Taking Charge of Your Health

Sandra: Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die. I’m your host, Sandra Champlain, author
of the book We Don’t Die: A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death. Today, I have
another great, great guest. In fact, I have goosebumps over this one. His name is Alex
J. Hermosillo. He is an internationally-known healer and spiritual teacher who had a near-death
experience in 1997. With the wisdom given to him on the other side, along with experiences
of healing, he has developed a simple, fast and effective energy healing technique that
anyone can do for themselves and it is called “The Masteries of Energy Healing”. Alex
Hermosillo has touched the lives of thousands of people and helped people heal from heart
disease, cancer, tumors, migraine headaches, depression, grief, and so much more. In fact,
he dedicates his life to helping others. His healing center is in Phoenix, Arizona and
is the author of the book A True Story of Hope, Healing, and Miracles. He also has an
incredible, powerful meditation that I finished listening to and it’s called “I Now Release,
I Now Bring In”. It’s a meditation that heals your mind, body, and spirit. He has
been featured on Fox News, ABC, as well as CBS from his home in Phoenix. I cannot wait
for him to share his story with all of us. I’d like to give a warm welcome to Alex
J. Hermosillo to We Don’t Die Radio. Alex, welcome to our show.
Alex: Sandra, thank you, thank you, thank you for having me on your show. I’m looking
forward to it. Sandra: I was just so excited. I was stumbling
over my words like a kid at Christmas. I just wanted to unwrap it. SO, my dear friend, I’ve
been on your website, and I listened to your audio and now I am
meeting you for the first time. You know your story more than anyone else, so I don’t
know how to ask how it all began. Would you mind sharing your story?
Alex: Well thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience. It was so – I wasn’t
expecting it. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school. God just seemed so far
away, to me. That was my life. I went to high school and then into the military; I was in
the Navy and actually on the U.S.S. Enterprise. My family is all military. I went to some
school, some college and ended up working at a large department store. During lunch
time one day, I went to go have a chili-cheese dog. I wasn’t feeling very well. My stomach
was upset and then several hours later, I actually was rushed to the emergency room
due to internal bleeding. I remember that I was lying on this bed in the emergency room
and these doctors and nurses all surrounded me, doing the best to save my life. Then,
this overwhelming peace came into me; Just a great, great peace. Then, after that, a
beautiful golden mist came upon me and everything dissipated. All the doctors and nurses, the
emergency room, everything was gone. The next thing I knew, I was about 20 feet off of the
ground looking downwards. I saw my entire family. I had nine brothers and sisters, and
it was interesting because they were all lined up in a straight row. I saw my father and
my mother was next to him and my brothers and sisters were all organized by age. The
oldest was next to my mother and then it went down from age. The woman that rushed me to
the emergency room was there as well. They looked up at me in a state of awe, their jaws
were open and their eyes looked wide, just staring at me. I was looking at them and I
was very joyous and happy, waving at them and they didn’t say anything but just looked
at me. I knew at that time, Sandra that my time on Earth here was done but I was excited.
I waved at my family one more time and I knew they knew I’d be okay. It was just so interesting
that when I think about that time, I knew that every single one of us was going to be
okay, so it was okay for me to leave. I looked upward and I saw clouds. I began to float
and fly through the clouds. As I was going through the clouds, I had my hands like Superman.
My hands are out and my right hand was out further in front of me and my left hand was
to my side and I was flying. Then, as I was going through the clouds, I thought to myself,
Alex if you put your hands to your side, there’ll be less wind resistance.
Sandra: That’s funny. Alex: Isn’t it? Here’s me, leaving this
world into heaven and I am only thinking how can I get there quicker. So, I put my hands
to my sides and faster I began to fly, I was breaking the sound barrier and I knew it.
I booked through the clouds and suddenly waves of fear and shame, all my grief and heartache,
depression, all of my pain that I experienced on Earth was being pulled out of me. I could
feel it coming from the top of my head, just flowing down my body and out of my feet. All
of these hurtful and painful experiences pulled out of my body. There was nothing left but
pure joy. It was just phenomenal. I looked up in front of me, and I saw a pin-point of
white light. I remember crying out faster, faster, faster. There I began to go faster.
I entered into the light. It was a love and a peace that I have never experience here
on Earth before. Sandra: Wow.
Alex: I knew that I was home in the presence of God. It was so incredible; this love and
this peace. I was so joyous being there. I was floating around up there and I remember
that I saw beams of light and began to focus on them and realized that they were actually
souls. They were beings of light and I could see them spiritually. They had the form and
faces of humans. Arms, legs, torsos, that sort of thing. I just said, oh, there are
other souls here, so I was excited. Then, I realized each one of them had a different
amount of light. As I pondered what I was seeing and experiencing, I realized that each
soul had light and it reflected who they were here on Earth. Okay. The light was an all-nurturing
and all-loving, all-healing energy. There were souls with a little bit of light and
others were a great amount of light. I said, look at these souls. I realized that the ones
with less light, they were the ones having challenges and couldn’t forgive themselves
for they did on Earth. Less light was less compassion for them. If they had challenges
of forgiving loved ones or blamed people or were angry at others, or judgmental for the
pain they experienced that they had less light. Then, the others that had more light, I realized
right away that they were people who did the best that they could on Earth for themselves
and for their family and did their best not to judge or be angry or upset at others. The
humanitarians, even. It reflected it in their light. They did the best not to judge themselves,
so they had more light. We’ve had so many experiences on Earth. I looked beyond them
and saw great beams of light. They had so much light; I actually had to cover my eyes.
It was like looking into the sun. I realized then, at that time, that these were the Martin
Luther King’s, the Mother Theresa’s, the Gandhi’s, the Buddha’s, the Mother Mary
and Jesus’ of the world. These great souls of great peace and love, compassion and humility.
I was just looking at them and then one of them began to approach me. I remember looking
at it and I was like, oh my god, I recognize this soul. They’re the enlightened ones.
I felt so honored and it came to me and entered me, what I can only call – it’s difficult
to put into words but it was an anointment or blessing as it entered me, this energy.
It was of great love, peace, compassion and humility. Then, the next thing I felt was
that everything was so bright. My whole existence became awakened. Then, I began to hear beeping
sounds, beep… beep… beep. Then I said, oh no, and the next thing I realized Sandra
is that I was back at the hospital in a room. This experience happened around 11 PM, and
now it was daytime. I open my eyes and I’m like, oh no, I realized I wasn’t in this
beautiful place we called Heaven. Sandra: Wow.
Alex: Home. I was so upset. I was so angry and I closed my eyes, I tried with my whole
soul, heart and existence to wish myself back to that place. That place of great love and
peace. After about two to three minutes, I opened my eyes and looked around and said,
oh God, no. I closed my eyes again; doing the best wish myself back to that great place
of love and peace. After two to three minutes, I opened my eyes and said, oh no.
Sandra: I’m stuck here. Alex: It was so heartbreaking. It was painful.
The woman that rushed me to the emergency room; she was at the foot of the bed and looked
at me and realized what I was experiencing and came over to me and gave me a kiss on
the forehead. With that one kiss of compassion and love, I thought its okay to stay here.
Sandra: Can I ask you a quick question, Alex? Was it an experience like a dream, or more
like being alive and awake? Alex: It was being alive, much more alive
than ever being here on Earth. It was just so true physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Just so real. Sandra: That’s all I wanted to ask.
Alex: Okay. That’s a very good question. When I came back and was there within the
hospital, it was interesting because when this woman came and approached me, I could
feel her energy. I could sense it physically and feel it. I could feel her peace and love
within her. But, I also felt her grief and pain. I could see her aura and energy. It
was beautiful. I thought oh, this is different. So, I realized later on that as I went into
the light, all of my fears and shame, grief, and pain were pulled out of me. Everything
negative until there was nothing but peace and joy. I was cleansed; there was a purification
so now coming back, I was able to not only recognize and feel love and peace with this
woman but also the grief and heartaches that she experienced. Since I was in Heaven and
able to see the souls, I was able to see her soul and aura as well as her energy and that
was just the beginning of some incredible experiences I would have after that day. It
was just incredible. It was very challenging, because I was so different and I knew the
truth. The truth was given to me. Sandra: Wow, it has to be different because
here you were, working in a department store getting a chili-cheese dog and then you come
out an enlightened being. You’re a transformed human being.
Alex: Yes. The true essence of what I Was, the true essence of what we all are, I was
that at the time. The true essence, you could say. It was very challenging because I was
seeing people’s energies and feeling them. It was just challenging at the time. Having
that ability to see many things; I was seeing angels and people’s loved ones that transitioned.
I was feeling them and knowing if they had vanity or anger. It was very challenging for
me. It was like, God said to me, “Alex, we’ll send you to school” and I’m like,
okay, where, what college do I go to? God said, well, no we’re sending you to the
school of life. I was not aware that it was a great gift given to me. The challenges that
I was going through made it hard for me to be on this place. It can be harsh. Then, the
healing abilities that I had were very powerful. My mother had a surgery where they stick tubes
in your nose during the surgery and everything. She was sent home and her nose would continue
to bleed and it would happen three or four times a week, and we’d have to rush her
to the emergency room about once or twice a week. I was living with them at that time.
I remember, one day, she came into the living room and I was watching TV. My father was
a marine in World War 2, and I was watching John Wayne on the TV. I was really focused
on it, trying to wonder what my father went through. My mother came out with her hands
tucked under her nose and mouth and said, “Alex, take me to the emergency room, I’m
bleeding!”. Her nose is bleeding and it’s coming out of her mouth, just all this blood.
For reasons unknown to me, I put my hands out to her and this burst of energy just came
out of my hand. I wasn’t looking at my mother, but she yelled like something horrible had
happened to her. It frightened me and I went and ran into my room and locked the door behind
her, I said, oh God, don’t have her be dead. I paced around for 15 minutes and I said,
please God, don’t let my mother be dead. In the room across the way, my father was
napping. So, I got the courage to meet my mother and she said, “Alex, all the blood
stopped. It’s gone”. I said, that’s good mom, I love you. Then, I went to a bar
and didn’t return until about 3 AM and it just kept happening. This energy was flowing
out of my hands; it was an anointing. It was so hard for me. I began to drink heavily.
Sandra: Wow. Alex: I was an alcoholic. I felt like there
was a mistake and that I wasn’t supposed to be here on Earth. I was supposed to be
in Heaven, but they made a mistake. I raised Catholic, you know? In this healing power
and energy, I thought that only Jesus could do this. The alcohol wasn’t helping at all.
An individual eventually introduced me to drugs. My drug of choice was crystal meth,
so I became a drug addict eventually. I walked away from my job and became suicidal.
Sandra: Oh, Alex. Thank you for being so vulnerable and telling your real story. Lots of people
have gone through some peaks and valleys and may be in one now even and can’t see their
way out, and sometimes you hit rock bottom until you can figure it out. So, go ahead,
continue. Alex: Thank you, Sandra. I became homeless.
It was just God and I now. I began to remember who I was and my near-death experience and
what I had become. I remembered that I had been many things, but then I had always been
the light too. Knowing what I experienced in Heaven, I knew that we were beings of light.
Love created us and healed all things here on Earth. I began to help others with the
gift that was awakened in me. Just one becomes so humbled when one goes through both experiences.
God gave me this gift. Sandra: Could you share some of the experiences
before we’re through? The ones that taught you it was real and this was what you were
meant to do? Alex: Well, being up in Heaven, I remember
when I was looking at these beings of light. The ones of great light, such as the Buddha’s,
the Jesus’, the Mother Mary’s, they all had so much light. I remember thinking that
I wanted to be in that light. Coming back, I feel
like God sent me to school to go through these
experiences so I could become humbled. There is no judgment or anger. There’s only great,
great peace and compassion. As I began to get out of being homeless, once I learned
that I was in school, people began to come to me. I remember that I was working and had
this gift that someone was in pain and I’d be able to touch them and take the pain away.
I remember an individual coming with great pain in their knees and I put my hands on
them, and 10 to 15 minutes later it was gone. I said, that’s good.
Sandra: You’re so calm. Well, that’s good. Alex: It became more profound and no matter
what happened, it was just beautiful and I felt so fortunate to be in service to others.
I remember one individual that found out about me and he had severe heart disease. He was
taking around 32 medications per day, and up to 16 nitroglycerin pills per day. The
doctor says if you take this many medications, you will die. He goes, I will die from the
pain. He went to the National Institute of Health and saw the best Cardiologist and they
told him that he was going to die. When he came to see me, he said – well, he came
in a scooter with oxygen. He said that if you don’t heal me, I am going to commit
suicide in a few weeks. I’ll wait until my wife goes to work and my kids leave to
go to school, I’ll just lock myself in the garage and wait for it all to happen. I said,
well, let’s see if we can help you out. He laid there and I put my hand over his chest
and his heart, and after that session he never took anymore nitroglycerin pills, never used
oxygen or his scooter again. He went from 32 medications down to two. He went ballroom
dancing later for over two and a half hours. Sandra: That sounds like a miracle.
Alex: Where there is great love, all things are possible.
Sandra: Wow. Alex: Yes. More people found out about me,
but I had been so blessed and privileged to help others. We had about seven months ago
a beautiful boy come to us. He was 16 years old and had stage four lymphoma. He was here
and just so beautiful. As he laid on my table, I said, did you know that I had a near-death
experience? He says no. I asked what he felt about dying. He goes, I am okay with it. I
told him my experience and he was comforted and peaceful. He told his mother afterwards
that all the cancer left me and it’s gone. She said, well, we’ll need to take the tests
and figure it out. Yes, now he is cancer free. It’s just an overwhelming presence of compassion
through one doing this kind of work. Love. I just love everybody, that is all I know.
Sandra: I love that. I can only believe that you found your, well, it found you, but your
mission and purpose for life. Maybe not all of your heartaches went away, but you’re
obviously no longer homeless, don’t do drugs or drink. When your life is for others, it
works out. Alex: Definitely. I needed to figure out what
humanity went through. When I’m at the grocery store or the gas station, or here at the office,
I know what people go through. I say yes, we can all heal. We can all be light, we can
all be peace. We all have this ability; every single individual in this world has the ability
to be that great light. Sandra: We don’t need to have a near-death
experience and meet the enlightened ones to have it?
Alex: No. Sandra: I’m glad that I made you laugh,
but… Alex: Thank you, Sandra. I had a client that
said, Alex, you’re a very lovely person. I don’t want to have a near-death experience
to become enlightened. You don’t have to, just become the light. Be love and the healing
energies for yourself, all people, and all things.
Sandra: Easy, just turn that on. It’s funny because I just listened to your meditation.
For all the listeners now, if you go to I will have all the links to his website as
well as the meditation audio. It is amazing because you actually release so many things
out of your mind, body, and your cells and subconscious and you bring in peace, love
and joy. I hadn’t spoken to Alex yet, this was before the interview, and I was in the
living room of my home just with tears flowing from my eyes and covered in goosebumps, actually
feeling the power and strength of everything being lifted off of me. Part of me thinks
it is my imagination or is this what you’re talking about? We can all tap into this.
Alex: It’s in every single one of us. There are things we can do to help ourselves if
we are dealing with grief. We can do things to help loved ones that are getting ready
to transition or connect with someone who has already transitioned, as well. Simple
things that we can all do. For example, if the meditation CD that was created was my
near-death experience. I released everything so I thought that the CD could help others
release grief, fear, and anxiety. Sandra: Shame, guilt, I went through all of
this. Yes. Alex: Yes, because we are our experiences,
are we not? Sandra: Yes.
Alex: One could call this cellular memory so every experience we’ve had is in our
cells. I’ve been in the womb of the mother and we also begin to absorb information. The
meditation was created to assist others in releasing non-nurturing cells and bring in
loving informational energy. It’s just wonderful and that was a gift that I was given through
my near-death experience. Sandra: It’s so cool and after listening,
I felt like I loved this man. Alex, here’s the thing. Not everyone is going to fly to
Phoenix and your life, no matter how many techniques you have, you can’t live forever
in this body. Is what you’re doing right now in this book, and your courses, is it
to teach others to do this? Alex: Yes, definitely. Just here in the office,
we have clients from all over the world. We do sessions on the telephone as well as distant
healings which I need only someone’s name. It’s a signature of their existence – their
name. We also teach classes and we have people from Europe and all over the country; Mexico,
Canada, you name it. They also attend these. We like to say you shall do as I do and hopefully
much more. Sandra: Yeah.
Alex: We have hundreds of students and it is a very quick way of letting go of everything
and being that great love and peace in order to balance it out.
Sandra: Do your students experience being able to heal others than themselves?
Alex: Yes. We had a woman who came in from Tucson. She had this big tumor in her that
was pretty large. We had them pair up with students. This individual that was paired
with him told her, I am sorry, but I have never done this before. I am not sure if I
can help you, but I will do my best. By the end of the class, she said that she couldn’t
feel it anymore. It shrunk by about 75% or so. Yeah, aches and pains. People come in
with challenges walking and they will be able to walk; the pain is gone. They come in with
migraines and they’re all gone. It’s just love. That presence of love can do anything
and we all the ability, we really do. Sandra: You also have a book as well, A True
Story of Hope, Healing, and Miracles. Do you share this technique with people in the book,
or is it something we have to visit you to learn?
Alex: It is in the book. Sandra: That’s great.
Alex: Yes. We tell my stories and then the information is at the end.
Sandra: The subtitle for my book is “A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death”, so I feel
like when I listen I am listening to the skeptical part of me that says, Yeah, but… You have
to actually see him to be healed or be his student. In my skeptical brain, it’s asking
me these questions but deep down I know that you just give and you’re all about making
a difference so you’re the real deal, just making a difference. It’s just fun to watch
what happens in my own mind when I ask the questions.
Alex: Yes. For those listeners out there that are grieving due to death of a loved one or
other challenges, the meditation would help them tremendously. The information is in the
book. They simply need to put both their hands in the center of their chest and say, I am
the light, I am love, and I am healing my beautiful body and my beautiful life today.
If one does that during the morning when they wake up and they tell their soul, heart and
body that I am light, love and healing, correct. It builds up their light. The more light that
the individual has there will be less fear, grief, shame, and doubt. Two energies can’t
be in the same space in the body, correct? So, if one says that in the morning and in
the evening while in bed it will work. Every night when I go to bed, I place my hands on
my chest and I say I am light, and I am love. I am the healing energies for myself, all
people, and all things. This is what I’m telling my soul and my heart as well as my
essence. Sandra: Can we do something real quick? On
your audio, you have the repeat after me. Could you just say it like that, for all the
listeners right now, if this is okay? Just put your hands over your chest and I won’t
repeat it so my voice isn’t on here. We can do it together.
Alex: We’ll do the bring in. Sandra: Sounds great.
Alex: All the listeners out there. Place your hands in the center of your chest. These are
the hands of light. The hands of love; the hands of healing. With your thoughts, you
simply say to yourself, I now bring into every single cell of my beautiful body, into my
heart and mind, light, love, and healing. Take a beautiful deep breath of light as you
pull it out of your hands and it begins to enter you. Your soul drinks from it and your
heart, your body, your mind and your life becomes it. For I am light. For I am love.
I am healing my beautiful body and my life today. Each breath you take, continue to breathe
in light as it dissipates negativity, disease, and pain. For I am light. For I am love. I
am healing my beautiful heart and body, as well as my life today. For I am light. Continue
to breathe in light with ir nurturing and healing you. It balances and brings peace
to you. For I am light. For I am that magnificent light. Continue to breath it in to the bones
of your body, the cellular memory, the nerves, the blood as well as the organs. For I am
light. I am love. I am healing my beautiful body and my life today. For I am
that light. I have always been that magnificent
light. Continue to breathe it in as your soul drinks it in and fills your heart, the subconscious
and your consciousness and every cell of your magnificent, beautiful body. For I am that
light, the energy of creation. Sandra: That is beautiful.
Alex: Thank you. Sandra: I’m smiling.
Alex: And Sandra, I’d like to add that for those of your listeners out there that have
a loved one who is ill, or are getting ready to transition, you can simply hold their hand
and say with your thoughts send you light, love and healing. For we send to you light,
love and healing. Allow it to flow through you from the cosmos, the heavens or God, and
flow out of your hand into your loved one to bring peace to them to help with anxiety,
grief, anything that they are dealing with. You can help a loved one that is struggling
or if someone is ready to transition, you have to be able to bring that love to them.
It will benefit them tremendously. We’ve helped many people that are ready to transition
and when God says come home, you go, okay, I’m coming home. There are those that are
ill and by sending them light, love and healing; if they are meant to stay longer than that
is okay too. I’d like to also mention for those out there listening who has a loved
one who already has transitioned, you can get a picture and place it on a table and
place your hand about three to four inches above it. For example, if it is your mother,
say we send to you, my mother, light, love and healing. We send to you, my mother, light,
love and healing. That’s the way to stay connected to them and many of you will feel
the energy and essence you will feel in their souls. My mother and father have transitioned
and I do this several times per year. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected since we
all have souls, right? They do too. The only difference is that they don’t have a physical
body. It’s just great that we have these tools in order to stay connected with them
and nurture one’s self who is dealing with grief or illness.
Sandra: This brings up my next question, because we all eventually transition.
Alex: I’m looking forward to it. Sandra: Sounds like you get to go back home
and that’s another reason I do this show is because there can be less fear around death
as well as life. These are people, I can imagine this because when my own dad died, I tried
for every kind of healing ever and he still passed away with cancer. There are people
that don’t get the miraculous healing, because we can’t. The truth is we all cannot live
forever, so something has to bump us off. Alex: Definitely. I gave a lecture at this
church and this young boy, the 16 year old with lymphoma; his name was Jared and he had
a heart transplant at six months of age. He had that going on with him. His kidney’s
weren’t always strong and he also had challenges with those. He came to me in order to get
rid of his lymphoma. He couldn’t do chemo because it was killing him and they went searching
and found me. When I was speaking at the church, someone in the audience asked, since we were
talking about souls and when God says come home, well you do. That’s true. We’re
talking about Jared and how he had the heart transplant and someone in the audience goes,
well, did that soul already have an agreement to do that with Jared? I said, well, it’s
like this. There’s a soul in Heaven and God comes up to this little soul and says
I want you to go to Earth. He says no, wait, there’s pain and suffering, I’m not going.
God says, please, do this for me and come to Earth. He goes no way, again. He’s having
a tantrum because he doesn’t want to go. He says, I want you to do this as a favor
for me. He says, well, how long do I have to go for? God says, well, just a little while.
The little baby soul wants something in writing, though.
Sandra: Sure. Alex: God says, just trust me and go for a
little awhile. The soul finally agrees, okay, I’ll do it father. The little soul comes
and is born. The next thing you know, at six months of age, the little soul gets to go
back home to God. He still leaves something special behind. He may leave a heart for this
other little baby boy at six months so that Jared can receive it and be healthy and go
through another challenging experience. That’s what he does now. We all have our moments
and a purpose while we are here. It’s to be in service; it’s just the most beautiful
thing of all. Sandra: It’s so beautiful. The healings
that take place show us who we are and this is Heaven on Earth and how powerful we are,
and there is that time through that God says come home and you come home. I know in my
own life, my dad’s passing away is what caused me to research grief and more about
life-after-death and write the book and so many other things that helped other people.
It was just his time to come home, although we tried for a miracle.
Alex: Yes and just in regards with my father’s transitioning as well, but I knew it was his
time to leave. With my mother, it was also the same example; I knew it was her time.
They served their purpose here and wanted to go home. She wanted to visit her mother
and father, as did my father, and when an individual is ill we send them light, love
and healing and it nurtures the soul. The more light and love we give to someone who
is ill, the more at peace they will be and when they take the journey to Heaven, it’ll
be even more beautiful. If they are to remain here; we work with several people with cancer
have done over 7,000 healings. There are spontaneous healings and those are not to give only the
individual but also the family members and many others the realization that yes, with
love, all things are possible. When the soul wants to come home and God says come on back,
the soul does what it needs to do but it is always nice to give it to someone who needs
it. Sandra: I need to ask one more question, although
I know our time is tight. We spoke briefly before the interview about when we grieve
a parent’s loss, there can often be fights within relationships. I had it within my own
family; I have a cousin going through it. It’s all about money from her father dying.
The gentleman who interviewed me recently hasn’t spoken to a brother due to things
that happened when a father died. There’s more suffering than just physical when you’re
on Earth. Do you have advice for those suffering with relationships? I know there’s a piece
of this of we need to know joy, light, and love and to share it for healing relationships.
Alex: Well, every soul here on Earth has their own course of destinies; their own agenda.
I had an incredible experience because of my experience and what I remembered was true.
I had to keep a distance from my family and my nine brothers and sisters. I didn’t speak
to them for over five years because it was about me and who I am, what’s my purpose?
I didn’t want any outside influences and each of my brothers and sisters were dealing
with their grief in their own way. Some will be angry, some judgmental and blaming others.
Lots of the blame came towards me. I am the one who had to experience it before they transitioned
so I knew I was the truth. I stayed away to be who I am and lead the example. They know
what I do for a living because of being the example of compassion, love and peace. They
began to change also. It was just the waiting period; I had to wait for them to clear out
and release and let in more light. The majority of them have done that. I remember when I
got back with them that it was totally different because they knew I was different. They seek
my advice and they honor and respect the work that I do, and I respect their journey here
also. Everyone can deal with death differently. Sandra: If we can be the example of light,
love, and joy as well as compassion, it can’t help but just bring light.
Alex: Definitely. When one is struggling, one should think of Mother Theresa. She worked
with the poorest of the poor and the sickest of the sick and just continued to work. We
must all continue our work and what is best for you. If it’s kept away from the family,
that’s good, just recognize that they are not there yet. There is opportunity for them
to be there one day. Just continue to be in the light for them today. Be that humility
and compassion. Sandra: There’s no right or wrong way to
do life. You mentioned having a picture in front of you and holding your hands, but I’m
thinking that could happen for someone living as well.
Alex: Yes. If you have a photo of someone you care about, even if they are ill, just
say we send you light, love, and healing. It’s between you and their souls. First
comes the intent, but then what is that? I want them to experience light, love, and healing;
pure unconditional love for this family member. It’s beautiful because with the photo, when
you put your hand over it, it’s their soul and essence and basically who they are. By
placing your hand over the photos, I personally recommend three to four inches, you send your
intent of light, love, and healing. You can say softly or just use your thoughts: we send
you light, love, and healing. We are light. We are love. We are healing today. Allow this
light and loving energy to flow through you and out your hand as it enters into the individual,
filling up their soul and their beautiful hearts and every cell of their body.
Sandra: That’s beautiful; thank you, thank you.
Alex: You are welcome. This is how we do this for our loved ones who have transitioned as
well. Do it with your dad. He will love it and you will too.
Sandra: I can imagine all the souls floating in Heaven and some are bright while others
are dim. What a great visualization to see the brightness turned up.
Alex: Yes. This is your father, you send him that and you also become more light because
he does as well and all of humanity and beyond. Sandra: Thank you Alex, thank you. And to
our listeners, thank you. You’ve been listening to We Don’t Die Radio. My guest today was
Alex J. Hermosillo, and on my website, I’ll have a link to everything he has. His
books, meditations; everything. To Alex J. Hermosillo, his website is
Alex: Yes. Sandra: I’m just so excited I can’t spit
things out. Alex: With love, great things happen. This
is love. Sandra: Thanks and for our listeners, thank
you. If this show has made a difference for you, go to iTunes and type in We Don’t Die
and leave a review or rating. It’ll help other folks who are suffering or looking for
answers and let them know it’s a good show. Go to and write me, I can
also send messages to our guests. This is Sandra Champlain, and I believe that life
is an education for the soul, and our lives here on Earth are important. Thanks for listening,
we’ll see you soon.>>MUSIC PLAYING

24 thoughts on “Episode 54 What heaven looks like with Alex J Hermosillo on We Don’t Die Radio

  1. That was an amazing interview! It was profound and inspiring! I will be doing the light, love, healing for me and others! I love your show!!!

  2. Wow, thank you for this beautiful interview and the powerful reminder that we are indeed LIGHT and LOVE. His meditation was both beautiful and powerful. THANK YOU! 😘🙏🏼❤️

  3. Well, everything is possible:) I just do not understand how he received the gift of healing, in one video he stated "I was born with it", in the description of the same video you find: Alex J. Hermosillo. alex.jpeg "In the summer of 1996, while visiting a small Mexican border town for business, the gift of healing was awakened within me …" and then another one is that he received the gift in the NDE. Even so, as people get healed, this is also proof that if you believe you shall experience. No doubt the power of healing is in everyone of us. Best way to find out without any NDE, is meditation.

  4. Wy people look some where else for info wen the bible tells you everything you need to know Jesus went out of is way to explain everything and he is the truth

  5. I believe everything this man is saying. I don't feel he has any reason to lie to anyone. I have experienced Supernatural healing myself first-hand, and I can tell you there is a God in heaven who cares about all of us, and takes care of us when we need it. Whoever doesn't believe, that is their prerogative but you know there has to be something out there and I really truly believe God is working for us in every aspect of Our Lives I believe he created us I believe when we leave here we go back to where we came from which is home I believe this place is only temporary because we do die and we do go to heaven this is a place of learning

  6. Oh, Martin Luther King [Junior] – the guy with the fixed-up doctorate who liked underage prostitutes. He is 'a great being of light.' When they start to mention famous people who they know nothing about, you know it's all malarkey.
    Sandra, come on – please. Be a little bit more discerning. This guy is selling snake oil. Obviously.

  7. I don't believe him… he actually knows he isn't telling truth but he wants to believe it so bad he won't admit he is telling imagination stories he has wished and dreamed for but never happened.. sad..

  8. Maybe Iam wrong, but I guess now he is going to make a lot of money in this healing business like many others? Tell me if I was wrong with it.

  9. Wow. At $275 per 45 minute session this is hardly a blessing to those who can not afford this. I once heard that those who truly wanted to help would not charge for what they do. I understand that people have a mortgage, bills, etc, but to charge this amount is hardly an act of goodness.

  10. I didn't know he charges so much, as a matter of fact I didn't know he charged at all that makes a big difference maybe I don't believe everything that he says because like you say if you truly want to help people you don't charge them their life savings even though he may be authentic he charges too much and I would never pay it

  11. Sorry, but this guy appears to be full of crap. We can’t know for sure, but it’s too descriptive compared to more believeable testimonials I’ve listen to, and I’ve listened to many. It’s annoying that fakes and phonies latch on to NDE’s as a way to make money. If he had indeed been to heaven, how in Gods name could he charge anyone a single penny. Bottom line, it’s total BS from this guy.

  12. Beautiful man, I am only 22 minutes into this show. I also went to dark places after a heaven visit. It is the yin/yang . Every time I get closer to God there is an energy trying to pull me away. So when I am in the wavy line of yin yang I am in prayer and w God. Sooooooo true. Also I needed to somehow get grounded after being lifted so high ! I still smoke cigs for grounding. More comments to come after I finish episode. I love you

  13. Wonderful interview today! In regards to sending energy to a picture of a loved one, I am 68 years old but I keep a picture of myself when I was 10 and I send love to that 10 year old. I speak the words that are uplifting and complementary that I never heard as a child. I also realize that I chose my parents and that they played their part because they loved me so much. We made this decision together on the other side.

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