Taking Charge of Your Health

This is Dr. Fogerty from the UA College of
Medicine – Phoenix. The deadline for medical school applications is just around the corner. Roughly 50,000 aspiring students apply to
Allopathic (MD) programs annually and 20,000 enroll in medical school. Last year, our College of Medicine – Phoenix received over 6,700 applications for a class of just 80 students. Now, a few times during our “Facts with Fogerty”, I have spoken about finding the right fit. And that is what I want to leave with you
today. Choose a medical school where you feel at home…where you will receive the support you need…and you can allow that “gut feeling” to be a part of that final decision process. And if this process gets stressful…just
remember why you wanted to become a doctor in the first place! Whether you apply to our medical school or others…I want to take a moment to wish you the best of luck!

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