Taking Charge of Your Health

It is very difficult to work in the sector of allergies and intolerances.. Why is it so difficult? Because it also one of the biggest ‘businesses’ at the moment… …all of these tests to discover what specifically you are allergic to… …or what thing you might be intolerant to… …are in a sense particular… …in that they should really test you on everything that exists! Not on certain macro-systems… …not for lactose or grains, not for this not for that… You would really need to test yourself for sensitivity to all the millions and millions of factors which we come into contact with. So, when someone tells you that you are ‘intolerant’ to something… …the test for which is based on, let’s say, a hundred of the big macro-systems… …remember that all of the others have been excluded. Also, the usual solution might be to avoid certain foods… …it might be one to start with, then another large group, then another large group and another… Often, rather than strengthening the physicality of a person… …and returning the immune system to a good vibration… …instead, it becomes even weaker than before. Because we are structured so that every kind of food… …may pass through and be ‘worked out’ in a correct manner. So, what happens? What have we seen after designing a method to work using Facial Reflexology… …at the service of allergies and intolerances? We have had many positive results, many… It has been very interesting, …truly, one of the biggest results throughout the history of the school. Good, first let’s make a distinction to begin with… Sometimes it is not clear the difference between an ‘allergy’ and an ‘intolerance’. There is one slight but substantial difference. They are both reactions to some thing which we come into contact with… …and which our body does not recognise. In the case of ‘allergies’ the reaction is immediate… And so, it is very simple to understand “I am allergic to this item” For example “I eat a strawberry and have an immediate reaction” “As soon as I touch dust, I have an immediate reaction” And so, there you have a great gift because you know “I am allergic to that item” Stop using it, stop breathing it, stop ingesting it… …and you will not have any problems. So, allergies are a lot more ‘straightforward’ with respect to ‘intolerances’. The trouble, or the rule, with intolerance… …is that the reaction of the body to the food which it does not recognise… …is not immediate. And even if it is immediate, it is so mild… …that it becomes ‘just another’ of the symptoms I have. “tiredness in the afternoon” “fever in the evenings” ‘those headaches I have all the time” …imagine in all the different parts of the body… …assumed by all of the organs. “That cystitis which always flares up” …in that way, ‘intolerance’ is really the worst of the two. Because, if I am unable to distinguish it… …it is hard to understand what I can do about it. I can’t get away from that issue… …which doesn’t seem give any serious disturbance… …but which really is continually weakening my immune system. That is the key difference between the two. Okay, so what does Facial Reflexology do with respect to working on allergies and intolerances? …Facial reflexology (if I can find the slide)… With respect to allergies and intolerances, Facial Reflexology involves the following approach… It seeks to understand which of the sense organs… …’throws out’ in response to the ‘toxin’… …which comes from the battle between me and the element that my body does not accept? In such, starting with the sense organ that takes responsibility… …for rejecting this toxic residue… …I can then understand which are the organs to reinforce. And how do I do it? I use the work that we have already seen with the 5 ‘energetic elements’ (TCM). Because, composing each energetic element (excluding fire)… …we have one sense organ and two organs which form a couple, that we can strengthen. What does that mean? That when I enter into contact with this element that my body does not recognise… …inside of my body there is a meeting of everything. The intelligence of the body is also this, no? Our bodies, how do you say… have ‘reunions’… …all the parts ‘meet up’. And, every so often, they decide… …which is the system that is, at that moment, the strongest (not the weakest) in the body… …which has to extend itself in order to take out the toxin… …all of the residuary toxins which came from this battle. That is why we must strengthen that specific system. And it is strengthened through its energetic element… …which is a much stronger and much more powerful work. So, once we have understood at which sense organ the problem is manifested… “I always have a terrible cold” …means I always have issues with the corresponding respiratory apparatus in the body. “I always have these ulcers in my mouth” or “aggravated gums” …these problems inside the mouth or on the lips… …or as consequence of the digestive system… “I always have problems in my ears… How come they produce such abnormal amounts of much wax that other people don’t have?” “How come, every so often, I suffer from ear infections?” And so, I begin to realise that the ears are the sense organ which reflect the kidneys and the urinary bladder… And the same goes especially for the eyes! Exactly what we saw with the 5 energetic elements… We’ll see them become useful once again here. To do what? Once I have distinguished which energetic element to reinvigorate… …I don’t do any more than… …raise the energetic vibration of my immune system. I come to the help, to rescue of my immune system… …to let the body know that I have understood that it needs to be assisted. If I manage to raise and maintain the immune system at a good level of vibration… …evidently, as time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer… …foods and elements that disturb me. Because my vibration has been brought to a steady functioning that is correct, strong… …and at this level, slowly, slowly there will enter and there will be accepted… …even those foods and elements, that until a couple of months before… I could absolutely not see or touch. “The key to health is on your face and in your hands”

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