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Hello mam What is your name and from where you have come? My name is Shruti and I have come from Gurdaspur. Not mine treatment, my daughter is being treated from here, her name is Shivanya. OK, your video has also been made before. Yes, which was made in November last year. Ok, what problem did Shivanya have and when was it diagnosed? When she was born, doctors kept her into machines for two to three days and told us she had some allergy, but they did not tell us what problem exactly she had. He gave some medicines like some ointments or creams and advised to apply on her face. We did the same, we thought this would be a simple problem of children. This was our first child, we did not know much about what to do. We applied that cream for about 9 or 10 months. Then one day I thought, usually, everyone uses baby products for their baby but we are using this cream for her. Then we got him checked by an allopathic doctor. He gave some other medicines. He also did not state us, what problem she exactly had and we also started using those medicines. Then we again went to another doctor, a Dermatologist. He told that she had a problem named eczema. Ok, the skin specialist diagnosed this problem. Yes, we asked him about some treatment for this, because we have heard that there is no cure for this problem. He also said that there is no cure for this problem and you have to protect her from dust and avoid sunlight as much as possible. But it is impossible because she has to go to school and also outside the home. He prescribed some medicines to take and some to apply, but we did not take them. Then her father watched about Ayurveda on YouTube. When you came here? We came here on 21 April. Same year? No, last year. Last year, okay. We searched for Ayurveda on YouTube!!! We also used homeopathic medicines but those medicines made her condition worse. The homeopathic medicines caused the entire disease to come out, from which she was suffering and caused redness and acne on her face and even on the entire body. Itching was also there? There was a lot of itching, and dryness, redness was all. Her condition was very bad. Then we also stopped taking homeopathic. Ok Then we saw about Doctor Vikram and came here. Last year, in April. Yes, in April. Then Sir prescribed some medicines and gradually her condition improved. In how much time did the improvement begin? My brother lives here so I stayed here for 15 days to see the results. I saw improvement in 15 days. You could say, within the first 15 days, there was a rapid improvement in her. After that the treatment was going on, the improvement was there and then it was fully cured. Now it is in front of you that she has been fully recovered now and the doctor has stopped her medicines. What were the medicines, please show us some details about the medicines. Would you please show those papers to our viewers? Were taking all these medicines regularly. Was there any gap in between? No, were taking continuously. Ok, continuously for one to one and a half years. Yes. Along with this, was there any allopathic medicine going on? The doctor gave a steroid and advised to take it, if necessary. But we were very much precautious and we never needed that. Well !! What diet did you give? What was the diet plan of Shivanya? As it was a skin problem, so milk, all milk products, citrus products were discontinued. But in January-February, when we saw that there was a lot of improvement, we talked to the doctor, that she is a small child and it is necessary to give her these things. So he said that you can give a little. Ok Then we started giving her some milk. Ok, started giving some milk. Yes from this year. Ok For the last three months we do not notice any problem in her, so we started to give her other dairy products. We thought that we should investigate what would be its effect. But all is well now. Ok, all right now? Yes So now sir has stopped the medicines. Yes, he has stopped all the medicines. Do you have any old picture of Shivanya, showing her problem? Would you please show it to our viewers. The skin looked like this? Yes, this happened after taking homeopathic medicines. Ok, Thank you, mam. This is just of the face, but it was all over her body. Ok Would you like to give some message to our viewers? Now Shivanya has been fully recovered. My message is, first of all, God forbid, anyone or any child has this disease. But in case, if someone has this disease, do not take any other medicine, Ayurvedic medicines are the best and there are no harmful effects of these medicines to children. You must consult doctor Vikram once, if you are comfortable in it. According to me, Doctor Vikram Chauhan is the best. Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. Doctor, 2 years pehle jab Mai 2 bananas milk ke saath leta Tha to 1 week mein face aur weight par kaafi difference dekhne ko milta Tha, lekin ab 1 month ho Chuka h koi difference hi nazar nahi aa raha h, kya reason hi sakta h aur treatment kya h

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