Taking Charge of Your Health

I am Dr. Ananda Basu. I am the director of the diabetes management
clinic, and I head the diabetes technology program, which serves to bring technology
to patients with diabetes so that we can treat them better and manage them better. I’ve seen several of my family members die
of diabetes. When I saw my loved ones die prematurely because
of the ravages of diabetes, really pushed me towards medicine. The Center of Diabetes Technology is really
unique here at UVA, and that’s probably one of the major reasons why I moved here with
my better half, who’s a Type 2 diabetes researcher, so that we can advance the field together. So, merging engineering, the technology aspects,
as well as the physician physiology aspects, and patient care aspects so that we can provide
a complete package to these patients with Type 1 diabetes. To see the joy in these patient’s faces when
they see that their high blood sugars and their low blood sugars are getting better
and better, their quality of life is improving tremendously, that gives me huge satisfaction
that the patients will lay their trust on someone else to manage their life, and that
is the greatest joy.

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