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Atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema is a skin
rash that’s particularly common among young children, but can last into adulthood. “Atopic” refers to an allergy, “derm”
refers to the skin, and “itis” refers to inflammation. So atopic dermatitis describes skin inflammation
that results from an allergy, more specifically, it happens when the immune system attacks
the skin causing a dry, itchy rash on flexor surfaces of the body, areas like the creases
of the wrists, the insides of the elbows, and the backs of the knees, as well as exposed
skin surfaces like on the face, the hands, and the feet. When the immune system inappropriately starts
attacking itself, we call that a hypersensitivity reaction, and there are four types. Atopic dermatitis is a type 1 hypersensitivity
reaction, and it starts off with something in the environment called an allergen, like
flower pollen. The pollen is able to travel through the slightly
porous skin, where it gets picked up by an immune cell in the tissue just below. The immune cell is called an antigen presenting
cell because it presents a bit of the allergen to a naive T helper cell, activating it into
a Th2 cell. This Th2 cell then stimulates a nearby B cell
to start producing IgE or immunoglobulin E antibodies specific to that pollen. Those IgE antibodies bind to the surface of
other immune cells called mast cells, as well as basophils, which can be found in the tissue
layer just below the surface of the skin, and this process called “sensitization”. Now, let’s say that there’s a second exposure
to pollen that makes it’s way into the skin tissue. Now, the allergen can cross-link the IgE on
these sensitized cells, resulting in degranulation or release of a number of proinflammatory
molecules like histamine, leukotrienes, and proteases. The combined effect of these molecules is
to cause nearby blood vessels to dilate and become leaky as well as attract even more
immune cells to the area creating inflammation of the skin tissue. Ultimately, the inflammation makes the skin
barrier more “leaky”, potentially allowing in more of the allergen, while at the same
time allowing water to escape, leaving the skin dry and scaly. Dry skin is very itchy, and scratching further
damages the skin barrier, worsening the process and setting up a vicious cycle of allergy-mediated
inflammation, dry skin, and itching which characterizes atopic dermatitis. Occasionally, bacteria can invade the damaged
skin causing even more inflammation. In infants, the rash is most often on the
face and scalp, and in children, the rash is usually on flexor surfaces of extremities. Atopic dermatitis can worsen in the presence
of allergens like cigarette smoke, mold, and dust mites, as well as changes in the weather,
and even emotional stress. Although it usually causes patches of red
itchy skin that come and go, the skin can occasionally even blister and peel. Over time, the skin can become lichenified,
which literally means turned to leather. Itchiness is often worst at night, perhaps
because there are no distractions, and this is often when young children are most likely
to scratch at their eczema lesions. Because eczema is an autoimmune mediated process,
it cannot be spread to other people, but since it affects the skin and therefore the way
a person looks, there is still a lot of social stigma associated with it. Unfortunately, many individuals especially
teenagers and young adults with atopic dermatitis suffer from depression and social anxiety
as a result. Genetics plays an important role in atopic
dermatitis, and individuals with atopic dermatitis often also have asthma, as well as allergic
rhinitis, making up what’s called the atopic triad. These illnesses also often run in families. Occasionally, atopic dermatitis can be part
of a syndrome like Hyper IgE syndrome, which has an autosomal dominant form commonly called
Job syndrome, phenylketonuria, which is a metabolic disorder that results from a buildup
of the amino acid phenylalanine, and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, which is an X-linked recessive disease
characterized by a clinical triad of eczema, thrombocytopenia, and immunodeficiency. Atopic dermatitis is generally a clinical
diagnosis, and there are ways to help break the cycle of allergy-mediated inflammation,
dry skin, and itching. With regard to allergy-mediated inflammation
it’s important to identify and avoid any triggers, as well as avoiding overheating,
dressing in soft fabrics, and managing stress well, which is of course a good life habit
anyway. Dry skin can be managed with frequent moisturization,
which is usually best to apply after a lukewarm bath. And itching can sometimes be managed with
simple measures like keeping fingernails short, and trying to keep children from scratching. But in more extreme cases, there are also
steroids and calcineurin inhibitors both of which aim to dampen the immune reaction, as
well as antihistamines that can help with itching, and antibiotics to help treat infections
if their needed. Alright, as a quick recap, atopic dermatitis
also called atopic eczema, is a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction in the skin, and is characterized
by a cycle of allergy-mediated inflammation, dry skin, and itching that most commonly affects
infants and young children. Atopic dermatitis can be managed by minimizing
exposure to allergens, keeping the skin hydrated, and minimizing itching. Thanks for watching, you can help support
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  1. New research show IBS can also be part of the atopic syndrome. Also the immunosuppression caused by the disease is more common than previously thought. With just one element an individual has double the risk of upper airway infections like colds and flu, and triple the risk of pneumonia.

  2. This negative feedback loop is pretty lame right? I can't concentrate at all.
    I'm testing to see if i stop showering will make me less allergic to the environment, i'll update in a month or two.

    edit: Not to be confuse, I only stop showering, but maintain other personal hygiene, brushing teeth, wash my face, regularly change clothing/blankets etc.

  3. I'm a student that's looking to be a pre-med. There is so much information in this video… How do you know what's important to study?

  4. I have atopic and it basically appears during winter in an annoying dry crusty form which I have to control with some skin hydration cream. However it does calm down and sometimes even dissapears during summer completely only to return in autumn. It’s an itchy annoyance that sometimes feels like someone has set fire to your hand when it becomes inflamed. I’m 13 now and the dermatitis is only on my hands.

  5. I have this shit, I hate it. My Legs are the ones exposed and ITS SO GODDAMN ANNOYING. I feel so unlucky on how im literally the only guy in class that have this shit. After showering it triggers this. This makes my stressed out life even worse, after visiting a dermatologist, I was sent to a machine, which exposes controlled light on my skin, known as Phototherapy. Which has helped a lot, but my parents decided to stop using it since “it got better” ( no it literally came back, with some improvements ) and I WISH that a cure would magically appear.

  6. Hey Osmosis, when I was 11 or 10 (not really sure) I started having small bumps between my fingers, on the back part of my foot & near my elbows. I saw the bid but you said it will also cause dry skin. Apparently, I'm a very sweaty 13 year old teen and I never had dry skin (my phone is wet from sweat right now). Can you please help me
    Accidental Genius

  7. I have had eczema for years, it’s on one of my fingers completely at the moment and I have a bit on my thumb. It doesn’t usually get itchy but I still scratch it when it looks very dead. And I think it gets worse when I have some types of chocolate and ice cream which is a pain.

  8. Ever since I was in 6th grade I had it. It was so bad to the point if one drop of hydrogen peroxide had contact with my face it would fizz and white foam would spill out. My parents did not take me to a doctor until 3 years later. How I survived was putting Aloe and sunflower seed oil to my face 2 times a day. For those who are suffering from it, I would suggest this method. It is not a guarantee it will work but it doesn't hurt trying. I won't get the cream mediation in 72 hours so hopefully, it will cure me. Thank you for uploading this video it reaaly gave me insight on what my condition was.

  9. had this disease my whole life, my brother grew from it when he was 12, im 17 now, and still have it. It worsened when i hit puberty. I've learned to kind of control it now, so its not that bad. But when it worsened, I struggled a lot with social anxiety and depression. When can I expect to grow from it, or will i always have it?

  10. I have been dealing this eczema, for 7 yrs before it was treated by my doctor.. but I failed to maintain now. .. the leathering really shaming me… whoah so depressing

  11. all these skin diseases from parasites and fungi. 1/ remove the aggravation of the Allergy antihistamine antipruritic drugs. 2 / then start cleansing the body of parasites, worms, protozoa and fungi!! 3/eat live raw healthy food. 45% plants, (greens, vegetables, fruits) non-GMO 30% traditional dishes, i.e. boiled stewed food, and 15% pure meat without GMO or dairy products! 4 / more drink water 2-3 liters a day only water and additionally drink tea natural tea herbs fruit berries and their leaves. 5 / drink dietary supplements or decoctions from parasites every 12 days !!!

  12. I have had it my entire life, it’s always at least one ecxema on my body but this spring it got really bad, but it wasent the 30 big eczema that was the worst part… it was the placement, I had one on my neck that looked like a hickey and one on my arm that was the shape of an d*ck and when they heald they had no pigmentation for like four months

  13. Yo is posible to scratch your pigment off If You scratch to much? Because i have lost half of my color on my inner elbows. And Could sun tanning or anything Else work to Get my color back?

  14. I’ve had it all my life so 16 years and what I hate the most is people say I’m making it sound worse than it is once I stayed off school to go to the doctors and my friends just said it’s only a itch well yeah it’s a itch but it’s painful and I can’t wear what everyone else wears I live in hoodies to nice my arms and chest it’s annoying, and on top of that my doctors gave me these oils and I put them on and was rushed into hospital because apparently those oils aren’t meant to be in contact with cracked skin so they had me in hospital for 2 days xx I have found that getting bandages that are tight and lathering your arm in cream or moisturiser and putting them on helps I do it to sleep in and go to school so as soon as I get home I take them off and let my arms breathe xx I have also found eating flax seeds helps so yeah hope it helps some of yous xxx

  15. very well explained, however, I think part of the pathophysiology part is incorrect. The hypersensitivity reaction type one is mediated by the hemoral adaptive immunity. therefore, it is initially mediated by B cells, plasma cells, and antibodies. I think the antigen must bind to the antibody within the dermis which than binds to the mast cells and presented to the T2 helper cells. which created a sensitization. could be wrong, but this is what I understood from my pathophysiology course.

  16. i had a very bad eczema few years back , i even had bleeding because of the scratch , i was prescribed eczema medication (bethamathasone cream) by the dermatologist , i applied a very thin layer of the medication , leave it dry to absorb for 15-20 mins and follow up by applying moisturizer over . I did this for few day every night and i am still following up . Now i have no trace of eczema , people only know when i say . As per video cutting finger nails, moisturizing and keeping away from the allergens like dust really works .

  17. None of the creams that were suggested to me helped. Only thing that actually helped me a lot was all natural carrot oil. It's actually made for tanning in the sun but I don't see a huge difference regarding that. I would rub it from head to toe after every shower. I started seeing difference after maybe a month so be consistant. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. Good luck 😊

  18. Eczema refers to inflamed skin it is not a contagious disease its exact cause is unknown the causative factors are bacteria, pollen, irritants, and allergens. Homeopathy Treatment can help to cure the Eczema problem consult now.

  19. This video sounds to have accumulated information from all the medical professionals I have ever visited. Very technical. None have ever suggested that it starts from the stomach. None have ever solved my problem skin Although I confess that my eczema is not as severe as some have described, on occasion it does appear quite severe, and when one recovering patch might give you hope that you are doing something right, the suppression in one area seems to make a different patch spring up somewhere else. I have had eczema since childhood, and numerous treatments. Once as a child even a weeks hospital stay. You will all recognise the patches behind knees and crooks of elbows, mine seemed never ending.
    I decided at one time that whenever I needed to scratch, I would do it with my left heel on my opposite right ankle, no matter where my itch was, in order to save the areas that were sore. Bizarre thought really, but guess what ?, I ended up with the worst patch I'd ever had on. My right ankle, always sore and bleeding, but at least it didn't show. I would be I my mid 30s, and under the care of a large UK city teaching hospital specialist, he recommended a treatment of exposure to X Rays, in order to thicken up the skin affected by the steroid creams, which cause the skin to thin out. The treatment was a bit of a toil, various parts of clothing coming on and off, lead shielding , so when the operator asked if there were any more areas after she had done my body and legs, I omitted to tell her about my ankle, I've no idea why, I was just fed up. Anyway some time much later, maybe even a year or more, I realised my eczema had cleared up, the skin on the insides of my elbows, hands, behind my knees, AND ankle was as smooth as silk. Not even an itch.

    When I thought back of anything significant, I recalled I had had a severe case of food poisoning, that had laid me low for a couple of days.I'm not suggesting anyone go out and try it, but to this day, the folds of elbows and knees, ankle, have been no trouble whatsoever, I don't even think I have ever scratched them once. I did return to see the specialist since my eczema returned and appeared in my face, however when I told him about the food poisoning, he dismissed it without a thought, and recommended more of the same steroid creams. He might have well just said "quack quack". I feel sorry for any of his patients if he is still practicing.
    So apologies to any medical professionals preaching the message given here, but I have little faith in the idea that the skin is the problem. I can catagorically say for instance that the areas of my hands, once rough and sore even bleeding, fingers which cracked in winter and never healed, are now as soft as you could wish. The healing needs to come from within, it's what you are eating. Best of luck.

  20. if felt like i was the only person on earth with eczema until i read how much people in the comments have it

  21. Those who has eczema or dermatitis whatever it is, should stop eating sugar and stop smoking cigs.
    And drink water as much as you can. Thank me later

  22. Flax seed oil seem to help me. I rub it on my hands which is where my dermatitus is mostly it stops the itching

  23. I think this video lacks of important information. First I don't think it's appropriate to call it an "auto immune mediated process", but basically you only described the type 1 Ig mediated mechanism, while in AD there is a mixed pathogenesis, of both type 1 and type 4 hypersensitivity. Despite I love your channel, this video was a little disappointing.

  24. Yeah I have eczema but I got prescribed a cream that made most of it go away. Now it only comes back when I'm stressed, near cats (cause I'm allergic) , or I constantly touch some part of my hands on something else. I play violin, and holding the bow can sometimes cause eczema to appear on some parts of my hands.

  25. The strange thing is tho, I don't rly scratch my eczema unless it's itching REAL bad, which is only sometimes. I think that's why it's not so bad for me . I control myself.

  26. I HATE taking antibiotics , but once my eczema kept getting so worse it was affecting how I did in school, and I am usually a straight A student , so I took antibiotics cause my mom told me to and ultimately that's what made the horror stop. Now I don't rly get it as much

  27. i have eszema and i wear anything that will cover the back of my knees because it embarrassed me everytime i go to the public,… even my uniform skirt needs to be long so i will have a little confidence even though im insecure of it … one time tho we had an event in my school and i need to wear mini skirts and it gives me anxiety just thinking of it and it even got to the point that i dont want to go to school because of it. my friend saw the back of my knees and told me "eww why is it dark" and it makes me sad that i cant wear anything i like because of it…(i have eszema and asthma and hope no rhinitis because my life is already sad)

  28. I have atopic dermatitis, asthma and allergic rhinitis. 😭💔 My grandmother and my uncle have the same problem. My mother only has asthma and allergic rhinitis, but never had eczema. My skin is always itchy! It has been disturbing my sleeping pattern. I can't sleep now that's why I ended up watching this very informative video. I hope my eczema would be gone forever. 😥

  29. Ppl at school laugh and say eww wat is dat stuff on my legs and arms. I said eczema and they said ew dont com by mee freak i said its not a disease it jus eczema

  30. If it’s not itching but only feels like a burning sensation and the skin is not dry or flaky…could it still be ecsema??
    I’ve never had these problems my whole life. Now I’m 40 and have been suffering from this since May.
    It started around my eyes and a few weeks later I got it also in my arms. The eyes and arms was not only feeling burning sensation but also itching. So they gave me steroids. But its never 100% gone. like yesterday I woke up and I had two small red spots on my forehead itching and a spot on my neck . Further, my underarms and the back of my hands I felt burning sensation (not itching and not red.) Today when I woke up the red spots on my forehead and neck were gone but my underarms and back of my hands, I still feel the burning sensation (but its much better than yesterday.) Is this still considered ecsema or what is this? (I know stress and my sensitivity to sun has something to do with it.) I know the day I sleep well and don’t have to work or is trying to relax, the burning sensation goes away.
    But I’m wondering if I really should treat a this with steroids since it can feel different from day to day? Is this really ecsema or should I treat it like something else? Should I not treat it with steroids at all but only put moisturising cream on it and hope it will go away by it self.
    Would be thankful for any response on this.

  31. I have eczema since birth and it sucks..i have darks spots from past scars and im very insecure about my skin so I dont really wear clothes that shows too much skin even my legs..I wear pants all the time and I want to wear dresses but I cant

  32. Im 35 five and every so many years Eczema strikes again and strikes hard. Usually it's the wrists and hands but sometimes it gets where I least expect it to and I'll think it's something else. One time I didn't wash and dry underneath my wedding ring and that's where it hit. I had a red ring of bursted and scratched skin that was the shape and placement of my wedding ring. At that same it got to my lower male anatomy!!!!! It was hell. Eczema is a fact of life at this point but damn that itching is pure misery. This video told more than I ever knew about eczema. Thank you and cheers to all my fellow eczema brothers and sisters.

  33. My hands swelled past a week but it has gone now. My hands are itchy,dry. The skin looks so dull and loose. Pls help!

  34. I’m a hand contact dermatitis sufferer. It just appeared one day when I was 24 and never left me. I’m now 31 & it’s effecting my life in a major way… I wish their was a cure!

    I get the broken skin, oozing blood etc… along with wet weepy wounds… it’s embarrassing & unbearable!

    I used to get in behind my neck, ears & on my toes too, but I’ve been able to keep further breakouts at bay.

  35. U can cure eczema there is a treatment fro it in Africa I cant go now but I'm gonna get it sent to me. I am ten yrs old and I really wanna help peeps with eczema cause it actually makes you depressed when your the only one in your family that has it!

  36. I’m 13 and I’ve had eczema for all of my life, although it’s been mild and most usually doesn’t go red or blister, it’s the same colour of my skin but you can see the dots there, anyways, I’ve noticed that the eczema is starting to form on the lower part of my chest and slowly move up my body, I’ve never had eczema on my face, so is it possible to go on my face??
    As a high schooler it’s really hard to explain when other kids ask about my arms and it’s just plain annoying and depressing, I really don’t want it on my face.

  37. I was ambushed by eczema during the childhood and the worst part was my parents discover no treatment. I searched the net in my teens and bumped into Planet Ayurveda who gave me Atopic Dermatitis Care Pack and made me follow a sincere diet. Currently, I am totally fit & fine.

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  40. Few red-colored patches can be seen within my elbows and legs. It is been with me for most of my life. If my very first few days of using it, I could notice my very own skin area flakes. The redness are disappeared soon after using this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). On the Fourth time, I discover that my very own cheek does not have any flakiness and also the section has absolutely treated..Immediately after the Fourth time of following the guidebook, I noticed the flakiness to be gone and also the impacted part are now treated. .

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