Taking Charge of Your Health

Bastyr is an international icon of
traditional and complimentary medicine Bastyr is committed to excellence
Bastyr is innovative. Bastyr is a place where passion and intelligence
collide. Bastyr is my family. Bastyr is an inspiration. Bastyr is hope for
the future. Bastyr is fun Bastyr’s love. Bastyr’s home. Bastyr the best. hi I’m Brian Trainor I’m a third-year naturopathic medical
student here at Bastyr University California hi my name is Mariana Kozak
and I am a Dietetic intern in the nutrition program at Bastyr University.
My name is Yousef Jasemian and I’m in my fourth and fifth years of naturopathic
medicine program at Bastyr University. [Yousef] I am a Danish citizen my motivation for
naturopathic medicine one of them was connected to my culture and my childhood
and my mother as a medicine woman helping neighbor family with
naturopathic medicine with herb and then when I became also a PhD and started
researching in medicine and practicing medicine as a doctor as a physician in
Denmark I became more and more aware of where the allopathic medicine when when
it’s really necessary and where is not necessary so I found out that Bastyr
University was the best school that had an evidence-based research based way of
teaching naturopathic medicine and that was also one of great interest I had to
learn that philosophy and live it make it a part of my way of thinking and
practicing that. [Marianna] I’m from upstate New York in the foothills of the adirondack mountains. I cooked a lot with my grandmother growing up she taught me
everything we definitely did a lot of cooking Sunday dinners for the whole
family so I think having that sense of community with my family was fun. I found
out about Bastyr probably like ten years ago and then I moved out to Seattle and
thought this is gonna be my chance Bastyr is here. I completed the graduate
program earlier this year and luckily matched with a Bastyr
internship. I’ve been working full time and going to school pretty much for six
years and I worked all the way through undergrad even with that scholarship to be
able to afford to go through and I think just that notion of just working hard
and determination just pays off hard work pays off and truly believing in
what you’re trying to carry out what your goals are and so I think that that
has been a huge part of my success [Brian] So my journey here at Bastyr began two years
ago and it really has correlated with my own health I was an athlete from a young
age I got involved in cross-country and it was a recruited runner to run in
college ended up running for the United States Military Academy at West Point my
health journey really started just after graduation I was commissioned as an army
officer and two days later I was out training for a triathlon on my bicycle and was hit by a car and ended up fracturing my femur as my hip and my
femur began to heal I started having GI issues that I never had before I was
ended up being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and ulcerative colitis is a
autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease looking back I also had a traumatic
brain injury while I was at West Point shortly before graduation so it’s kind
of three things all in a row, the head injury the fractured femur and then this
diagnosis that seemed to come out of nowhere and come on really strong. I ended up being hospitalized maybe eight or nine times total with this condition and they
wanted to do a colectomy to remove my whole large intestine and most likely I
would have had an external colostomy bag at age 23 24 and that was pretty, you
know, at that point I was pretty desperate for other options. It was
really the first time I think I was told by a naturopathic doctor that, ‘hey you
can get fully healthy like we’re not just gonna be like conjunctive in your
care like if you want to get healthy this approach can help you.’ I’ve gone
from hospitalizations every two to three months to I haven’t been back to the
hospital since June of 2016 so over two years [Yousef] The school is really demanding as
a student at narcotic medicine and specifically at Bastyr University we
need to both learn the scientific part of the medicine and also the philosophy
we need to know about the pharmaceutical medication and also the herbal medicine
and we need to know the mechanism of action that medicine the student cannot
both work and study at the same time therefore scholarship is really really
really important for them. [Marianna] Having someone fund you and support your education
definitely does instill more confidence in you as like a young professional out
there trying to educate yourself make a change in the world. [Brian] There’s a lot of requirements but thankfully the military prepared me well
for 26 credit hours not getting a lot of sleep so I’m really thankful that I was
able to receive a scholarship to start here at Bastyr because I think the
financial piece was a little challenging for me losing my job in the military and
really having to spend some money on my own healthcare as well. [Yousef] Just having that
in mind that somebody really helped them from schools through their sponsors the
donors gives the student really good motivation and good support. [Marianna] It is just
so rewarding in so many ways just spiritually and mentally to know that
people can see what I see in myself and what my mom sees in me and what others
that know me and care for me see in me and it really does mean the world [Brian] Everyone has their own journey and their
own healing journey their own health journey and really how they ended up
here and that’s really special and I think that’s probably true with the
original founders that were trained by Dr. Bastyr and so to see that
continue on today of our medicine helping someone and us turning around to
help others is really what draws me to this program.

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