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Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo and Remi-corn. I know! And today I’m gonna show you a treatment for
tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. So let’s get started. Oh no! So tinnitus, which is a ringing in your ear,
is 90% of the time caused by repetitive loud noises over a long period of time. But sometimes it can be something a little
more scary. It can be due to an ear infection, it can
be a tumor that’s maybe pressing on your auditory nerve in your ear, so make sure if you have
tinnitus, go to your regular doctor or an ENT, ear, nose and throat specialist, to find
out what is causing it. So a lot for you have asked me about how do
you treat tinnitus. And a lot of times, it’s change of your diet,
doing things like that. But I got really interested cause this is
not my speciality, and I don’t really know if there were any exercises or stretches that
you can do. And I do have tinnitus. It was definitely lots of 80s and 90s rock
band music listening too loud when I was growing up. But so I do have it occasionally, I don’t
have it, it’s not constant that goes on. Every once and a while I’ll just get really
loud ringing in my ears. And so I found this treatment, and it works
for me. So I don’t know if it will work for you, it
probably depends on how severe your case is. But I was really excited because it works
for me. And a lot of times once the ringing starts,
I’ll do this treatment. Most of the time it goes away instantly, with
one round. But sometimes I’ll have to do 2 rounds, but
every single time I’ve done it, it has gone away. And it has actually decreased the repetitions
of time that it comes. It used to happen like once ever day. Now it might happen once every 2-3 weeks. So it really does seem like it works. So to start off with, it’s actually doing
a movement with your ear, so if you have something like big hooped earrings, make sure to take
them out. I’m gonna take my earrings out. But if you have something like a Cochlear
implant, hearing aids, things like that. Just use common sense, don’t be doing this
movement when you have things in your ears. You know if you have a big ole gauge in your
ear, don’t pull on the loop and make it a bigger hole or something like that. So just be careful with this and don’t try
and rip your ear off. Because the treatment is more about the speed,
not the force of it. So as I tell you a little bit more about it,
I’m gonna go ahead and take out my earrings. And so this is a really quick simple thing
that you can do. And again, I just thought it was so cool because
it worked almost instantaneously for me. So the movement is gonna be, you’re gonna
grab your ear lobe, but kind of grab it close to your ear. Don’t grab on the end. Make sure you get a good firm, solid hold. And you’re gonna do a really quick movement,
5 times. Up and away. But again, this is for speed, this is not
for power. So you’re not trying to pull your earlobe
off, you’re just gonna do a quick up and away movement. Sometimes you’ll actually hear a popping noise
in your ear, and as long as it’s not painful, that’s fine. You’re just kind of vibrating that ear canal
to reset everything. So you grab that earlobe, and it’s a quick
up and away kind of movement. So just 5 times That’s it. And then, like I said, 9 times out of 10 my
ringing went completely away. But again, make sure that you’re being safe
doing this, and that you’re grabbing nice and tightly and it’s up and away. So almost at an angle this way. But again, you’re not pulling hard, you’re
pulling quick. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And I can hear a little kind of popping in
my canal. You know I’m not exactly sure the science
behind why this happens, but my thought process is, you know, you’re getting that canal making
that kind of vibration, breaking it up maybe if there is and infection or something in
there. If that ringing is just causing, you know
going in through the ear. It’s almost resetting everything in there. And again, like I said, it might not work
for you, but it’s such and easy simple thing to try, I think it’s worth trying, and it
definitely worked for me. So there you have it, that’s how you treat
tinnitus. Yeah, what’s that? Ringing in the ears. If you’d like to help support my channel,
click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe, where? By clicking down there! I know! And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon.

53 thoughts on “Easy Tinnitus Treatment – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Yes bang on the thought process is fluid around the ear tubes or body channel as it needs to be massaged as encouraged to flow & released by exactly as detailed for us. Chuckles 😮😲🙉👂👌

  2. I believe that tinnitus and ringing in the ears aren't the same's more of a hissing sound than a ringing..I've had tinnitus since 1985..I'm sure you've helped people with ringing in the have helped me many times …so thanks

  3. Hello doc I really don't know which type of tinnitus I have my tinnitus not worse in silent but in noise even in fan

  4. But what if I have rining in my brain like not the ears when I close the ears rining is still there and I have whooshing in my right ear it is so anoying like I am having 2 symptoms at once..

  5. Thanks for the Tinnitus treatment Demo. My wife tends to have that problem. I will let her know about it.

  6. My tinnitus is due of Otosclerosis 😭 wat i do Dr Jo plzzz help me out…these abnormal sounds r annoying

  7. 35 years. Originally a loud explosion at a quarry near my farm. The sound hit a metal barn door and burst my eardrum .

  8. It didnt help me but it sure help me relax n energize listening to your positivity voice. Love your dog !

  9. I have always been told that their is nothing that can be done for the ringing in my ears by doctors. I will try your method to see if indeed it helps. Ringing is so loud I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep. Thanks

  10. Okay Doctor Jo it is about 3 days since I tried your helpful tinnitus treatment or activity on my ears. Here is a digital number on volume while I used to watch TV 36 since I have found your suggestion I can have the digital number down around 26 these numbers are when the actual program is on not when their is a add. That being said their is a marked improvement and much less when I am trying to sleep. I hope this keeps working cause it is not driving me CRAZY! Thanks so much for sharing. I have had ringing in my ears every since I was in Vietnam, some fifty years or so ago. Thanks any relief is better than no relief.😎👍👍👍

  11. I've heard that a ketogenic diet (eliminating sugar) and Cataplex F vitamins can reverse tinnitus. For many I'm told it's a hardening or sticking of "the hammer" in your ear and a pre-diabetic condition, and going keto and using Cataplex F can reverse the condition.

  12. Thanks DocJo! This didn't help for my friend but it warmed his ears 🙂
    This will probably sound weird, but if you are reading this tell me what you think? 🙂
    Im quite certain what reduced my own tinnitus by 80-100% within weeks, after having tinnitus for years , was the results of improving my posture. I had a bad habit of slouching, not sitting right on my "sitz bones", and therefore had a forward head posture while sitting. This not only caused compression of my nerves going down into the arm and shoulders, but also caused some of my neck muscles to contract and shorten, and others to stretch and weaken. Tension, swelling, inflammation, weakness and trigger points in the muscles all around my neck and shoulders I believe caused my tinnitus, especially the SCM muscle that attaches right behind the ear. To remove the trigger points in my SCM, and other muscles, I had to first eliminate the reason why its overworking-my posture. Had to break down and open up my pecs with stretches every day, strengthen my deep cervical flexors, and start doing rhomboid and rotator cuff exercises every day. Otherwise all my neck muscles would stay sore and overworked even if I stretched them or tried to strengthen them directly. Also had to learn how to sit on my sitz bones, which took me 3 weeks before I started doing it naturally. Along with fixing my tinnitus, this made my breathing easier, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure that had gone up a lot, gave me more energy, removed brain fog, removed all hand, elbow, neck and shoulder pain I had that my doctors and PT's didn't want to even acknowledge was a real thing (I got diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome instead after neurologist didnt find any damaged nerve).
    After having done 100s of hours of research, along with how I've been met by the doctor "experts" in my country, I can only conclude that forward head posture is a major epidemic, that is being overlooked and causing misdiagnoses by 1000s of doctors worldwide. Doctors told me there was nothing that could be done for me to make me feel better, and gave me paracetamol and said byebye. And it felt like I could do nothing too, hopeless because pain was everywhere. Don't always listen to MRI results (can be very misleading) or doctors (Except docJo), do your own research and listen to your body, sometimes the solution is simple and the body can do miracle healing once it finally gets what it needs. If you read this far, you are insane 🙂
    ~Joe from Norway

  13. Are you describing about sound felt similar to pulse after closing ears.? It worked for me I am facing it in both left and right ear. Only intensity of sound has reduced and heating sensation is also decreased. Thank you.

  14. Thank you so much! This really helped! Didn’t completely go away because when I close up my ears I can hear it but this has definitely helped! And do you think that tinnitus is linked to consuming sugar and gluten?


  16. Wow!!! After 1 try the ringing reduced alot…i almost thought it was gone…then it kinda came back and i did it again and much softer….ist thing ive tried that actually did something…thank you!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing!! It didn't help me strongly, but I will keep on doing it and hopefully one day irt will work better!

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