Taking Charge of Your Health

first of all let me express our appreciation
for having you with us today Antonina from Vancouver we all know that you’re
the expert of ukon you’re an expert of the turmeric it in the Enagic company
and today the reason that we want you to be onboard to share with us
coast-to-coast because we want to understand more about ukon in particular
not just in the health perspective also in the you know you know in the in
terms of the competitive advantage how is our ukon better than the other ones
out there because we have a lot of question day in day out is that like
the price is so high and all those things how is us better than
theirs and also in terms of like earning potential like you and i actually
utilized ukon quite uniquely or quite strategically in order
for us to build our business to be a 6A2 and above. let’s share a
little bit of that in today’s meeting such that everyone can take advantage of
that what do you think if this is the lineup for today Antonina it sounds
fantastic a lot okay alright so um now now let’s do a little bit Q&A i know
that a lot of people want to know understand …. give a little bit background of
yours we know that you are a Holistic Nutritionist and for those of you who
don’t know who she is and and how she get into that do you mind to tell us a
little bit more about like did you start off as a holistic nutritionist or did
you start off like like you know as someone else before you get into the
nutrition perspective nutrition industry mm-hmm
thank you that’s a good question I’ve answered that before you who know me but
I know some of the people here are going to be very newer this is gonna be the
first time so I didn’t start as a nutritionist I was always really
fascinated by natural medicine and preventative medicine I come from a
family who are respected nature before they you know the naturopathic road so
they would always try nature first and when it failed they would go to a doctor
and take five of their daughters to the doctor and so I kind of grew up in the
household but that mindset and that’s how I’ve become as well so
and I always I always relied on nutrition health and your natural uh
perspective and so I so when I was in finance and I did 10 years on Finance
and some of the jobs were very I guess consuming and I know you’re laughing but
some of them really run me to the ground and I was working lots of hours I was
traveling a lot I was kind of eating on the go sleeping on the go like very very
busy and that definitely compromised my health so I started looking into
nutrition and health more and more so when I was traveling I was bring my own
food I would be fairly selective at what I choose so it’s become a part of life
and then I loved this field but I never thought I’ll become full-time in this
and it’s actually kangen water that pushed me in this direction in the way
that I am in now so gave me the courage and the opportunity to do this full-time
so while in the while in the corporate career I did my nutritional education
then I went to naturopathic education and and then had the guts to quit the
bank and the finance and all the comforts that came with a 10-year career
and decided to do this full-time and I never looked back
I’m happy doing this and this is just the beginning I’m sure it’s surely a
beginning I think let me tell everybody how we met you and
I are not in the same team actually I’m fortunate enough to to
meet you actually I think is around two years ago probably you didn’t even know
I was attending one of your seminars actually it was way back I actually went
drive all the way in a snowy day to Waterloo to attend your seminar when you
were coming to town with siha and then you and then you were in Toronto and and
that actually enlighten me because the way that you delivered water and the way that
they delivered Ukon is totally different than what I’ve learned and how I get
into it because for those of you who have been with me for my journey in the
kangen or in the enagic world you guys all know that I learned how to do
business all by myself no one really showed me and teach me how to do it and
really I still remember two years ago when I was sitting in your presentation
antonina it was actually an eye opener I think
I took a lot of pictures I remember as you remember a
few months ago when you were browsing on my phone you saw some of those pictures
and it was really fascinating and I guess fast forward it was around a few
months ago that’s when we we actually connect again that I’m fortunate enough
that I get to share stage with you and actually learn from you
up close and and you know head to head hand in hand and and today and that’s
why for those one who who’s out there watching this interview this
is why I want you guys to meet this wonderful person this wonderful lady
from West Coast understand how she enlightened me two years ago and brought
me from 4A to where I am right now really you were you were significant
crucial part of it in case you don’t know Antonina but today instead of
sharing water because water we’re going to talk about that in our next webinar
which is next Sunday but today let’s talk about what you have been known
about I think you are the only one who can claim to be the queen of ukon
really in the enagic community you talk about that very often you
basically whenever people invite you even though you are more than ukon
ladies and gentlemen please listen to this she is more than ukon she is she
is very comprehensive she can do water she can do ukon even the
compensation plan okay but for somehow somewhere everybody know her as the
queen of ukon now let’s use your strength and ride on your strengths and
what people know about you share with us like ukon I know that you deal with
different client different people day in day out about nutrition what do you think
of ukon and like to you how is our tumeric different than what you have
been seeing or interacting out there in the market you want to share that with
us absolutely great question and number one the one word maybe you should
remember it’s special it’s very different like yes this product is
different first and foremost again working with
lots of supplements and I have a whole cupboard full of supplements because I’m
in the industry and so my medicine cabinets doesn’t get system they need
it’s always if something’s off or something wrong do I need to help
someone I pull out one of the one of the remedies natural natural nutritional
remedies that I know will help my clients my family myself my partner so
and ukon takes a very special place there because I’ve tried other turmeric
and curcumin products and I am strongly I’m a big big and strong believer that
nothing works just quite as well as this one at least out of what I tried so I
can make claim overall but I’ve tried quite a few products and work with ukon
for a while I do believe this is one of the strongest ukon turmeric and
supplementation’s out there and there’s many reasons to say why it is I think
some of the first ones again out of all the supplements that I have this is the
first one and the only one that’s using kind of in water to clean it and
disinfect it so whether it’s 11.5 whether it’s 2.5 there is no other
supplement no other raw material that is you know using this one no other company
that’s using this incredible water and was all of its properties we know
medicinal properties around water all of its properties to process raw material
from which the whole food from which our product is made so what I love about it
we know exactly where it comes from comes from one of the best soils and
places in the world it’s called a Blue Zone so it’s a very clean environment
organic soil very well organically fertilized and replenish soil so this
particles from a very very special place and then of course there is a lot of
human interaction that’s involved so we’re not talking about machinery doing
everything and synthetic interventions and and and but actually a lot of you
know made by hand products so we are looking at the supplement that’s made
was a lot of care and a lot of human involvement organic practices a lot of
good investment when behind this whether it’s research whether it’s quality
development and and processing so again no no other product uses kangen water no
other product uses turmeric the two types of some of the best turmeric
available on the market today as plants two types of turmeric in one product and
I don’t believe I haven’t seen so far any product that packages their turmeric
product better than ours so this is a medical grade packaging where every
single capsule consume is not oxidized freshest than
the cleanest with special incredible oils in there they make the very
important curcumin which is an antioxidant anti-cancer makes a
bioavailable it’s fat soluble so makes it very bioavailable and all other
ingredients because they use whole form of it’s not just one element they use
the whole plant and all of its treating all of its properties and then they also
use two varieties both of which have incredible you know a distinctive
properties or benefits so were you looking at – you know two incredible
varieties incredible processing with proper elements that help its overall
formula to be delivered and work on the body so when it comes to overall fast
intervention if we need to do something for you to see them to have the client
have the fast result I have not seen better results in this turmeric some God
said okay now you were mentioning about like our particular ukon they
use two types of turmeric I remember one of the conversation one of the
presentation that I went to that actually was done by you you mentioned that there’s
actually more than two types of turmeric around the world and actually we chose to
use these turmerics for special reason one is for the oil and one is actually for the curcumic content of it I mean and and both of them are actually grown
at our very own ukon farm speaking about turmeric also mentioned I still
remember one a presentation went to yours is basically
curcumic all by myself it does not have that power if
we just use it all by itself right vs it’s combined with different things
do you mind to share a little bit more about that how what what exactly you meant by that personally i read lot of articles about that like turmeric
by itself it does not have that power unless it’s being used and utilized I
mean in a different way such that the bioavailability can be higher and
things like that do you mind you share a little bit more
on that with us mmm-hmm yeah a very interesting question and I agree with
you know exactly where you going with this
I think what you’ve heard me speak about is that we not only do we used two types
of turmeric one is very strong in curcumin
which is an active bioavailable ingredient and antioxidant and
anti-cancer very well known in the medicine and used on its own some a lot
of the times they will derive that one element the major anti-cancer element
and just use that as many many supplements so we use the product that
has a very high amount of curcumin active ingredient and then we use
another type of turmeric that has all of other like it has more of other elements
more of other antioxidants and other minerals in there so the reason and the
way the Japanese combine it it actually the latest science that we see at this I
remember the years but I think in the last five years is when we see the
medicine and allopathic medicine or naturopathic medicine all fields of
medicine have been enjoying and exploring curcumin for a long time
because the special in allopathic medicine in a medical world that we know
of they always love to use approaches in where they bring it down it you know
strain it down to one ingredient so they’re always looking at one ingredient
and the synthesis and so on and because they love doing science on one
ingredient alone so they’ll do a lot of science on curcumin alone and we know
it’s anti-inflammatory antifungal antiviral antibacterial anti-cancer but
what the latest research shows is when they extract that and put that aside
that’s a fantastic on its own but even when they use all this other elements
that they stripping off that’s phenomenal anti-cancer as well really on
its own even without curcumin so there is a power in having all and that’s the
beauty of nature is that it has all of them together for a reason has this
perfect formula that makes each other work better together it strengthens the
the benefits of both and so now you have all of its elements available and
helping each other to be delivered to be properly assimilated to be properly
synthesized and appreciated by the body so the beautiful thing is that they’ve
taken the two best products on the market one of the best properly grown
them properly clean them didn’t in nature them when processing and take a
really good care at how they do it and when they put that together
and anything to deliver in the capsules all of that makes it you know makes it
so special why it makes it so potent in comparison to other products I see a lot
of powders I see a lot of capsule powders I see a lot of bottles and when
you open them and they start oxidizing I see a lot of you know because a lot of
you have to understand supplementation can become really expensive supplements
can be really expensive we have probably the most expensive type
of packaging to ensure its quality I’d rather take two of our icons then
sometimes ten of other product we’re so big as yeah the bioavailability the
quality of this is and the effects that people are going to get am I going to be
much much greater and stronger and a lot of other products there because it’s
easy to just get like a raw material in turmeric root and dehydrate it and
things like that and powder it and and then put it together and just sell it in
capsules and maybe use some binding or anti-caking ingredients or whatever that
they need to there’s lots of fillers and another stuff in there but when it comes
to this it’s just potent because of how whole it is and because of how well
designed it is this I you you answer my my my the thing that has always been
bothering me actually it was an excellent answer in a truth I think
because of what you said it actually will help me sell even more ukon
because for what you just shared with me and other questions that I I got this
question all the time and probably from my team all the time is that you know
the price is so high Antonina the price is so high in
compression to what’s available out there right obviously there’s tons of
different types of turmeric product out there from your perspective from what
I’ve just heard I think it actually worth every single penny because from
the packaging and the raw ingredients and everything right do you think the
price is reasonable like just absolutely I think what’s important is that people
compare apples to apples so if we were trying to fight if we were to try to
find comparable product first of all we can’t because there is nothing like this
that I’ve seen on the market there are the technologies that are used there
the elements things are combined with their other delivery methods there are
some good products out there but those products are in the hundreds mm-hmm so
we’re talking those products cost more than what we get here really oh
absolutely yes so you are paying for what you get and you are actually
getting a really good discount and a really good bargain for what you’re
getting from therapeutic perspective so if you want the results like this
turmeric will have you will need to buy a lot more of the other product and you
will not get the same effect so I think it’s important that people understand
when they do the comparison they understand okay well if I’m looking at
another product that costs less than ours when I’m looking at that product I
have to look at okay what are the ingredients on there what is the
bioavailability what is they how many active ingredients are there what other
elements are used like other ingredients how well does it work for my condition
is it as strong at cause you know helping me with pain management is it as
strong and if you’ll find the product that is as strong as ours let’s say
you’ll get it you’ll look around for long enough and you’ll figure something
out it will be more expensive mm-hmm so yeah I know I think it’s it’s very
competitive on the market especially when we consider then when we get that
if we do it smartly we’re investing in our own business mm-hmm we are walking
the talk so sharing something that we have a personal experience with we
actually getting healthy or getting better we also get a discount when we do
that mm-hmm and then further discount if you you know depending on which leg it’s
and depending on again you can get quite significant discounts when you do this
mm-hmm and it’s a business opportunity as well actually which we’re gonna cover
a little bit a little bit just slightly a little bit of that towards the end of
the presentation today for this webinar so I without further ado shall we start
off your your PowerPoint sure I’d love to okay all right so now let’s take a
look at it okay hold on wanted to do it myself I’m like wait I’m
not in the know you don’t have but but it’s interesting that
there’s some problem with with this thing right now
I’m trying to figure out if I can connect with the PowerPoint there’s
another problem right now I have okay you know what we may not be able to
control connect with the PowerPoint oh I I don’t know I think it’s because it’s a
new platform they’re using rain here so we cannot connect with it
do you thing you can verbally ladies and gentlemen I can email to you the powerpoint a little bit later do you think you mind to just basically talk about the
PowerPoint I love when you challenge me i do that all the time if I remember my powerpoint and
I think I do as I’ve spoken on it quite a lot of times so okay first and
foremost when it comes to turmeric and I always start with the fact that we need
to understand the power of natural medicine and power nature power of
nutrition because we are a natural organism we our body that’s made out of
natural molecules vitamins minerals fighting nutrients you know amino acids
high quality fats and things like that there are multiple labels to segregate
them but the point is we made out of and water of course so all of those elements
the body will function perfectly if it has all of them in place and the body
will start malfunctioning when we have deficiencies we have toxicities mm-hmm
so we have all kinds of labels there’s 10,000 plus different medical labels
they were given as diagnosis so what people need to understand that those
labels and diagnosis is we get because we don’t have a full understanding or
our medical doctors can’t really come down to a conclusion what exactly they
look at the symptoms and this symptoms check out was all this boxes and so
therefore we’re gonna give you this label this disease if you weren’t born
with it you acquired it it’s due to lifestyle you know I quite like because
again even your genes they always respond to the environment they are
always adapting to the environment so what kind of environment are you living
with when we’re talking about environment we’re looking at physical
environment you know essentially the environment of your home so are you
living in the toxic environment what are you breathing what are you eating what
are you putting on your skin what are you what are you thinking right all of
those things they impact us we are what we eat thing
you know breathe speak I’d you know digest assimilate and not eliminate so
all of those things we become those things so I always look at medicine and
the true medicine is the one that helps to find the root cause of the disease
not just I have the symptom let me treat the symptom so something hurts but he’s
telling me something has an issue something has a problem let’s just take
you know and to kind of a some kind of an T pain anti-inflammatory medication
and shut that pain down so what you effectively done as an individual who
has a pain you’re right away shut down that pain without understanding why that
was there in the first place so you can do that for a while
you can keep shutting it down shutting it down shutting it down take other
drugs because you have side effects from the first one and then continue on that
path and many people do that when you put all of their life and they just keep
adding on to their cupboard of medications suffering was a lot of side
effects and never really addressing the cost so if you want to address the cause
you’re in the right place you need to start looking at nutrition and what
makes turmeric and curcumin so special is that it’s very very potent as a whole
food and in this case we’re dealing as a whole food supplement so and when you
look at the science so I always say when people are to walk into a doctor’s
office and they say doctor you know I’m on this drug but I you know as you know
I’ve been on this for last seven years and I only feel worse and it keeps
getting worse and we’ve tried all this medications or I have all the side
effects I don’t feel like it’s doing what it’s supposed to I really want to
try something natural and so and that’s fantastic people people ask those
questions they come to the doctor is all the good intentions and said doctor I
really I’ve been researching something or I’ve been hearing from this
nutritionist or naturopathic doctor or traditional Chinese medicine doctor
right and I’ve heard about this incredible plant and I’m using it in my
cooking and I’m doing this and most of the doctors if they haven’t studied
natural medicine or naturopathy most of them have not because that’s not what
they’re taught in school most of them have not so they will tell you oh
there’s not enough science to suggest that that is true there is not enough
evidence or research and this is where it’s almost criminal that people say
that they because it’s not true so if the doctor
having studied and doesn’t know this I believe that they haven’t studied
nutrition they shouldn’t speak on nutrition I believe will be ethical I
don’t want to talk about drugs I haven’t studied drugs and pharmacology I don’t
want to tell people to take drugs or not to take drugs I want to it I can educate
them on alternatives but I’m not gonna tell them not to do something especially
that’s not my expertise I’m gonna tell them of all the side effects in our
natural field we always educate people so they understand that they have things
to wait and and decide on but the point is I’m not going to be telling people to
take medications either because that’s not something I’ve studied what people
need to understand when they walk into the doctor’s office medical doctor’s
office who hasn’t studied nutrition because there are those who are dabbling
into it and very open to nutrition and just nutraceutical approach and not you
know Arthur molecular net naturopathic approach so they’re having some
incredible medical doctors but those they haven’t shouldn’t say anything
about it because they are wrong when they say there’s not enough research
there is more research we talk about 6900 studies that been calculated couple
of years ago now I’ve been hearing latest references that it’s up to ten
thousand studies on turmeric so that combines turmeric and curcumin so there
is so much research and they just haven’t looked at it they haven’t been
told about it in medical school because pharmacology does not teach natural
elements and things that are produced by nature because they cannot be patented a
lot of scientist I a lot of researchers a lot of pharmacology a lot of corporate
corporations they’re trying to develop drugs they trying to find a way to
patent curcumin and all these different other elements that are found in natural
sources they trying to you know break them apart so much change their
structure things like so they can patent that so they can make themselves unique
and they can decide they can actually decide on what price
to to market them at so there is a lot of that going on in the world and
because pharmaceutical companies can’t patent natural elements they don’t look
at research I don’t teach research in medical schools to doctors so it is
totally in all of our clients and our friends and our families hands to do
their own research we have to as practitioners and as
individuals no matter where we are no matter what other career we’re doing no
matter what conditions we’re looking at we need it’s our job to look into what
might be a good healthy alternative without side effects so the beautiful
thing about turmeric is there’s enormous amount of evidence more than any drug
can ever ever offer it has incredible we know through research I’m not just
making those statements in my PowerPoint for those of you who are going to look
at it after will show that there’s an incredible amount of research that shows
that we have all of the medical research for its properties and ability to deal
with scan sirs even the cancers that are drug resistance so have no response
and so any cancers and as well as the cancers that a drug-resistant we look at
people that have different heavy metal poisoning so things like Alzheimer’s so
Alzheimers does a lot of times the Alzheimer’s there’s lot of associations
with heavy metals in the brain so things like aluminum and Mercury and other very
oxidizing elements that are very toxic to our body and specially brain tissues
all of those things cause caused a lot of a lot of inflammation in the brain
and deterioration of neurons and then other tissues and so people start having
debilitating conditions so what’s beautiful about turmeric fantastic
anti-cancer anti inflammation phenomenal prevention just as a support prevention
when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease when I talk to people and I have people
that ask me what you know dementia alzheimer what do I do there are multiple
remedies that are very well you know researched and evidence-based that are
really helpful in those conditions to reduce inflammation help detoxify from
heavy metals help slowly naturally address those so a lot of skin
conditions so actually see a questions will ukon help eczema right
is that is that spelled okay so the I would say yes but again we can’t make
general statements every single person when it comes to naturopathic medicine
it’s not condition drug condition drug we talk about the whole person we’re
looking at okay what are their overall problems what
the overall lifestyle what do they have when it comes to okay what do they eat
what does their body has a lot of inflammation is so one way to when I
talk a lot about conditions of the skin I always ask my clients to look inward
and understand the digestive system so when you’re working with
anything digestively you need to if there’s inflammation and digestive tract
you could start anywhere from the mouth if it starts in the mouth all over all
all the way down to small and large intestine so a lot of the times people
have a lot of inflammatory conditions going on in the small and large
intestine and so this is where a skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside
so the body the skin will show so if there is a lot of damage and
inflammation going on inside it will show on the skin psoriasis and eczema
will show up so the beautiful thing about turmeric and curcumin is that the
very anti-inflammatory so there will be a lot of damage and inflammation and
intestinal tract and that inflammation will show up on the skin the body will
again try to detox through skin and there’s detoxifying and moving things
out through the skin will irritate the tissue of the skin causing friction
damage and so as this acids are living the body if they can’t do it digestive
Lee they will start coming through the skin because skin is a very big
eliminating organ it’s one of our largest eliminating organs so we
eliminating the lungs we eliminating through the digestive tract we
eliminating through you know digestive relate through kidney liver and an
intestinal tract but we also eliminating through skin it’s one of the largest
organs so again if the body can’t eliminate this way it will eliminate
this way and when it eliminates all of this acid out of our body it will
cause irritation kind of all of that stuff will break the skin caused all
this rashes so I would definitely highly recommend drinking a lot of kangen water
consuming a lot of high-quality fresh 9.5 maybe looking into also intermediate
fasting so when the digestive system is given a lot of great some break to to
heal digestion and then start looking at anti inflammatory substances like
curcumin and turmeric which are fantastic at reducing inflammation
you know inwardly like all the way and they will progress throughout the body
so I do believe I can’t say for certain what exactly is
causing this person’s condition but I would take out dairy and I would take
turmeric and I would drink a lot of kangen water to start and I do believe
there’s going to be great results oh I don’t think I hear you sorry now you can
hear me I think it’s amazing that you share with us in terms of like one
disease or one problem they appear in front of us say for example eczema it’s
not really just one thing it’s actually a reflection of what’s happening inside
and you mentioned it you would you you you just make a very powerful statement
saying that like turmeric and curcumin is actually something that can help us
to to cure was do take care of was what’s back inside and start to you know
boost up the immune and make things happen you yeah I think a lot of people out
there even though myself I got confused with the turmeric and curcumin what
are the two difference I know this may be a little silly in terms of this
question but really the what are the difference between the two turmeric and curcumin what are the difference yeah so curcuminoids or a curcumin is an active
ingredient in turmeric this is something that’s big it’s an an element that
became very because again when we’re looking at whole food so you’re looking
at the ginger family so turmeric belongs to ginger family it’s this root that
looks like ginger but it has this beautiful orange color was a lot of
curcumin there’s a lot of other elements that are very and so it distinctive its
it looks like a ginger in shape but it has different properties both of them
are very therapeutic but are so turmeric is the whole plant it has a lot of other
nutrients curcumin is one of the elements found in turmeric and that is
the element that’s become really famous because it has this very strong
anti-cancer properties mmm-hmm now without going into too much
detail that’s the difference there’s like it’s it’s one element out of many
that’s found to be very anti-cancer anti-inflammatory okay gotcha so for
those of you who I’m sorry about that but the tannic got through the technical
difficulty I won’t be able to show Antonina’s amazing presentation that I
can share with that with you a bit later but for those those of you really want
to know her comparison about turmeric versus medications there’s actually a very amazing 15 minutes ukon video that
we put online through youtube right now there’s almost close to 1000
views after we put it up for three months so you you can I think that is a
very good reference point for everybody to go into because that we capture the
power point of of what Antonina made and and things like that now I know
that I remember in that PowerPoint you mentioned something like turmeric is actually an amazing product to to you know to counter change with medication for diabetics and
other commonly known diseases let’s say you might even name a few
that actually you think turmeric will be a a powerful substitute in terms of
versus medications mmm-hmm so yeah so there’s so many things that
it does the beautiful thing about things like turmeric and curcumin is that they
are very bioavailable very therapeutically active in helping the
body what body knows knows how to do so essentially you’re not working against
the body you’re not suppressing the body like a lot of drugs do you’re not
polluting the liver and kidneys and having a lot of side effects you are
what we term is with Gerry one of the greatest researchers what he says you
get a lot of side benefits so again because I’ve mentioned that started with
saying that our body has and functions because of all this beautiful
like it’s built out of this beautiful building blocks vitamins minerals
fighting nutrients amino acids so when the body is made out of that and I told
you it’s only sick because it’s deficient it’s dehydrated it’s
malnutrition and it has toxicity so curcumin becomes a perfect building
block that’s made from nature that the body can use has a lot of like it’s a
package of building blocks that the body can utilize and repair detoxify as well
as repair regenerate so there are many conditions that it will help so from a
naturopathic standpoint here is the safest thing to take is always start
with nature and then and then see how that works and most of the time it works
if it’s applied properly so if it’s applied properly if high-quality
sourcing I use like what we have was oak on is that you can work
there’s a phenomenal research on diabetes phenomenal research on
psychiatric medications so when it comes to diabetes and cardiovascular system
I’ll go back to that cardiovascular system diabetes so we know diabetes was
talking about type 1 type 2 I always look for my clients have that always
looking what I ate on that in school is that we always look at their liver
health and pancreas health and there are certain elements that are required for
pancreas to allow its beta cells to work properly and for liver to detox and work
better those two organs are very strongly implicated so what’s fantastic
about turmeric it helps all of those organs
it helps overall in anti-inflammatory activity in the cardiovascular system in
the blood was all of this sugar management issues was all of this
oxidation and all of this problems that are going on because when people are
diabetic again they start having all the insulin problems that can’t enter into
the cell and it starts you know starts causing all this issues to all of the
cells that don’t require insulin receptors at least you see people losing
their vision you see people start having all of this issues with peripheral
nervous system with their or some of the a specific specific idea cardiovascular
system so turmeric is very anti-inflammatory when it comes to
diabetes very very strong when compared to famous drug like Mehmet Forman and
instead of just tricking the body and doing something temporarily it actually
helps long-term and helps to deal with that inflammation and repair overall
cardiovascular issues so people that have arthrosclerosis so we know that
people have atherosclerosis because they have all this plaque buildup in their
body the plaque is built up in the body because of inflammation in another in
the body in the cardiovascular system in all of their arteries so we have built
up of plaque in the arteries because we have a lot of inflammation damage to the
the wall and then that damage the body is trying to patch it up with
cholesterol then you’ll have you know calcium gets stuck there heavy metals
get stuck there LPS like all of these different cells that it gets stuck there
and it becomes like this mountain that that’s built within the arteries and so
they the flow of blood start to be restricted so you have damage to
the lining of the arteries and then you have a restricted blood flow so you
start having all of this issues that are associated with strokes and and
cardiovascular diseases and and anything was cholesterol all of this other stuff
stuff there’s so many things that can happen from there the beautiful thing
about turmeric is that can be a very preventative natural you can slowly that
that have a metals that bill built up in their arterial plug that cholesterol
that inflammation that’s built up there it can take care of that we know that it
does that therapeutically we know it takes care of inflammation we know it
takes care of you know helps the heavy metal move out we know that it has all
this other elements that help elasticity of the arteries so there’s so many
things that turmeric and natural elements that’s not the only one but
natural elements do to help the body repair in detox so the body can and the
cardiovascular system and arteries can work better so this is just some of the
examples so cardiovascular issue arthrosclerosis diabetes what else don’t
have in the PowerPoint we talked about cancer I’ve mentioned it’s one of the
best things and anti-cancer there’s so much research whether we’re talking
about cancer that’s being treated with chemo and radiation which have a lot of
side effects people need to know about it so and and I hope that they’ve very
well aware of the kind of side effects but whether we dealing with side effects
turmeric will help with that to detox clean reduce inflammation that comes
from there or whether we want to I just help the body as a prevention or help
the body when it goes to whether allopathic or naturopathic model
turmeric will be really good at helping doing the job that the body needs to do
when it’s dealing with cancer mm-hmm so and we have so much research on cancer
alone and in turmeric i think there’s over 52 abstracts and just an overall
cancers and then there’s a lot more that goes into specific types though yeah and
there’s lots of pathology and how it works what else yeah a brain brain
chemistry so heavy metal detoxification and depression so we know people have
depression because they are malnourished in the brain this is I always refer to
our brain as a nutrient hog so what I mean by that it’s like it eats a lot of
nutrients its own 2, 3% body weight but it consumes 20 30
% of nutrition so if you are deficient in nutrients this organ the brain is
going to suffer the most and it’s really sad when we have so much stigma around around brain chemistry around brain diseases I mean all of the diseases
associated with psychiatry people are just like people are so afraid to talk
about or share that they have bipolar schizophrenia depression anxiety all of
these conditions autism and all of this stuff there is nothing that should be
embarrassing about that because it’s just another organ in the body that’s
malfunctioning and it can’t be revived and regenerated and it can’t we know
today the science today the neurons regenerate we need to give the brain the
right food the right water and all these conditions are going to can-can
sufficiently I’m not going to say cure but can be sufficiently you know support
it and and then decide for yourself because when people start having
symptoms that means they don’t have a disease anymore
but again disease is a label so what’s beautiful about curcumin it’s so good at
reducing that inflammation that happens in the brain so it’s going to help the
brain to detoxify it’s going to help – a lot of times we have a lot of damage to
the brain tissue because a lots of information let’s say there’s well the
nutrient deficiency detox hydration deficiency the hydration issues because
regular water cannot pass the bran bread blame brain blood barrier effectively
and hydrogen water we know can so this inability to pass the brain blood
barrier now we have the best water and now we have the best antioxidant
turmeric so we can it can help hydrate the brain new trait the brain and reduce
inflammation that’s caused by all the toxicity so with that we see there’s
some incredible science when it comes to depression anxiety just brain chemistry
so I would look into that for those who are interested and I think we can all
help get some help or be supportive in that in today’s world and all the
demands that it has mm-hmm I think you basically cover all everything that you
did for a PowerPoint just by remembering so so just I think III personally think
that is amazing product I think that every day I take five to ten capsules
every day and I feel my Energy’s different when I
have taken ukon versus when I’m not taking it and and when we look into the
label for our ukon products there’s actually other elements other
than the turmeric and the turmeric oil or other the cucurmic units right there’s
other vitamins that we have in it Antonina right yeah natural yeah yeah
actually imagine by caring bioavailable elements absolutely and yet and and it’s
actually is it was so can I see it as a kind of like a multi supplement
multivitamin capsule I’m doing everyday yeah yeah you can say so my favorite
ways of addressing this one is that it’s very bioavailable because of its I mean
a perfect mimic mimicry of what is found in nature so there’s a big difference
like for example in allopathic approach as I’ve mentioned we usually they use
its every if the reductionistic model so they always reduced it down to one
element and then look at how this element affects but the body is complex
organism and everything in nature is very complex so when we that’s what I
always say use food as medicine so always get majority of you nutrition
from food because every single leaf a beautiful leaf that has not only calcium
magnesium potassium like not only one element but it has the beautiful web of
all this other elements and when consumed as a whole food it has more
value for example calcium will never be properly assimilated and delivered to
the bone if we don’t have potassium magnesium phosphorus if I don’t have d3
and k2 to deliver it and larger than the bone will actually calcify the
cardiovascular system you will never make it to the bone so we can drink all
the you know processed milk and we can take all of the calcium supplementation
essentially eat chalk but if we don’t this is there’s a big difference between
again coming down to quality of the supplement you can go and get cheap
calcium out there in the eating rock or you can go to naturopathic route and get
a high quality pay more but hey a high quality formula of calcium which is
bioavailable and has other elements that help it to be a properly you know to do
to be deliver to work needs to be and to actually work in the
body not be excreted so that’s what makes our turmeric unique and different
it has all of this other elements they’re going to help that curcumin and
other important molecules to work better because they work synergistically
because it’s not just one element we did just extract curcumin we didn’t just do
this or that we actually have this beautiful bouquet
of elements that work with each other make each other potent does that make
sense yes because it’s a natural formula our body’s a natural mechanism can
understand that so there is a beautiful reading of that formula and in you know
exchange happening there’s a beautiful interaction it makes perfect sense as
well honestly even makes sense to me it makes every sense the everybody you you
know me well enough right now that like to me I’m actually I’m actually a very
silly in terms of the field of nutrition whatever you told me you think I would
just take it because what’s better than believing in an expert like you on
something like that now let’s go further in terms of like into our turmeric our ukon earlier on of our conversation today we mentioned about how amazing in
terms of packaging how amazing enagic in order to make that happen for those those of you who don’t know
out there for our special formula each of capsule is actually patented right is
actually patented mr oshiro actually purchased
it from the inventor of this formula so you won’t be able to find
anything similar out there in terms of like what’s in the combination stuff
like that now let’s go a little bit further deeper into the earning
potential remember early on we talked about like this is an amazing business
this is amazing business and actually when we put it in the right lane that we
can get a little bit more discounted I know it’s a little bit tough without the
PowerPoint so we need to print you verbally get everybody to visualize
with us to make their happen yes ukon in comparison to to our Kangen device
they’re both a business center or they’re both business opportunity for or
for those of you who actually purchase ukon you already have an opportunity to start your business out there
and and probably you know that for our ukon
actually come in one purchase and 2 renewals and each of this renewal is actually count
as a unit count as a unit sale right so Antonina share with us like
probably you don’t know what I’m going to ask you but this is what I’m gonna ask
so share with us like in terms of like when you first started I know that the ukon
wasn’t or hasn’t even existed and I think it didn’t come to Canada
until probably three years ago three and a half or something like that ago
roughly right so so a little bit more right when we first started
we we have no we have no ukon versus now we have ukon right where do you think it’s advantage or disadvantage is that
better in terms of strategic building on not …it
doesn’t give us an advantage at all what’s your take on that I think it’s a
fantastic advantage and here’s why so we know that kangen enagic company is
really good at making electrolysis machines the best in the market the best
in the industry unparalleled medical grade device made from Japan from
scratch phenomenal results medical attested like incredible incredible
research behind it and power that I haven’t seen anywhere else so I
regionally when the turmeric came out I was like well I don’t know you know he’s
just like do we want to dab into supplements do this is that a good idea
like are they just being themselves thing things like but we know a
phenomenal technology wise they go well and then I realized like it’s really
great I understood they mr oshiro’s visions first of all he wanted to give
back to the island he loves so much that’s his birth place beautiful island
pristine nature centenarians it’s a blue zone
like you know centenarians live there and economically that island is not doing very well hasn’t been doing very well so he wanted to
give back because he can so again and when an interpreter when a business a
person when a large corporations like enagic that’s done so well around the
world when he he saw and he knew that he can give back to where he comes from and
support the beautiful agriculture there’s
infrastructure their support economy of that island and supports the farming
methods because we know I can now has been growing turmeric for hundreds of
years so it’s a multi-generational practice in principle it’s not something
that just decided to grow there recently and you know this is something that
they’ve done really well for a long time and maybe one of the reasons why they live so long is because they have this incredible you know because they have
this incredible you know agriculture and this incredible soil and this incredible
plants and turmeric is one of them that are so antioxidant so therapeutic so that’s
just a fantastic thing that he found in using to give back and again having the
financing and having the Medical Board and having the tools and having the
water to do it well it was the perfect formula the perfect you know system
he really had everything to do it right so we know there’s been a lot of
Japanese researchers and doctors that were behind designing this working was
this and continue to be on board and we have a lot of incredible you know
there’s there’s reasons behind everything that’s been done with
turmeric so that I think no I am happy I think they’re in the field that they
understand they have all the brain power to do it right and they have all the
right technologies and they have all the everything that required for raw
material creation for processing for cleaning for packaging they have all the
tools and again that Japanese and you know medical approach preventative
approach ortho molecular approach to doing it right with all the right
research into doing it like from scratch to finish and doing it was the highest
ethics possible so it’s very ethical II well put-together product and the
company so no I think they’ve done a really good job with it I don’t you know
do they want to go and expand on that I don’t know if they need to this is
perfect enough so I think mr oshiro’s vision is that let’s add to what we
already have let’s we have this incredibly anti-inflammatory water let’s
have this incredible anti-inflammatory one of the best literally the turmeric is
one of the best medicinal plants out there so now he’s working with 75% of
the body master that we have the most incredible medical devices on the
kitchen counter now afford to take supplements why not
take one of the most medicinal ones properly processed so I’m glad that
they’ve gotten into because they do it well if they didn’t do it well I I would
be skeptical I would think that it will dilute them in some way but it’s not
because they’ve done it really well yeah for you know what for those of you who
haven’t been lucky enough like me to do you know to know a little bit more about
Antonina you would have to know that whatever that she endorses she really
looked into it I’m talking about look deep into it in terms of like whatever
she say that she recommend no that’s the brain power okay in case
you don’t know what what she meant about that so basically okay welcome welcome
to reborn it’s easter next week so so literally
whatever she looked into it and she put her name after it is something that
she really really looked into it and it’s actually brain proof for all of us
because this expert this person across the border actually look into it so in
terms of picking it you have no I highly endorse it and also she highly endorsed it
and is one of the best out there and in terms of from a business
perspective I think it’s amazing because right now in terms of turmeric what I
love about Enagic is that they don’t just release one ukon capsules they
give us variety they utilize that turmeric plants that they grow out there that they
grow out there they use the different products that coming out from the same
place to making a different by-product for example we have ukon capsule we
first started that actually we all love and now for those of you who may not
know is that if you if we join the ukon DD program which is
something that we purchase like we make a commitment of seven hundred sixty
dollars for four months and the after every four month we get on renewal and for
each renewal you get to choose what kind of ukon product you you want because
out of our ukon family we have the ukon capsule we have the ukon tea we have the
ukon soap and all of this amazings from okinawa and i personally I actually have
some of my friends who are actually in skincare field or in the
food and beverage field or even in the food scientific field
we look into the turmeric tea and we also look in the turmeric soap that
we have out there talk about turmeric tea first for those of you who may not know
is that turmeric tea is actually staple in Okinawa actually you cannot find
any in Canada you cannot find any turmeric tea is the same grade or you cannot even find any organic turmeric tea that’s in
that that’s actually solely turmeric 100 percent turmeric out there in
Canada I’ve seen a few other which is all the turmeric but it they also mix it
with other other ingredients you know they make their tea and the price is
actually higher than what we what what we are what we’re buying in enagic
each of the bag is actually costs me around $1.50 each so when you are talking
about what we have is that each box we have around 30 bags there and
actually ours is way cheaper than what’s available out there in market and
actually each of the packaging is so unique very similar to the ukon capsules
so every ukon capsule is actually individual individual pack for
our tea again it’s individual pack as well
I still remember one of the the presentation i went to Antonina’s in the very
early early stage of my enagic life is that you mentioned about the turmeric
capsule the packaging the packaging for each 50 pack its unique right they do
it for a reason right what was that for again
yeah so yeah thanks I’m so glad that you mentioned what else they do is turmeric
so that beautiful plantation that they have and beautiful workers that they
have doing it by hand that they’re able to do the capsules and they’re able to
use other like in invest you know and incorporate it into other things that we
can use at home whether it’s tea whether it’s soap so that’s fantastic and
because I do it well again the beautiful thing about the packaging is original
it’s like oh my god this is not environmental friendly that was my first
reaction and then I realized that this is what makes it so potent one of the
reasons our turmeric is so unique and so powerful medicinally therapeutically
powerful is because it’s so well packaged it’s a medical grade packaging
some of the most expensive so each capsule is perfectly protected from any
kind of oxidation until we are ready to take it
and I literally you’ve seen me and I know you laugh at me but I just do it in
my mouth I don’t even put it in my on the table or in the cup or anything
whatever or on the hand I just right away pop it in my mouth so it’s fantastic
that way it’s fresh up until delivered right away no oxidation no timeout it’s
also incredible to travel with so it comes in the box in the box you have
maybe I should have brought it in the box that comes with to this kind of like
aluminum sealed containers not aluminum I don’t know with actually but the blend
of but what’s fantastic about it when I fly and I know when I’m radiated through
when we coming through all the security the greatest thing is that it doesn’t and
that radiation that exposure to all of this is not christina you’re so cute
okay there we go you are talking about this one right yeah so
this is the perfect packaging protected from any kind of radiation so I know
that no matter where I go over there I fly with it in a plane one of my bags
are scanned nothing deteriorates a product and when I’m on the plane I love
popping that open I’m taking it from and and getting them fresh into my mouth so
it’s just I have not seen better like there’s very it’s very hard to find
better package nutraceutical product you have pharmaceutical products package
like that because some of them cost hundreds and thousands of dollars
depending on what you’ll see them investing this much money into this but
it’s really really expensive to do that alone cost a lot mm-hmm exactly
exactly speaking about so basically enagic care not just for in terms of the
ingredients out it can also care about the packaging make sure that we enjoy
the best anti oxidant ever when we are in taking our turmeric product for those of
you who have never tried the turmeric tea I highly recommend it because I used ORP
meter to measure our turmeric tea when we yes with either I actually used a turmeric
tea I used a regular tap water to brew the turmeric tea and I use kangen
water one kangen water to brew turmeric tea what I find is that when I use regular
water to brew turmeric tea the reading of the ORP
is actually negative 200mV it’s negative 200mV and that reading actually stay for a quite a long time I compare we compare turmeric tea
versus regular green tea we find that turmeric tea last slightly longer
in terms of the in terms of mV so I have a lot of like my
team they actually carry turmeric tea with them and turmeric capsule with them
as they go and recently one of my one of my team member who is actually a big fan
of cooking she actually apply the turmeric tea in some of the anti-cancer
recipes and and its really it works really well in terms of as a flavor
enhancer in terms of like in terms of what those people couldn’t take the
capsule I think this is another take to do it creatively in terms of like what
we can do with this and it’s truly amazing and obviously we all know that
the tea bag after you finish brewing it you can use it for you know for planting
as a fertilizer or you even use it to get rid of your eyebag one one like it’s
for for skin care purpose right okay speaking of that like you do you use this as well Antonina yeah what do you what do you think of this it’s
fantastic isn’t it well I’ve always used I mean for many years now I’ve used
natural soaps they don’t cause any irritation or skin issues so especially
with people with eczema psoriasis any kind of skin conditions they should
eliminate anybody should eliminate any majority of the soaps you buy in regular
stores I won’t mention the names but majority of the stores that are we all
know and they’re just so familiar to us if you look in the ingredients and if
you actually research all the ingredients there are so many
cancer-causing ingredients in them parabens of different kinds the so
ladies like all like I don’t understand how that’s have been allowed but that’s
another story I can do a whole lecture on the toxic products that are out there
and that are they made it through to our shelves and continue doing this for last
seven years but so I think everybody should always use natural soaps only so
if you’re Kangen lover why not use this one very anti-inflammatory has all the
power of turmeric very again non-toxic anti-inflammatories
so I would use it and I do I do so I do have two soaps one the one that I’ve
been using forever dr. Bronner’s natural soap and the turmeric I actually put it
in a special net you know the one that’s really easy to soap up yeah a special
net and it’s in there and it’s just it’s upset so well it’s beautiful
yeah and it’s amazing because they do not just it’s not just turmeric they also
have like honey and tea tree oil and stuff like that for any inflammation
it’s fantastic and and one of the few tips that one of my team members
who’s actually skin care professional share with me is that you know as we
travel around we we may not have the luxury to have Anespa with us right
you can bring this with us because it actually it works so well in terms of
like taking care of or getting rid of the chlorine and stuff like that and what is
that I used to travel with this other dr. Bronner’s soap I went before we had
ukon and now I travel with a piece of that because I usually do carry-on
travel I don’t want to submit I don’t want I don’t want to check in the bag
and check out so I don’t have to wait in the airports or write too early or leave
later so I do a carry-on and when I do a carry-on I don’t want to bring too many
liquids so I can no longer bring my natural soap and I’m so glad that enagic
has this because I can cut this bar and because I’m very well cut this bar into
smaller pieces so when I travel I take this because when I come to the hotels
there are very few hotels that meet my standards
there are only a few boutique hotels that have good quality you know product
what do you call them there’s something for them you know those the skin care
products all the soaps shampoos I always bring my own so now having a small
having half of that that’s soap or you can just you don’t have to it’s not a
liquid it’s so easy to travel with you dry it out when it’s in the hotel but
that’s the only thing I used to wash my hands on the hotel and take a shower
with okay all right well it just makes it there’s so many chemicals around us
we already when you in the hotel you exposed to all of this bleached
you know everything all the sheets and all of the all of this stuff are you
breathing all those chemicals that they using
there in that environment and so also using all this toxic product in the
hotel not my thing to do I know some of you people I haven’t thought about it
but I’m a snob when it comes to that so if I can make my life toxic free or
reduce the toxicity as much as I can especially when you travel we exposed to
so much more than when we our own environment when we get to choose what
kind of products we use as you know many of you don’t use con chemicals anymore
because you have 2.5 eleven point five six ph so now you have soap to travel
with amazing it’s truly amazing now let’s talk a little bit about the
earning potential of it okay basically for every time that when we
make a purchase of the ukon DD program ukon DD program is something that we
need to purchase once and then we renew twice its for the year and each time
we will get $40 as a point I remember Antonina was mentioning a little bit
earlier is that depending on where we purchase the ukon it actually our
points would get more say for example you purchase at 2A lane you double up
in terms of the ukon commission will become $80 instead of
$40 so this is exactly what she was telling telling or sharing with us about
is that the discount will be getting is likely more because of the commission
base say for example imagine we’re purchasing the ukon at our 5A lane so
we are looking to get $200 in terms of commission return for our four for that
for that purchase in particular and will continue and keep going on each single
time we renew another thing that do want to mention is that every single renew
that we we make with our ukon is actually one unit count so for those of
you who know out there is that whenever we rank up from 1A to 6A we need
that unit count to take into account now in order for us to rank up so basically
that makes a perfect sense imagine just use…use a very unique scenario
imagine you have 34 people who actually purchase the ukon DD program who actually purchase the ukon DD program in that case after one year guess what you will
be 6A automatically 34 times three right so but obviously we we
all know that for those of you who who join us today you are all business
builders you know that you want to ride on the wave you you know that you want to
use that as an advantage such that you can rank up to be a 6A
earlier such that we get better in terms of financial advantage so so you know
understand this if you would like to understand what the ukon power is about
you know sit down with myself or sit down with Antonina and I think we both
can actually share with you in terms of strategy wise how to run it
but always remember that like when we have people who comes into the enagic
business kangen waters and kangen water erw device is amazing in
case if they couldn’t afford it okay ukon is a perfect scenario for them to
join us well for them to start off if they do it by installment for a DD
program it’s a 300 something dollars to start off and then afterward it’s $180
is $180 afterward for each month and then they already have an distributor
account to work with anyways to have a distributor account work with anyways
and whenever you have ukon you know account you are entitled for Machine
Commission as well as ukon Commission both of that both of that so so
therefore you will be able to get the unit count get the commission but mind you that if you only have a machine account if you do only have machine account
you don’t have the ukon program you are not entitled for the ukon
Commission and as well as for in terms of like for the ukon unit count as well so
you may want to take advantage of that and honestly for me when I first started
just like Antonina we have no ukon to start off so when we build we need to
make sure that we receive the SP so we’re putting across every four months
at least right but now because we have the ukon program we built under the
ukon such that you can you can learn from us and you know rise to
be a 6A2 and above even quicker than us because of strategy-wise we can build it
in terms of what I call a Golden Triangle or perfect scenario to start off of her
foundation this is what I love about having
ukon actually so therefore we get both advantage and because we have ukon we
are also entitled for the SP in full for both the ukon and machine accounts
so this is a little bit trick this is a interesting about about the
strategy-wise how you can work on it and run on it and be actually be a 6A
earlier by riding on the ukon program right Antonina do you agree with that I agree
I agree so first I wanted to mention the cost is one compared is it’s worth it
even if you buy a full price when you buy it in your because when you got your
kangen machine you have a business no matter what so no matter where where you
place it it’s all going to be a discount of course the more further down there as
you progress as they as a matter of fact I remember signing up in one place one
of my legs as a 2A then I moved it to 6a when that Leg became a 6a
mm-hm so now I get six position for this kit for this account six six points so
as you progress because if you’ll have ukon on there three times in the
row that number is secured forever now with canceling it there and putting it in
a different place you can get better Commission and so that means greater
discount for the product that you’re consuming or giving for free for clients
to try or prospects to try or gifting to your family because again this is just a
wonderful tool wonderful gift wonderful opportunity to get somebody to
experience the power of nature and the fantastic product so I gift a lot of
this so as you said if you put it down it keeps your account active so you can
build under it wherever you put it gives you that amount of discount so the
discount is amazing and so with this discount guys especially if ukon is
further out and you get a lot of majority of you collect majority of the
Commission you get a wholesale supplement of the highest above medical
grade quality so it’s a medical grade with no side effects and a lot of side
benefits so it’s better than any drug it’s it’s a fantastic natural L you know
beautifully designed of a product and you have you know and you have it at the
discount you’re literally getting it at the prices that the broker or the store
will get it before they sell it to you mm-hmm
which is fantastic so Antonina in terms of the supplement that you have been
working with and dealing with in the industry so far have you ever
seen any supplement that you can actually order directly from the farm
can I interrupt you for a second Dolly who’s trying to get in but she has a
black screen you’re right we have technical support who’s handling that
That is awesome thank you our technical support Carreau who is actually just
right across from me so so that guy who was passing me that ukon
capsule he was with me I know I know there was
another button like a little green button then I had to do after oh yeah
it’s kind of interesting so so I’m sorry about that guys we’re trying with this
new platform I promise you next next will be way better it will way way
better we’re trying something different hang-hang and thank you for your
persistence don’t worry dolly just in case you don’t know we we actually
record the whole interview today so therefore we can always go back to
that yeah okay ukon in terms of the ukon what
you have seen out there have you ever seen any supplement that we can order
directly from the farm you know you’re getting it directly from the company you
don’t have to go through the middleman you don’t have to pay you know middle I
guess of course it’s the the more you collect the more of the Commission you
collect yep you can collect all of it you’re pretty much buying from the
manufacturer in Japan highest quality medical great quality from so you
majority like as a practitioner can order a lot of supplements at cost
like what at wholesale cost and instead of retail don’t have to go to national
store to buy them I can do that of course for my clients and for my own
benefit majority all the people out there they will only be getting
supplements at the retail cost maybe they can find better deal of smaller
margins when they shop online or something but in this case when you’re
getting your turmeric not only is your business benefiting overall because you
are getting close you’re getting to 6A faster or you’re building whatever
like you’re building faster you’re also getting discount and you can get a full
discount on the product effectively getting wholesale price on phenomenal
medical grade mm-hmm and and let’s go deeper into that in terms of like
when you’re getting it from the manufacturer in terms of your supplement
but the manufacturer in order for them to produce that
supplement they need to get the raw ingredients from their
supplier isn’t it yes usually but yeah for our ukon capsule ukon tea ukon soap
whatever we using in our family of ukon products the farmers who grew who grow the
turmeric is actually enagic’s direct supplier so we are the one who actually
monitor got the quality control in terms of farming in terms of manufacturing in
terms of how is being washed even though the treat to the turmeric before is being
put into the capsule or the tea or the soap I think this is rare isn’t it
Antonina in terms of industry wise this is very rare there is and there is all
the third-party testing which I always want to look at so there’s all this
third-party certification testing quality is fantastic so yeah I would
it’s interesting I love what you brought up is that first of all within the
company we don’t have a middleman they are the same company that grows and
processes a lot of the times in supplement industry they’ll buy a raw
material here and the raw materials there and there and there and there and
then they processing putting it together mm-hmm
so again there is that there’s there’s a lot of involvement and parties
exchanging hands with enagic there is nothing that they outsource so
their machines whether it’s plates the filters and everything from the very
first bald engineer puts it together from scratch to finish with turmeric
everything’s done to get that done from scratch to finish and they monitor
everything from the quality of the soil from fertilization to to growing process
the cleaning process to production process to testing process to
distribution process so they are everything which is amazing because they
can control and ensure medical grade quality just like they do with anything
else mm-hmm exactly and actually though some
of our friends actually in Okinawa right now who was at reducing the ukon
manufacturing plant ukon farm they actually film how the whole process was
being done in a video cam maybe I can share with everybody afterwards such
that you know it kind of like how is being made and how it’s being done
nothing’s being produced in a mass production everything honestly as
Antonina said its hand crafted even they are are washing the turmeric even though all
those procedure that they did I think I think you posted videos this morning when
they have like was it at 6 or 4 SD 501 like that the large ones right the
yep the commercial that’s producing 2.5 non-stop that’s just amazing
yeah that’s right 2.5 non-stop I don’t think they have around six six in
that treatment plant that they have a question for you that’s from Jojo yeah
I love that yeah yeah okay do you want me to answer that now or did you want to
finish I think we almost done so so there were yes please
okay hi Jojo so how many ukon pills should you have a day so for an adult
mr. oshiro or medical advisors for for Kangen and enagic recommend this
prevention five pills a day there are people that take ten a day and things
like that I think again start was you can start with even a smaller amount
because every single person is unique so as a practitioner slower is better like
sometimes you just want or don’t jump and just start just like water
don’t get on nine point five right away the body is gonna get through a healing
crisis at this point it might react it might you might be detoxing so the same
as the product maybe start with two three four and then get into five pills
and need to stay on there it seems to be a very safe dose for an adult of course
just like water the dose is way too dependent activity dependent excessively
dependent so every person needs different amount so see what feels right
for your body but usually it’s five a day
what is ukon’s role in weight loss so that’s a fantastic question so if we’re
just to logically think about it let’s just explore this together
weight gain happens because of metabolic problems because of hormone problems
because of multiple things people might be gaining weight because not even
sometimes how much they eat but what they eat so if you consume a lot of
things that are toxic if people are concerned a lot of things that are toxic
or cause a lot of infamy might actually be healthy food it might be healthy for
me and okay for Christina but it might not be good at all for another person
for a friend of us that we know or for you jo-jo so um it’s really it really
depends food that is healing for one person can be toxic for another
so people need to know their body and what they’re acceptible to what causes
inflammation in their body so if the person’s gonna eat and consume things
that are very inflammatory and toxic for one’s body the body that cannot deal
with that will end up storing it so the next best thing that I will try to do
you will try to store those chemicals inflammatory compounds you will
encapsulate them so they protect the organ systems so for example let’s say
person loves consuming packaged food or microwaved food or that things that can
stick let’s say consume I have a lot of arsenic and the body can detox it let’s
say a lot of rice and the body can detox that arsenic efficiently so to make sure
that those heavy metals or those byproducts or those toxic molecules
don’t cause damage to our organs the body will encapsulating like isolated in
fat and put it away from our organs so usually we’ll see it in the meat section
in where people start storing mean lying waste that’s because the body is trying
to now the candy lose all the success ‘ti it can’t effectively detox it and
move it out so we’ll start storing it encapsulating it and storing it away
from our organs so that organs are protected so the body is rather
encapsulated or isolated from our organs to keep us alive if it’s not really
worried about our waist or you know about about our figure it’s more worried
about keeping as a lab that’s its primary goal so if we can’t eliminate it
it will store it to protect your organs so when we consume things like water
that’s very anti-inflammatory that helps the body to detox because of alkalinity
and transfer protein activation and all this flushing that happens with toxicity
with turmeric that has all this antioxidants that also helps the body to
get rid of toxins so again when we study the fat and when we do that all this
research that was done on taking liposuction like liposuction taking fat
of the person and looking at this fat and a majority of this fat is actually
texted toxins so what we know the body stores fat because it protects us from
toxins so now if we can bring in anything that can remove toxins so can
water help the body detox yes can turmeric help our body detox yes because
it has a lot of antioxidants it takes out heavy metals it takes about all
oxidizing molecules so it’s good at so again if
body gets rid of the toxins it no longer has a need to hold on to weight so again
the fat that’s there to protect and isolate those toxins from organs now has
no place to be because the toxins are removed so I hope that makes sense
Jojo was this did it answer your question should we move on to the next
one okay perfect awesome thank you okay
so you think about ukon something I want to learn more okay
top three things important about ukon to help somebody else learn okay the
best and easiest things for you to think about is the majority of diseases always
start with inflammation so something is in a dysfunction there’s always an
inflammatory process there that inflammation can happen because of
deficiencies and lack of self protection and the body can’t protect it from
inflammation and constantly preparing going on there or it can happen because
of toxicity so first and foremost remember turmeric is very
anti-inflammatory so whenever you think pain aches pretty much it’s kind of like
I think the best marketing for any practitioner is that pain doctor so
think about ukon as this pain doctor because turmeric is like advils and all
other things that have a lot of side effects turmeric is like that but
without side effects other side benefits so think about turmeric is an anti pain
and think about all the people you know that have conditions that have pain
involved and I would say it’s I would probably comfortably say it’s most of
the conditions they all have some kind of an inflammation pain and this is why
people went and got a diagnosis so turmeric whether it’s pain and
inflammation it’s the best element to use so I hope that’s helpful anti-cancer
and detox so anti-inflammatory anti-cancer we know a lot of science on
that and really fantastic detox because of how anti-inflammatory anti
antioxidant activities help it so why is the dairy usually taking out of people’s
diet to better their health love it such great questions
okay so why do we take out dairy because everyone I think each one of you talking
to you guys if you think about the dairy you consume when you a little do you
remember that dairy being different than what it is now and I think most of you
would say yes whether you come from I know the boonies here in in calc and in
Canada or where they come from another country I know coming from Eastern
Europe coming from Russia like the we always want to look at dairy I remember
cows I remember looking at real cows I remember when I went to visit my
babushka a grandma and I go into the village they will do fresh real milk
that would actually be taking from the cow brought home and consumed that milk
will go bad in a couple of days right you know go bad it will start fermenting
and then the other products will be created products that have all the
probiotic powders powers right so it was this happy cow that was pasteurizing on
green grass sunshine had its way the baby running around growing so it was
naturally produced happy you know cow and it was lovingly cared for and it was
kind of a part of this ecosystem that existed so drinking that milk was very
different than the kind of milk would get today so when you go to the store
the milk that you buy in Canadian stores today it’s by law it’s law it’s a fact
that you cannot buy the milk that has not been pasteurized so what that means
it’s absolutely must today for the milk to be on the Shelf to be pasteurized
before it’s put on shelf that means that it was denatured it means that after
taking the milk not from happy cows on the green grass it’s very rarely happens
it’s from a cow that is stuck in a little place that it’s continuously
abused that has doesn’t eat grass it eats greens it’s it’s it’s abused in
multiple ways there’s it’s it’s I don’t even want to mention this right now it’s
a natural diet doesn’t see sunshine the baby is taken away for a veal meat they
have a lot of hormones that are pumped into them so they produce milk all the
time that’s why milking cows die so much sooner in couple of years than the cows
regular lifespan because they’re constantly pumped to produce milk they
use this production cows so they you have to understand that we only
supposed to drink mother’s milk you are wiser rafts don’t take milk from cows
why monkeys don’t take milk from I don’t know I
cantaloupes oh sorry I can’t there’s another name for and there’s a Russian
name for it no no I mixed up my animals but do you know the from a bear and
things like that animals we produce when this human
mother produced milk when she gave birth to a child and that milk is a perfect
fruit for the baby until the baby develops gastro
intestinal flora therefore teeth and it’s able to use and
get nutrients out of other sources when it’s able to get nutrients out about
other sources to survive its wind off of mother’s milk
so now woman stops producing milk that means your milk consumption should end
there you shouldn’t go like why even if I if I did need milk why wouldn’t I go
to my mother and ask for more that’s a perfect human milk for human babies and
if we needed milk right now I should be able to go and get it from my mom but
there is a reason why my mom’s not producing milk right now so anyways
we’re not supposed to be consuming milk when we’re adults we can perfectly get
all nutrition from out of food so especially the kind of milk that we get
in you know in stores today it’s it’s it’s heavily processed it’s pasturized right
therefore all of the elements are destroyed in it and then a lot of
artificial there’s so much artificial stuff and the you know chemicals that
are found in it that’s why it lasts in your fridge not for a couple of days but
last couple of weeks so it’s when we consume that it’s actually very acidic
this is why many people especially in the day they actually we don’t have
enough proper enzymes lactase lactase lactose those enzymes that that that
break down dairy proteins the sort of lactase will break down lactose in milk
so those enzymes are no longer present and I no longer produce many of them
because I’m no longer consuming mother’s milk as I’m wind off mother’s milk that
enzyme production by my body goes down for a reason so a lot of people cannot
consume milk naturally as adults they do consume that kind of going
against nature so they depleting their enzyme storage or they’re causing a lot
of inflammation in the body and when we cause a lot of inflammation and acidity
the body will create mucus to protect its tissue so when we consuming milk and
the dairy passes through a digestive system it will irritate the tissue
because it’s acidic it’s very acidic so irritate the tissue causing and the body
will create mucus to protect it so that’s why we have our colon we have
when we look at the colon and if you guys see dr. shinya videos
you’ll see people that consume a lot of processed food and a lot of dairy a lot
of acidic products they will hell of a lot of mucus built up in the colon so
that’s mucus is protected by the body to self protect so the problem is when you
created all the mucus now the body can’t assimilate other nutrients into the
blood so when we consume dairy we taking an actual sources high sources of
calcium without all other elements that are important to deliver calcium into
the bone d3 k2 potassium how this will get much more calcium bioavailable
calcium from greens and vegetables and nuts and because it has all the other
elements that help it get to where it needs to when it comes to dairy it’s
very acidic denature it doesn’t have all the elements and it will create a lot of
mucus so most people will actually be reacting to it and a lot of times when
people have psoriasis and eczema I tell them to cut out dairy and see how
they’re going to respond so if anybody here has any any skin issues any
conditions that have irritation you know see if you can find an alternative make
sure that you find alternative to dairy there’s so many incredible options out
there but the best thing is to make your own so you don’t deal with preservatives
and and other chemicals because it should just be almond and water and it’s
best to be almond and kangen water so soak almonds in the morning mix them with
kangen water have perfect almond milk almond cashew kangen cashews you know hemp milk like hemp seeds so
there’s so many varieties if you want to make it fun add cacao into it make a
chocolate hemp hemp milk or chocolate almond milk or put vanilla or make it
vanilla milk you know making banana milk whatever you make it but it takes
minutes it’s easy it’s fun it’s healthy and you’re using again just like you
wouldn’t drink other say but Kangen you making the best milk out
there was that a long answer no but I think it’s an amazing answer someone will probably email me or message me saying that can you make sure that Antonina film a cooking show or
something like that with kangen water I think we need to do something yeah we
need to make that happen um I think Jojo got a lot of good notes
from you to give you a little background about this young gentleman who actually
message you about all this question he’s actually a body…
he’s actually a fitness instructor he worked for one of the one of
the fitness club in Toronto here he actually trained people that’s right I
guess he wants to utilize ukon in terms of like in his training program that’s
why he asked all those question um do you have you let me ask this question
for him probably in his mind but he hasn’t voiced out yet, do you see ukon as a unique supplement for people who actually in body build and or
as in in if they’re very high active in terms as an athlete yeah
great question so jojo thank you very much for questions they’re
fantastic and I think everybody’s learning something so thank you for
participating and and writing them all out down so I know he asked another
question should to remember taking daily and other natural medicine should be
taking daily so that ties into your question Christina and so when we’re
talking about turmeric is it helping those that are in athletic
performance and bodybuilding or just overall overall I care for physiology
and reparative absolutely why ukon or turmeric will be really good for it is
because it’s very anti-inflammatory so just like the water when we work out
when we exercise whether were your marathon runners where they were just
you know you know weekend warriors whether we athletes and actually
achieving certain performance the beautiful thing about turmeric is that
every time you exercise or you workout you create a lot of information because
there’s lots of muscle breakdown tissue breakdown and a lot of byproducts
that are created a lot of acidic byproducts that are created like lactic
acid and so turmeric along with water will help dramatically to move that
lactic acid and other byproducts out of the system so will help recover
exercise stress which is there’s a good type of exercise stress and then there
is an overdoing it so either way the turmeric will help to
deal with that detoxification repair regeneration and inflammatory giving the
body the tools to to get back on track so we’ve worked really hard at the gym
this is what I find fascinating when people go there’s so many people they
just kind of look at calories in calories out they don’t understand so
they think I’m just gonna go eat whatever I want and don’t care about
nutrition it’s just I’m just gonna I’m just gonna exercise and because of
exercise that burned all this calories I’m gonna go and eat whatever I want to
that’s not how the body works and the whole calorie counting is fascinating to
me so Jojo I hope you you’re gonna understand what I’m trying to say when
they do all the calories studies and this is how the industry got away was
this for so long and was such a big marketed idea they just kind of look in
a lab they take a look at if they burned something in the lab when they burn it
down the burn rate and then they kind of assess caloric value and this burn rate
so that’s not how the body works again they will say like an apple a certain
amount of calories let’s say 100 500 calories well there’s an apple that’s
been grown in the toxic soil doesn’t have all the nutrients because it hasn’t
been organically a crop rotated fertilize or anything like that then as
this apples are growing and ripening because apple trees are very susceptible
to fungal growth they’ll spray that apple and majority of apple orchards are
sprayed ten to fifteen times through the growing cycle through it through the
season so now this apple trees are constantly sprayed with all of these
chemicals so the problem is is that now you have this apple that is depleted in
nutrients and that has all of this other chemicals layers upon layers of all this
chemicals and this is right so back back see and so and so you know it doesn’t
have the same flavor as it used to and things like that and they all look
perfect but the problem is nutritionally devoted so you look at this Apple and
they say it’s a hundred calories and then there will be an organic apple like
always buy organic apples right for home and this Apple has been growing in a
nutrient deficient soil in the nutrient-rich soil so now it’s observed
whatever he could the tree could feed it with all his best nutrients and it
wasn’t sprayed with all the chemicals so it doesn’t have all the layers of
chemicals so what your body wants Jojo what your body wants your body wants the
most amount of nutrition when it when is was the least amount of work so when it
doesn’t have to use nutrients and antioxidants to break something down to
digest something to assimilate something so your body will use the most amount of
you’ll actually easy so do you think there’s so both of these apples are 100
calories assume right so how is that possible
this Apple has all of the chemicals in your nutrition and this Apple has all of
this beautiful nutrition and no chemicals and as a matter of fact your
body is gonna process every single thing differently than mine depending on what
it needs depends on depending on its digestive processes on its enzymatic
storage on an organ function on digestive because even the healthy food
that can’t properly be there just and eliminated will petrify and cause a
toxicity in the gut so there are so many things to consider the point is is that
there’s no like calories in calories that we need to take a look we need to
stop counting calories and start counting chemicals so the beautiful
thing again if you put a calorie label on on the avocado it’s gonna look
terrible but it’s one of the most beautiful foods has good fats good amino
acids good nutrients right I love the judge ago as well yeah so it’s really
it’s really really important to look at the nutritional value so I don’t care I
eat a lot eight more than then a lot of friends I know in my my tall big men
that sometimes is might or may be more and and that’s but we eat high quality
food when I did eat high quality food I how to eat it’s so so easy it’s to this
day if I if I if I get off the track and I start eating whatever I don’t care as
much as I usually do I can fluctuate in weight but the point is I can eat a lot
but if it’s a high quality food there’s gonna be no requirement for storage
because the body can understand it you know properly digested me use what it
means what’s needed and it was always fiber was all of nutritional value
eliminate what’s not needed so there is no need for storage and protection but
yeah so quality is really important so again count count ingredients and count
chemicals not calories you’re asking what other nutrients that are really
good to have in your cupboard I would highly recommend that you investigate so
again all of the nutrition most of your nutrition you should always come from
food but our food is depleted today so this one of the biggest like people ask
me why do we need supplements why do we take leucon right let’s select well I’d
say maybe 100 years ago 50 years ago we didn’t need to because we hadn’t we had
an out of a lot of vitamin D when it was a nutrition because we were outside a
lot working the fields because we were not afraid of Sun because we were doing
a lot of physical activity because there were a lot of our you know jobs or
activities were very I know very strengthening on the body’s over active
we had a lot of natural sunshine we weren’t in a computers a sedentary
lifestyle inside indoors all the time when plastering chemicals on our face
when we out we were eating food there was nutrient dense there was organically
grown this is what our grandparents used to leave he didn’t call it didn’t have
to be label organic it didn’t have to be tested it was all organic live grown
because we didn’t have the in industry the chemical industry after work our
world war ii Second World War was finished it was all of this chemical
industry that needed to use their chemicals and sell them to again in the
silde to our agriculture and they started using it in our agriculture so
now we’re dealing with all this chemicals so we didn’t have the
chemicals to deal with and again anytime we consuming chemicals the body has to
use nutrients antioxidants elements to detox us from it so if we consuming
notional food that’s conventionally grown is a lot of chemicals we’re not
feeding the body because that’s what is empty and we’re depleting the body all
the time so what was I trying to say conventional food can just be very toxic
and nutrient depleted so we need supplements today majority of people
with what we’ve done to our soil I think will understand that there is a big
environmental crisis from what we’re doing to our soils we will literally
spraying tons and tons of chemical waste and byproducts and was what we’ve done
to our lands and what we’ve done to our air or what we’ve done to our waters our
food in our agricultural land is can is very you know is not as pristine as
it used to be a hundred years ago and is not news nutrient-dense as it used to be
a hundred years ago we don’t even have a life in it like look at and when I was a
little girl I would hop to school run to school when it was rain or after rain in
the morning and there would be so much so many worms out on me on it coming out
of the soil there was so much life in that soil today I can’t even find an
apple was a little with a worm in it like it’s not know you guys you’d
remember your childhood you remember your cherries you remember your apples
it’s not what you see today so the point is our it’s not biodiverse our soul is
none by diversity our fruits and vegetables don’t have the same amount of
nutrition they used to have hundred years ago because of how toxic and
depleted it is and abused it is and how you know and then of course how
unnatural their food grows and then it comes not from our garden it comes from
South America or comes from China or comes from you know South Africa or
somewhere else so it’s traveled all over the world it’s pea-green ripen on route
and delivered to us weeks later that’s where we consume it so it has a lot of
nutrient loss so we need supplements so we think that’s why things like turmeric
are very helpful and other elements that I love having in my cupboards maybe the
top three you ask me top three I would say vitamin D we are very deficient in
it especially in Canada in North America very deficient because we don’t get
natural Sun or enough of it that’s why there’s one of the biggest vitamin D
studies is actually out of Canada goes on for so many years I don’t remember
the exact number of years but it’s the best study in the world and it said that
I believe 80% of cancers wouldn’t exist if have enough vitamin D so again it’s
natural exposure to sunshine not an abuse not an overuse not an
overindulgence natural exposure we assign beings natural exposure of
sunshine without covering our eyes because our vitamin D is observed
through our retina and allowing for to observe through our skin the body uses
cholesterol to convert that sun rays to convert sudden radiation into using
cholesterol into vitamin D I don’t I’m not going to go into medical terms or
what the conversion there are seven steps of conversion
and so the body gets Sun through the skin if we have healthy exposure without
overdoing it it’s going to be very helpful so we don’t get it in Canada so
vitamin D is special in the wintertime is going to boost your immune system
dramatically so have vitamin D in your cupboards I would take a couple of
thousands of IU’s every every everyday I’m terrible I’m forgetting all the time
but this is very cancer preventative magnesium is also a really really
wonderful mineral to have in your in your cupboards because magnesium is very
depleted from our lifestyle today so a lot of people we deplete magnesium
through stress and we definitely have a lot of layers very stressful lifestyle
right like we have more stress than our ancestors used to have so we have a lot
of stress think about traffic think about driving think about family think
about two three jobs that people have so we have stressful environments and
lifestyle if you consume coffee you had your little the flush and magnesium out
of your body if you consume alcohol or have consumed in the period for a period
of time you’re younger that depletes magnesium out of their body so certain
drugs can can cause all of this deficiencies as well so vitamin D
magnesium I love vitamin C it’s under pressure and
underappreciated vitamin as well very very important very antioxidant
antifungal antiviral it’s very dose dependent so it’s not just oh it’s
winter season I’m gonna take a little bit we’re talking about vitamin C can it
has so much incredible research it’s one of these strongest elements if right
dosages are apply in some conditions we need to get it and really large dosages
or intravenously but phenomenal anti-cancer so that would
be my top 3 but there’s so many other ones that I’d recommend that I love
nutrients and we need to understand their value and different people need
different things okay cool okay all right sorry no no no no no no it’s
amazing answer I think I think what jojo asks is actually a lot of people have in
their mind as well and and haven’t gotta chance to type it out and things like
that I think it’s fantastic how we know it see see that’s
how he feels so I think think that actually actually get us
moving forward as a healthy being from what we’ve learned from you today I
know we’re a little bit over run because of all those magnificent answers you are
giving giving us so next week we’re going to have you back right Antonina to
talk about water would you like me back of course of course but next week I
promise it will be on a different platform we are going to see of course
see jojo is your big fan okay he already plan it out when you’re
coming to toronto so um so the thing is that next week we’re gonna talk about
water but we’re gonna take a little bit different in terms of approach you’re not
going to see Antonina doing a demo in front of camera with us we’ll
talk about like cellular hydration how water can actually help us to to to help
us in terms of our cells not not just ourselves which a lot of people thought
about 75% of us is water so this is what we need to take care of but really if
you heard about Antonina’s presentation or even heard about my presentation that
I steal some of her lines actually lots of that 90.5%
of us in each of cell is water and that plays a crucial role and rarely we
look into cellular dehydration we always just look into dehydration so next week
I beg you to come back to share with us in terms of like how Kangen water plays a crucial role in terms of cellular dehydration

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  1. in India we have States growing Turmeric for cooking purpose mostly. very small percentage using by Indian ladies in some areas using as health benefits they applying to their fetes and faces. protection from fungus and other health befits. but we Indians don't know about organic medical grade Turmeric. your information about Ucon is very amazing

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