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For those who have difficulty or are too young
to understand how to pop their clogged ears, their are two electronic devices that may
help. One is called the earpopper, and the other
is called eustachi. Using a medical technique known as politzerization,
the earpopper and eustachi both push air into the nose with the press of a button. The steps to use either device are as follows. Step 1. Hold the nosepiece firmly against the nostril
opening creating a good tight seal. There should be no air leakage with use. Step 2. Plug the other nostril closed with a finger. Step 3. Push button to start the airflow and swallow
while device is running. For young children, swallow can be accomplished
by drinking from a bottle. The same steps apply for the ear popper. So what is going on when you pop the ear or
when you use an ear popping device? In the very back of the nose there is a tunnel
called the eustachian tube that connects into the middle ear. When pressure builds up in the middle ear
it will cause a clogged sensation in the ear. When the ear is popped, the eustachian tube
opens allowing pressure to be release from the middle ear. Any ear clogging should resolve when this
happens. If any fluid is present, each the time ear
is popped, the fluid drains out of the middle ear resolving any hearing loss that may be
present because of the fluid. With good middle ear ventilation through ear
popping, it will also minimize ear infections and decrease the need to have ear tubes placed.

7 thoughts on “EarPopper or Eustachi Therapy to Treat Clogged Ears, Fluid in Ears, and Ear Infections

  1. I have eustachian tube dysfunction can i use this. i am from india and here is no treatment for these type of disease please sir reply me

  2. I used it for eustation tube dysfunction and it clogged up my left ear so bad I can barely hear this is terrible dont risk it just get grommets

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