Taking Charge of Your Health

I’m passionate about hospitality management because I think it’s so inclusive. Anyone from any culture can be involved in it and there’s so many opportunities for everyone to rise in the industry. Originally, when everyone was applying for universities at school I couldn’t think of what I wanted to study. My parents said to me, “What’s one thing that you’ve always wanted to do?” I said turn my grandparents’ house into a hotel. I originally applied to Oxford Brookes because it was rated one of the best in the country for the hospitality course. I also thought that I really wanted a course that would ultimately end up in a job. I’m on placement for 12 months and I’ve been working now for five months at the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. – So here is your mini bar… The placement really attracted me to the course because I knew I wanted to get experience in the industry before I went out and graduated. Something that really set Brookes apart from any other university that I visited were the on-site facilities that you have like the doctors, the dentistry department, the mental health services and in JHB you’ve got Student Support and Brookes Union – all these things that loads of other universities don’t have that we take for granted. Hopefully once I graduate, I’ll be able to do a graduate scheme with the same company. or looking at different boutique hotels and then one day maybe have my own hotel.

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