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Hi everybody I’m Rebecca, and we are here
today with Dr. Jacqueline Cooper Naturopathic MD who is here to talk
about everything probiotic. So Dr. Cooper why should we be taking a probiotic? Well
Rebecca, I think one of the most important supplements to be taking on a
continuous basis – and I tell this to my patients – is a probiotic. And part of the
reason is they’re friendly bacteria, they do so many jobs for us in our body that
maintain our health, and there’s just so many things in our day-to-day life that
can compromise that friendly bacteria our body. So it’s really important to
take on an ongoing basis. So I get a little check there!
I’m taking my probiotics! But they’re very confusing – so how do we take
these probiotics? Because there’s so many different forms. Yeah, there’s a lot of
different confusion. So the most important thing is to always be taking
your probiotic with food. Hands down. Doesn’t matter what meal, what time of
day, but always with food in your stomach. And one of the things that’s top of mind
for me because I have a child on antibiotics right now, always so
important to take a probiotic when you’re on antibiotics. How do we do that?
Are there different rules we have to use? The only thing – always with food, but
again just two or three hours away. And while you’re on antibiotics is probably
the most important time to be taking a probiotic, and then following that course.
But yeah, just two to three hours away and you’re safe. And what should we be
looking for in our probiotics? Because I know I look at the products and I’m like
10 billion, 50 billion, 100 billion, and all these different ingredients and it’s
very confusing. Yeah, so the absolute number one thing you need to ensure is
that your probiotic is human strain. Human strain is really important because
makes a difference of the bacteria staying in the body for seven to eight
weeks versus seven to eight days. Okay so human strain, and do we look for
these numbers five, ten, fifty, five hundred thousand? Yeah so, if you’re getting a human strain like HMF – 100% human strain, ten
billion is a really good kind of daily maintenance dose. And if you’re looking
to correct a problem then you’re going more like the twenty five billion, or
twenty billion, within that range. And just another question that’s top of mind for
me, how old like, when do you start giving a probiotic to a child? Ideally the
minute they’re born, like 100% you want a human strain. We do have
baby probiotics, our HMF Baby F, so right out of the gate. Got it! And which probiotic do
you recommend to your patients? So I love for a daily probiotic, the Fit For
School for kids. It’s shown a 30% reduction in absenteeism from school for
kids who have been on it, and then for women the Women’s Daily is phenomenal
because we’ve got those backed by research streams. As well as the
cranberry which gives that antioxidant component, which is huge for anti-aging. Yes! It’s really good. Wonderful, well we’re so excited to have you here at,
thank you so much for your insight on probiotics and that we hope your gut
stays healthy!

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