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Hello it’s Xena here again. I’d like to touch base on the Holiday Season, dietary choices, sleep, and of course eczema. So eczema flare ups. As mentioned in my previous video, I stated (5) tips that really helped me heal my eczema, my skin. I’ll say them again and these tips are: Eating clean, whole foods. Exercising daily. Reaching out to your social supports. Having adequate amounts of sleep and of course being patient, gentle with yourself during your healing process. In regards to eczema flare ups, I’d like to touch on dietary choices and sleep. The reason why I believe these (5) tips really helped me heal my skin is because I’m a walking example of why it, it truly has worked for me. So I’d like to show you right now the flare ups that I have. They’re very little compared to what my skin use to be years back but I’ll show you first. So You can see this red patch here on my left cheek and you can also see redness here on my right cheek. And I also feel an itchy sensation underneath my eyelids and around my throat here, my neck. And I’ll just show you my hands. They’re quite dry and itchy. But I think my hands are mainly due to me washing my hands constantly as I work in the health care setting. You can see one here, a couple. You can see a couple here too. You can see some here. Right here. I apologize you may not be able to see them but I’ll describe them a little bit. These little bumps, they have little pus- like whiteness underneath it and where these little flare ups show are in places that I’ve had my severe eczema before and I just wanted to say I believe these flare ups are due to my indulgences in the chocolate, the biscuits, or the Vietnamese desserts that my family makes. I follow and live by my (5) tips that I’ve shared with you in my previous video. Though during the Holiday Season, I’ve learned to allow myself to have a few treats there with family, with friends out of either respect or just enjoying the moment with friends and family. I use to be really hard on myself. I would never have a little treat. I would never have even a small candy just because I was very strict on my regiment. Over the years, I’ve learned to kind of allow myself to learn I guess the art of moderation. And if I do have flare ups that it’s not the end of the world. Though I get these eczema flare ups, I hope that they don’t spread from head to toe again. And for me to prevent that, I kind of am extra cautious about what I am putting into my body. I like to see my eczema flare ups, even though they’re quite small right now, to be a reminder for me to you know, get back on track, to watch what I’m doing. like a reminder. It’s not the end of the world. I know that though it’s irritating to me, it will, it will get better. And in terms of sleep, I have been lacking in that department due to work, social gatherings, and just the Holiday itself. And that’s okay too. I notice too that during the Holiday Seasons, my skin usually gets more flare ups than the normal. And I think that is because of, again, the lack of sleep and having the extra indulgences that I usually don’t have. I just wanted to say that these flare ups they come up sometimes and that’s okay. It’s, I think the importance is to learn how to watch yourself and learn how to manage your skin when you have these indicators. I encourage you to have those treats in moderation of course and to not be so hard on yourself when you do have those treats. Continue on your journey of eating clean, exercising, having good sleep, and reaching to your social supports. And most importantly to not be hard on yourself during your process. Again today I still get my flare ups and that’s okay. I’ve learned to manage my skin and kind of watch what I do to myself when it comes to my skin. Thank you for watching and good luck. Take care.

9 thoughts on “Eczema Flare Ups | Re: Holiday Season, Dietary Choices, Sleep

  1. Hi Xena, your videos are very informative and positive. I hope you continue to share your knowledge and light on eczema 🙂

  2. Oh my God I'm same as you I find it sooo hard to give up sweets etc at the moment I'm covered with eczema I also use steroids to keep it controlled! my eyes r also swollen at moment :(( thanks for the video ur so beautiful regardless of the eczema lots of love xx

  3. I have eczema and i have cut out dairy and gluten from my diet but i sometimes fail and eat gluten, dairy or sweets and my eczema hasn't fully healed because of that but it has helped a lot. I am so thankful for these tips of yours so, thank you.

  4. Yaaasss girrrl. Flex on dem haters???
    Keep it up!!! Imma actually take care of my xma now too!! So thank you for the info!!!

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