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Hi, this is Tonya Zavasta. Would you be interested
in a truly natural facelift? Let me warn you: My beauty routine is as radical as my raw
food diet. But it works: I’m 52 years old and I am getting great results.
Let’s start with a note of caution. To use this technique that I am about to show you,
you need to have healthy skin. No breakouts. No Botox. No collagen injections. If you had
any cosmetic surgery or any other procedures done, please consult your doctor before applying
this technique. If your skin is sensitive or you have acne, pimples or other blemishes,
start addressing these issues from the inside first—with proper raw-food nutrition that
will restore your skin to good health. Visit my website for more information about
the raw food diet or the raw food lifestyle. When you wake up in the morning, you may notice
your skin looks puffier and washed out compared to the night before. This is because sleep
decreases circulation in your body…which means less blood flow to your face.
My facial technique is a great way to get your circulation going again and give your face
a healthy glow. This technique that I am going to show you relaxes your facial muscles …but
at the same time energizes your face. You can perform this technique anytime, anywhere.
All it takes is 2 to 3 minutes…and it’s very easy! Remove any surface dirt or skin
makeup with your favorite cleanser. You can leave your mascara on because we will not
be touching the eye area. Make a fist—like this. You can keep your
thumb on the inside or outside. It doesn’t matter. See these knuckles? They’re going
to be your major massaging tool. Before you begin, apply a good moisturizer
lavishly. I am using my own anti-aging cream with sea buckthorn oil called Your Right to
Be Beautiful. It is very soothing and it has just the right consistency for this procedure.
You can also try using a little vegetable oil instead. Let us get started. Be sure your face is well covered with a cream or oil of your choice.
First target your forehead to reduce those horizontal lines. Pay attention. In this facial
massage we are using horizontal, vertical and circular movements.
Massage your cheekbones…for better definition. Rub deeply and firmly to develop these muscles
and get those rosy cheeks. Massage around your nose to unclog pores and prevent blemishes.
Rub your chin and jowls to prevent or reverse sagging. Massage vigorously to give it a more defined
and youthful appearance. To make jawline look sharper and more pronounced. Massaging your neck promotes muscle tone and
prevents sagging—great for eliminating the double chin. This technique trims fat and
expels toxins. It clears your complexion and gives it a polished look. This is a deep tissue massage. You are strengthening underlying muscles, that would lift your entire
face. This technique greatly increases circulation. And it is your healthy blood that is capable
of rejuvenating your skin. We all want to have a glowing complexion.
But what is glow? Skin glow has a lot to do with how light is reflected. If a surface
of your face is rough and wrinkled, the skin will not reflect light and you look older.
The smoother your skin, the more it behaves like a mirror. As a result, the surface of
good skin has a shiny and glossy appearance. Perform this facial technique every morning
and you will quickly tone your facial muscles. Try it and see it for yourself. It’s ideal
for releasing tension, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and building that radiant glow.

73 thoughts on “Facial Massage: Natural Face Lift

  1. Hi Tonya i have tried this massage and i see good results, i use jojoba oil, i have bought your cream, but i dont want it finishing too fast :), but one question, can i use two hands to do this messarge??

  2. Hi Tonya can you please reply to this, I am 20 years old and half of my face is dropping especially my eyelid and eyebrow and it's. It a health problem or a desiese but the more I grow up the more half of my face is getting dropper..can you please tell me if I should do facial exercises at age 20 and if so what kinds?

  3. @jerkslikeu2 In my research I've seen many references where people with similar condition were helped with facial exercises.But of course, this is an issue you should check out with your doctor and inquire his or her views on facial exercises in your case.

  4. These are great exercises…i tried them on a daily base also i am using an instant GREEK OIL serum i purchased from Facial Fitness. org its amazing. Thanks for the vid

  5. hi Tonya could you pls give me advice,I am 32 and smile line getting too prominent and thats why my face is getting dropper,plz help

  6. Massage yes, facial exercises no. The time will come you'll have to do them, enjoy your youth now!

  7. They can certainly do them. It's just the face is still young, there is likely no droopiness, sagginess or wrinkling which are the main issues we look to correct with facial massage/exercises. So I don't think most people will find it necessary at a young age, but if you have a particular issue you would like corrected on your face, facial exercises could help.

  8. I don't think facial massage is harmful for anyone. Facial exercises I don't recommend for someone before they are 30 or so because I don't think it's necessary but if you have a particular issue you need to deal with such an issue with symmetry of the face, then they could be helpful.

  9. How long can one retain their early 20's look if they start doing face exercises in their 20's? I have noticed thst after age 24 then people start to really look different and lose that young looj

  10. You have gorgeous glowing skin! Could yo please do a video on how to do deep tissue massage fro neck & decollette area also as this area can show aging quickly if neglected. thank you! Annie

  11. Hey Im 18 and im having facial problems. I have chubby cheeks and have a little bit of fat on my neck/jaw area. Will these messages/exercises work for me?

  12. Sure, but it's not the best solution at 18. When I was your age, I had the same "problem." What helped me the most is daily juicing and eating more raw foods. It will make your face slick. See my website for more information. There are hundreds of free articles.

  13. Hello Tonya! You are absolutely stunningly beautiful and are a huge inspiration to all of us. I have started doing the facial exercise today (day 1) and was wondering if I should do this facial massage before or after the exercises. I'm over 40 and am so looking forward to seeing results soon! Blessings and love always! 🙂 <3

  14. Thank you for your response Tonya. I am a bit worried because I have noticed that I have developed more wrinkles doing the facial exercises. Is this normal? Will they go away in time?

  15. Hi Erszi, I think you have my book Rawsome Flex. I note in there that "During the first several days new facial lines may appear. Don’t panic! These exercises are carefully designed to eliminate wrinkles—not to create new ones. But, if several minutes of facial expressions give you a few new lines, that’s simply an indicator of how desperately you need the exercises." Take a look at pages 6-7 for more explanation about this. In short, yes it is normal while your skin adjusts.

  16. I think 20's is usually too early. Some people might need them earlier, but in general after 40 is the guideline.
    I think in your 20s, juicing daily and eating as much raw as possible with a good skin care routine which includes dry brushing are sufficient. Best wishes!

  17. Hello, I'm in mid 20s and I start turning grey faster and faster everyday, is there anything natural I can use to prevent that from happening. Also my dad turned grey at early age so that is probably from gens as well.

  18. Do a search on my site for the article "Raw Foods and Gray Hair". I discuss a number of methods people have successfully slowed down and some reversed grey hair–but you are right, genes play a big part in this area.

  19. Dear Tonya, I knew about botox being toxic, but I thought collagen therapy is kind of natural. It surprised me that you mentioned it together with botox. Is not Collagen a natural building block of our skin? As I know Kim Basinger , who is a veteran health-conscious vegetarian, is admittedly an avid user of collagen therapy and something called hydrolyzed wheat. She looks great.I wonder what is your opinion of these.
    Anyways, I love your books and the flex facial exercise, I use it for years.

  20. Please search for and read my article: Health and Beauty: When Natural and Unnatural Practices Clash on my website Beautiful on Raw. I discuss these issues at length. Best wishes!

  21. Hi Tonya, I just found this video and really enjoyed it:) Better late than never, right! Is it ok to do facial massage in the morning and facial exercises at night. or should I do them one right after the other, or switch off every other day?

  22. Hello! First of all congratulations for your work. It's been a while that I surf the web and I find your site definitely the best!
     Before I start your face exercise program I need to ask a question. I went vegan in april of this year and started to lose some weight soon (i didn't want to because I was fine with my weight). Then in July I started the transition to raw and Iost more weight…especially muscles (my strenght went down by a third more or less!) and… FACE VOLUME 🙁 …as a result I got some sagginess on my neck, hollow cheeks and nasolabial folds (horrible!)… The ugliest thing is that it's been only a couple of weeks (august vacations didn't help!)  that I finally started to eat more calories than I need (before I went from less than needed to maybe some days equal to what I needed) and I gained back around 60% of my weight loss since april but it went almost all to my waist area (by the way, I'm a man 😉 ), very little to my muscles (haven't worked out enough lately…) and NONE to my face…I'm very worried!!! I read in some blogs that often face exercises are not good on "slim" faces and that's why I'm writing to you to know your advise. I tried a couple of months acupressure on my face; I was very consistent but I''ve seen NO results and that's why I kept looking and found you! What do you think about the situation and…can I know your idea about face acupressure?
    Thank you so much in advance and keep up your great work!!!

  23. Hi, first off all I love your videos. You are so gorgeous and youthful. I've been doing this massage probably for a week maybe a week and a half. I've noticed that my skin feels tight and lines, especially on my forehead and one of my nasal labial folds, has seemed to appeared overnight. Is this the massage just doing its job where it gets worse before it gets better kind of thing or am I just doing it wrong? I am using coconut oil is that okay? Am I supposed to use my knuckle or is it more the fingers of your fist? Also, I massage my nasolabial folds and around my mouth using your technique in a circular motion. Is that okay to do? I would love to continue this massage cause I'm 24 and want to use all the preventive measures that I can. Thank you so much and have a blessed day!

  24. Dear Tonya, I'm just 29, and I've got horrible forehead with very visible frown wrinkle/s in between my eyebrows (frownies) -it's typical in my family 🙁  I tried botulinum injection..but with hardly any results.  I was thinking about fillers… But came across your video and it changed my thinking that maybe I could do something with my nasty wrinkle/s with  forehead massage??  Can you suggest some techniques I should use to reduce/get rid of my frownies??   MANY THANKS!!

  25. Hi thank you tonya for shairing the video Wen does the results s comes a bout the massage ing the face with the noce

  26. Love this! My face feels all nice and tingly now, also tighter 😀 I used coconut oil which means I got a massage and cleanse in 1! Thanks for this vid 😀

  27. HI gorgeous Tonya..can you please tell me the length of time that the massage should be 5 min or 10?????

  28. Hi Tonya, when is the best time to knuckle massage? And to facial brush? And to apply clay masks? And to do a honey facial? I want to do all those things daily but am not sure if it's best to do some of those first thing in the morning or before bed.

  29. hello is it safe yo do this if i have brojen capilluries on my face? if not can you pls give me an altertive thankyou:)

  30. This really works; but you do have to add lots of raw fruit and vegetables. Threes weeks of eating mostly raw (no processed foods in boxes, no conventional sugar, no alcohol) and doing this every other morning, I see an amazing difference. Not only will your skin tighten, but the white of your eyes will become really white (no red!) and teeth will appear whiter too. You give your body a little, you get A LOT back! (I'm 54, right behind Tonya!)

  31. Hi Tonya,
    Is this the same deep massage that you mention in Rawsone Flex? Aren't we supposed to contract the muscles as we massage? Thank You! 🙂

  32. Hi, Ms. Tonya, Can I do this at night? If I do this at morning, can I rinse again the oil or moisturizer I put on it?

  33. Ms. Tonya, after the massage in the morning, is it okay to put the make up on? Do you personally still put make up on especially blush on? I asked because I notice my face especially the cheeks are red. Thank you.

  34. Thank you Tonya for giving hope. My face is starting to age: puffy, forehead wrinkles. So after looking at my recent photo, i am now looking for natural solutions. Of all youtube videos I love yours. Let alone your beautiful, youthful face!
    Tonya, I have read that putting oil can actually prevent skin to produce its own oil. So how often then can you this kncukle face massage?

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