Taking Charge of Your Health

Are you looking for a safe, affordable, and
effective natural medicine doctor? This is Dr. Nicholas Morgan and he is who
you’re looking for. He is a licensed naturopathic physician located
in Lansing Michigan. Naturopathic physicians are world class experts
in natural therapies to address what ails you. At The Center for Integrative Wellness they realize that Michigan has been under served
when it comes to safe, affordable, and effective integrative and holistic medical care.
This has led to illnesses like anxiety, depression, thyroid disease, GI problems and many more
receiving sub optimal care. Many times your symptoms are signs of imbalances
that need to be addressed. Suppressing your symptoms is not the same
as addressing their underlying causes. They combine their naturopathic medical training
with functional medicine to help you discover why you are experiencing your symptoms.
At The Center for Integrative Wellness they use natural therapies like pharmaceutical
grade supplements, botanical medicine, and life style modification to help you get on
the road to recovery. Good quality functional medicine does not
have to be expensive, they believe in taking a thorough history and helping you reach your
health goals naturally. This all starts with their well trained naturopathic
doctors taking the time to listen to your story so that your integrative medical plan
can be individualized. That’s why their motto is: Our “Specialty”
is You They are one of Michigan’s best options
for integrative medicine because they provide you with a healthcare plan that optimizes
your lifestyle and nutrition to help you regain your health.
If you would like to learn more about what naturopathic medicine can do for you; give
them a call at 517-455-7455 to schedule for a free 10 minute consult with Dr. Nicholas

One thought on “Effective and Affordable Functional Medicine in Michigan

  1. Dr Nicholas Morgan….I Wish you would open a Wellness Satellite Office in Midland Michigan…I live North of Midland but would travel the 50 miles to find a great Functional Doctor in that area of which for now there are none….maybe you could encourage other Doctors as yourself to come to Midland and partner up with you to make this happen…..That would be such a highlight….We have many health food stores, organic stores in our area but we lack the necessary educated Doctors as yourself…I would rather not go to a doctor at all if I cannot find a Functional Doctor ….Midland is a thriving city surrounded by other well established towns as well…I doubt you would be waiting for patients to come knocking at your door….God bless your work….I was really happy to see your video, it gave me hope that maybe Midland will get a Wellness Doctor yet.

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