape: more effective, fewer
side effects and more convenient. Compare applying a little duct tape at
home to making multiple clinic visits, dragging the poor kid
back every two weeks. I mean it’s like a win-win-win. Duct tape can now be offered
as a nonthreatening, painless, and inexpensive technique for
the treatment of warts in children. I mean how much does a
little piece of duct tape cost? It’s like a win-win-win-win. Ah, but the money you save
is the money the doctor loses. There’s no way the medical profession is
going to just let this go unchallenged. Further studies were performed
and failed to show an effect, and so we end up in the medical
literature with conclusions like this: “Is duct tape effective
for treating warts?” Bottom line?
No. Huh. Is duct tape really not
effective after all, or was there some kind of critical
design flaw in the follow-up studies? We’ll find out next.

77 thoughts on “Duct Tape and Wart Removal

  1. Only Dr. Greger would have a vid on duct tape for medical procedures; I love you man.

    Now how about videos for drugs that are no more effective than duct tape…as well as the medical uses of vise grip pliers…. The latter could be titled "The Doctor's Office in Your Tool Box."

  2. I used to have 24 warts on one hand and almost 20 on the other. my girl friend had overactive sweat glands so we would both hold hands despite the fact we were both self concious about our hands. after a few months all my wartz were gone. ive heard band aids and duct tape work my theory is that sweat and suffocation play a critical role in wart removal. All anecdotal evidence tho

  3. Duct tape + banana peel. It WORKS! Try adding a little baking soda with water and turn it into a paste, apply that first, cover with the banana peel and then duct tape it.

    I got rid of a nasty plantar wart that was the size of a quarter doing that.

  4. I had plantar warts on my foot for over 20 years. Tried the otc liquid which was intensely painful (wart must have been on a nerve). Finally read about duct tape and gave it a try. A few weeks later, all warts were gone for good. Haven’t had any more since.

  5. I had one for like 10 years and tried all types of things that the dermatologist recommended, freezing and scraping, acid etc. no effect and very painfull……. 2 months of ducttape and this 10 year warts gone forever

  6. well i once had a wart and liquid nitrogen freezing got rid of it just fine without any side effects…

  7. Thank you for the videos. Wish I had seen that before going through 10 weeks of cryotherapy for my foot warts, losing almost 3 hundred bucks only to see the warts come back with a vengeance 😂

  8. So does cutting off oxygen to the surface of the wart make it die.

    I have used to wart medicine in combination with duct tape with great success. Didn’t think you could use the tape alone.

  9. kidney wart plant and leave the leaf on the wart like on feet with a tape or something it will get destroyed completely natural and was safe for me 👍🏻

  10. This is so silly. You don't have to go to the doctor for any of these treatments. There's been a Dr. Scholl's cryo kit available OTC for years. I used it to freeze a wart on my toe. The Advantage is that it's quicker than any patch-type treatment. And of Course there is liquid and patches under the Compound W brand.

  11. I never heard of using duct tape for warts until I was researching other dermatological remedies, like the ones found in Benzoyl Peroxide vs. Tea Tree Oil for Acne (, Does Tea Tree Oil Work for Nail Fungus? (, and Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Warts & Cold Sores (

  12. Banana peels work on warts. Wrapping the inside of banana peel on a wart for a week gets rid of warts. I did the treatment on my daughter.

  13. I have used this method to great success. I recommend one layer running one direction and a second layer running another like plywood especially around joints. The tape retains its integrity and keeps out air better this way. The point seems to be to make the skin white, keeping the air out and the moisture in. The results can be stinky and I recommend continuous treatment for a week. Taking off old tape in the shower and quickly replacing it before the skin dries.

  14. I had warts on my toes for years. I tried everything even apple cider vinegar all was very painful. Then one day I saw something on duct tape and I was like hey I'll give it a try. I was astonished that after 2 weeks of the duct tape and switching it out every other day. My warts went away. I swear up and down by this method after the medical field has failed me.

  15. I'm surprised there wasn't some enterprising doctor who didn't sell his own repackaged duct tape and charge a 2000% markup on it.

  16. I had a plantar wart on the toe right next to my big toe. It hurt like hell to walk on that foot . I tried everything including duct tape. It didn't work for me. I bought a cryotherapy kit and that SOB wart was dead within a week. I heard that the reason some get chronic warts is that your circulation in your foot or hand is poor and/or your immune system is weak. Both conditions solved by a WFPB diet.

  17. I worked with a lady who was covered in warts and I’m pretty sure I got one from her on my finger. I was about to buy a wart remover, but I guess I should use duct tape! I would leave it alone because it’s small but I worry it will spread. The picture he showed doesn’t look like warts though? The mouth looked like cold sores, I thought warts were different

  18. I learned about using duct tape for warts in 1981 when I was working at the Whiteman AFB Hospital. The doctors there told patients to use it for wart treatment. It's a military hospital and it did work the majority of the time.

  19. I have a wart on each of my thumbs, at the exact same place, and got them frozen off so often I actually enjoyed the pain, the warts are so deep that I had a hole on each of my hands almost to the bone, and the wart virus still didn't die. Now they don't look like warts, they look like dry flaking skin, but up close you can see afew tiny little black dots. I tried duct tape as I sleep, but when I take the tape off my skin is completely white, and moist like when you go swimming, and it looks so visible and so gross I can't use the tape bc the next day I can't leave the house it looks so bad. So I'm screwed as my only solution is thumb amputation haha.It sucks to live like this I've had for 15 years. Damb.

  20. starving the wart of oxygen. I have been through this with my kids. Dr……then duct tape. Even a piece of garlic on the wart and use duct tape on top. Kills the sucker!

  21. I had very stubborn plantar warts for several years which were totally resistant to any treatment my podiatrist offered. He did several very painful cryotherapy attempts where I was on crutches for several days after each attempt. They were extremely sensitive and bothersome. My doctor gave up, saying he could offer no other therapy. I read about duct tape as an option, tried it and was wart free in two weeks! I removed the tape with every shower, rubbed any dead skin off and reapplied the tape so it was airtight. I fully recommend this as a treatment.

  22. Great topic, will try this. Could you do a video on money addiction? Imho money is a highly addictive substance, has anyone ever studied that? It seems to fit the DSM's 7 categories for addiction. People unknowingly addicted to money act in ways detrimental to the health and wellbeing of others, of our society, and our planet. Good video.

  23. So interesting, I've removed 2 warts with the duct tape method, the first was started using vinigar but I ran out of cotton swabs half way 😅 although both times the wart came off after puss formed underneath and was painful to walk on, i wonder if that's because I kept the tape on constantly for the whole time 🤔 will be curious to see what happens with this third wart doing it as they do in the study

  24. hi, what kind of duct tape can you use for that? when do you change the duct tape or you just leave it on? thx cheers

  25. Actually, any tape will work. I used to have some worts on my fingers and I got rid of all of them with medical tape..

  26. I just drowned a wart in vinegar a couple days ago… I can't wait to try duct tape next! I mean no… I can definitely wait!

  27. I developed a tiny wart on my plantar region (foot) and tried the duct tape method. In my case, duct tape isn't for ductwork, nor is it for wart removal. It became worse and worse over the 3 years I worked at it until I finally went to a dermatologist to have it frozen off. That took 4 more years. It got bigger, moved further toward my toes. He tried injections with candida to "stimulate my immune system," which were useless. It finally was removed when it became so dislodged deep under the skin from the cryonics that he plucked it out when cutting off dead tissue. It hurt horribly, but I was so used to the pain in that area and walked with a limp for years that it didn't matter. It was gone 7 years after it first appeared. Don't mess around with duct tape. Get it frozen off if its on a foot. You will save yourself years of hell.

  28. I've had a stubborn wart for 4 years now. Here's what worked for me:
    1. Duct tape – after a few days of constantly using this, the wart is destroyed and skin grows back. But the wart isn't dead, you really have to keep wearing it for many months.
    2. Compound W – Put on, let dry, put duct tape over it. This destroys the wart even harder. The only issue is I've scared myself. The acid burrowed a dent into my finger where the wart was and isn't growing back to normal.

    One tip is to use the duct tape to get your hand oil off first, then a new piece of duct tape on the dry part of skin where the wart is. This keeps the duct tape on your finger longer. Use scissors to cut intricate shapes by folding the duct tape in on itself to cut easily. It really sucks having one on the tip of my finger.

  29. Please Answer! > Air fryers create acrylamide? Do air dryers affect the nutrients of food?

    I want to feel safe about cooking purple sweet potato fries and greens in this device but I’m scared because it works best at about 400 degrees ideally.

  30. Plantar warts are highly contagious, easily passed to other family members in the shower or when barefoot, I tried many other treatments including cryotherapy! The only way I got rid of mine was using duct tape, more than a little circle of it, but a good 2 inch splat, this cured them on two different occasions (several years apart), and I said NO to having it 'cut out'.

  31. its so unfair! please stop separating videos to multiple parts!!! or at least name them part 1 and so on. So that people will watch them together after they are all out.

  32. Dr. Greger can you respond to the Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal on Too Much Salt? A family member sent it to me and I responded as best I could, but the video most closely related to it on your site was from 2016. Any new info? Article:

  33. It's sad that the go-to technique for medical professionals with dealing with most health issues is "kill it with fire" (cryotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, acid, etc). I'm grateful that we have these techniques and that they're generally effective, but I wish more research would be put into how these viruses/mutations actually work or how we can enhance the immune system to deal with them, rather then what poisons can be used to kill them (which generally hurt the body in the process).

  34. I used duct tape on my daughter and it worked! I took awhile but worked! Basically it was choking the watt of o2

  35. However the WART VIRUS that causes the manifestation of the wart mushrooms, is still at large, hiding in the liver. PARASITE CLEANSE HERBS & RIFE RESONANCE THERAPY is still necessary (along with a vegan lifestyle).

  36. My partner picked up a plantar wart from surfing on our local beach that is also a dog beach so lots of flora/fauna in the water. He endured TWO painful cryo treatments with no success. I googled alternative cures found duct tape and we figured it couldn't make things worse. A few weeks later and the wart was gone. I'd like to understand WHY it worked though. I've speculated maybe it's some compound in the glue, maybe the anaerobic environment precludes reproduction? who knows but it works and it's cheap!

  37. Hi Dr. I like to eat nuts, cranberries or dark chocolate with my green tea. Does tea affect absorption of any nutrients. Thankyou

  38. There should be some kind of punishment for people trying to hide the truth. Thinking about how many people they are responsible for killing and suffering.

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