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effective home remedies for tooth obsess
number one garlic garlic acts as a natural antibiotic and helps to kill the
infection causing bacteria it also has anti-inflammatory properties
as it contains a licen which is a sulfuric compound this is one of the
best home remedies for tooth abscess number two clove oil for two clove in
your mouth and place it between the affected tooth and the cheek chew it
lightly to release the juice from time-to-time do this for 30 minutes and
then rinse your mouth with warm water number 3 saltwater salt acts as a quick
clean reliever it also reduces inflammation and the infection due to
its antiseptic properties warm water helps to prevent the further spread of
infection do this to get rid of 2 tabs as being relief fast number 4 or in
pulling this our verdict practice has proved to be a great home remedy for
problems related to the mouth oil pulling helps in maintaining the oral
health and in the removal of toxins from the mouth
number 5 herbal tea bag herbal teas contain a stringent called as tannin
this tannin can draw toxins and pass from the infected area also the
antioxidants will give you a healthy mouth and eliminate the foul breath if
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