Taking Charge of Your Health

Diabetic pathology is increasing a lot
in Italy. Only 40 years ago the population involved was 3.0%. Now it’s 5.3%. The diabetic population will be so high in a few years that will be a
big problem for the public health, and for the hospitals, for the doctor, for
everybody. There are some very local screening in Italy, means some towns or
regions of Italy did the screening but I did it once and I did for a limited
amount of population. We are [at our center] mainly dedicated to cataract and refractive surgery. But we have also a dry eye center. We have a specialist in retina, we
try to do to cover all the field of ophthalmology. Being CAMO private center is something really special we say because normally campaigning [for DR Screening] similar to the one that I did should be done by a public hospital or public service. We have few
doctors. More and more patient are asking for, you know, exams on their eyes and the cost of public health is increasing, the number of diabetics is increasing. We decide to
organize a national campaign using technology, using fundus cameras, using
technicians not anymore doctors to do that. The objective of this campaign was
first of all to inform the population about the risk of diabetic eye problems.
Second, to stimulate the doctors to take care of the patients with diabetes. Third,
to stimulate the generalist doctors to send their patients to the eye doctor. We found 10% of our patients had a diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy and they didn’t know before. That’s the problem! That’s the good, I mean, of the campaign. By having the retina checked by the artificial intelligence and having the ability to delete or cancel… I mean… 70% of the patients because they did not have
diabetic retinopathy because they were without
any retina problem and having just a 30% of the patients with suspected
diabetic maculopathy or diabetic retinopathy these can allow the doctors to spend
much more time on checking and studying and taking care of the health of those patients. We have a very positive feedback from the patient. They were very happy to do the exams. The exam were done for free and they had a very quick
diagnosis because with an artificial intelligence we were able to give a
report in a minute or two… I mean… it is something incredible. I also can add that
by using artificial intelligence we were able to do the exams without disturbing
the patient I mean we used non-dilating exams, not invasive exams, very quick exams, very precise exams. The software are often with a lot of the
advantages: less cost, less time needed for the doctors, many patients seen, not invasive, very simple exam, very precise in diagnosis… Wonderful!

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