Taking Charge of Your Health

First, lay down on your back with your arms
at an angle. Let your leg pull upwards over the outer side by imagining that a string
is tied to your knee, which slowly pulls your leg upwards. When you have reached the maximum
of your mobility, put your foot on the floor and let your leg rotate inwards a little.
The way back looks exactly the reverse: Let your leg slowly glide downwards and make sure
that as much of the movement as possible is done by gravity. In the second step, let the
movement go a little further than before and gently push your foot against the floor so
that your pelvis is lifted. Again in reverse, the pelvis sinks and the leg glides downwards
in a relaxed way. In the third and last step of this preliminary exercise, let the movement
go even further by pushing your leg gently against the floor, so that your pelvis is
lifted and your upper body continues the movement. Make sure that you stay as relaxed as possible
und that you do not use more muscle power than you actually need. Let gravity do as
much of the work as possible. Stay relaxed and repeat the entire sequence on the other
side. Get into the same starting position and begin
this exercise, as you already know, by pulling your leg upwards over the outer side. Now
integrate your other leg and alternate between the two sides. This exercise does not need
much explanation. You can see what you need to do. It is important that you keep your
legs, your pelvis and your upper body as relaxed as possible. When you have repeated this exercise
several times you may increase the speed of your movement. You will notice that your torso
is much more involved in the movement, when the speed is increased. When you do this exercise,
take three to five minutes and try to go through the sequence as playfully and relaxed as possible.

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